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What is Clickbait and how does it work?



what is Clickbait and how does clickbait works-

What is Clickbait and how does it work?

what is Clickbait and how does clickbait works-

what is Clickbait and how does clickbait works

In this post I will be telling you about clickbait and how it actually works? and also clickbait meaning , some clickbait examples and clickbait headlines, will also give you a clear representation of Clickbait.

What is ClickBait

Clickbaiting is the intentional act of over-promising or otherwise misrepresenting in a social media ,headline, in an image, or some combination of image and title.
Currently, click bait is often characterized by wordings like, “You won’t believe” or “What happened next will shock you,” or other unverifiable assertions in a desperate attempt to spark your curiosity into a click.

How Does it Work?

When a user or a viewer see the Clickbait Thumbnail or the Clickbait Title it grabs their attention making a sight of excitement in their body and brain.
According to “The Psychology of Social Shopping,” Paloma Vasquez makes this point “In a state of excitement or arousal, people think and behave very differently. Emotional states trump rational thinking; it’s easier to sell to consumers when they are excited”

You can check here more about “The Pshycology of social shopping” –
This can be a good thing. As , this usually led people to act, not overthink. This make them to do quick decision- To click or not but majorly they click on that Clickbait because people always think that 5-10 seconds waste of time will not affect them much, everyone falls in this Clickbait method because of the Human Brain pshycology that make us to click on it.

You can get a more clear clear representation of  ” What is Clickbait and how does it work ? ” in the below video


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