What Channel is ABC on Spectrum?

Throughout this article, we will discuss What Channel is ABC on Spectrum. Some people are interested in news and current events.

Alternatively, others prefer comedy shows or animated films; in such a case, Spectrum TV would be a great choice. If kids and teenagers are into animated shows and movies, a Spectrum TV subscription would be an excellent choice.

ABC is a beloved channel because it entertains different age groups, so it is a channel that the whole family can enjoy. Spectrum TV offers lots of great benefits to its subscribers, and to top it off, you also get the ABC channel. ABC is a favourite channel as it caters to all ages, so you have a channel for everyone to enjoy.

Does Spectrum Have ABC?

In addition to being very popular over the years, ABC has gained a large viewership. Therefore, ABC is available on Spectrum; indeed, it is available on all Spectrum packages. Spectrum’s plans in one area differ from those in others, so contact Spectrum to find out if ABC is included in your channel package.

Almost all cable TV packages include the channel, so you already have it. Ask Spectrum to add the channel to your current plan or upgrade you to a package that includes it if Spectrum says it isn’t included in your current channel plan.

ABC on Spectrum

A spectrum TV package includes the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) probably because it’s everyone’s favourite channel and has something for all ages. In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Agents of SHIELD, Black-ish, and Modern Family, this collection also offers some of the most popular TV shows in the world, including How to Get Away With Murder, The Goldbergs, Agents of SHIELD, and The Goldbergs.

What Channel is ABC on Spectrum
What Channel is ABC on Spectrum

In 1943, ABC became a radio network, but in 1948, it began to broadcast television programming as well. The cable entertainment giant purchased 80 percent stakes in ESPN in the 1980s, making it the most popular sports channel on television today. Disney acquired ABC in 1996. Now, the company manages all ABC-branded and Disney-created content as a group. Thousands of US households receive entertainment through cable TV providers such as Spectrum.

What Channel is ABC on Spectrum?

There is an ABC channel on Spectrum, but the channel number may differ in your area, so be sure to check the TV guide below. ABC can be found on channel number 13 in most areas, but if you need more clarification, check the TV guide below.

A Million Little Things and Grey’s Anatomy would be noticed by Spectrum subscribers who love music. The beautiful voices of American Idol will surely entertain those who love music. Are you bored with old shows? Don’t fret! ABC has tons of new titles available to its loyal fans.

It can be difficult for Spectrum subscribers to locate ABC’s channel number since each state or city has its channel lineup. Since channel numbers vary across locations, you may need to look up the number multiple times to locate ABC on Spectrum.

By listing ABC’s channels by state, we save you from sifting through Spectrum’s impressive channel lineup.

Los Angeles7, 1200
San Diego10, 1200
Long Beach7, 707
Bakersfield8, 11
Reno8, 788
Corpus Christi5, 1209
San Antonio13, 1200
Austin3, 1209
El Paso6, 1200
Dallas8, 788
Birmingham33, 1033
Montgomery4, 704
Charlotte4, 1200
Durham6, 1200
Raleigh9, 1200
Indianapolis7, 1007
Kansas City12
Cincinnati9, 1009
Cleveland5, 1005
New York7, 1200
Albany10, 1200
Buffalo7, 1200
ABC Channel list on Spectrum

ABC On Spectrum In California

Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Long Beach subscriber channels 7 and 8, while Bakersfield and Reno subscriber channels 8 and San Diego subscriber channels 10 and 11. 

Since ABC is a broadcast channel, most of its channels are lower-numbered. However, there is a duplicate version of ABC on channel 1200 for Los Angeles and San Diego.

Spectrum ABC Channel in Texas

Spectrum subscribers have access to ABC channels in several different cities in Texas.

These are the channels where it can be seen:

Corpus Christi: 5, 1209
San Antonio: 13, 1200
Austin: 3, 1209
El Paso: 6, 1200
Dallas: 8, 788

Compared to other cities in the region, Dallas’ ABC channel, WFAA, offers more local programming.

Where To Watch ABC in New York and North Carolina

The regular ABC stations in the New York/Manhattan and Buffalo areas are ABC channel 7 and the Albany channel 10. For the New York/Manhattan and Buffalo areas, Spectrum Channel 1200 will broadcast ABC in North Carolina. A TV channel named ABC is available on channel 4 for Charlotte, channel 6 for Durham, and channel 9 for Raleigh.

ABC Channel Spectrum (AL, KY)

On Spectrum, ABC is available on channels 33 and 1033 in Birmingham and channels 4 or 704 in Montgomery. In Kentucky, ABC is available on channels 10 and 4 in Lexington and Louisville.

What Channel is ABC on Spectrum
What Channel is ABC on Spectrum

Make it or Break it

Teen gymnasts are the focus of this family comedy-drama. Each one aims to become a part of the highly-regarded Olympic Games. It is a motivational story that focuses on the difficulties teen athletes face.

Pretty Little Liars

A teen drama series about four high school friends fighting an unnamed opponent who threatens to expose their darkest secrets. Since it premiered in 2010, the show has gained massive popularity.

The Middle

The Middle depicts the struggles of a family making ends meet, no matter how it is done. The show has become popular due to its depiction of marriage as a bed of roses.


It should be possible for you to access the ABC channel on Spectrum using the guide we’ve provided. If you need help, contact Spectrum’s customer service, and they will get you the channel number.


Does Spectrum TV have ABC?

With Spectrum TV packages, you can watch ABC’s exciting shows suitable for all ages.

What channel is ABC on Spectrum in Newport, Oregon?

Spectrum on-screen guides can provide you with more information about ABC channel numbers.

What channel is ABC on Spectrum in Dayton, Ohio?

Depending on your locality, you may find ABC on a different channel number. Please refer to the Spectrum on-screen guide for more details.

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