What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?

If you’re wondering what channel is the Weather Channel on Xfinity, this article will answer your question.

There are several channels on TV, including the Weather Channel, owned by the Weather Group. The channel covers weather news, forecasts, and analysis, as well as entertainment and documentaries. In addition to Weatherscan, another sister network offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Rader imagery and automated forecasts. Weatherscan is owned and operated by a weather group.

Additionally, The Weather Channel produces outsourced weathercasts for RED-TV. The Weather Channel utilizes sophisticated equipment to put information on local weather conditions that are current and upcoming. Also included are alerts issued by the National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center, and National Hurricane Center.

WeatherStar technology used, IntelliStar, has been upgraded to offer “Vocal Local,” which announces current weather conditions and detailed forecasts.

Why Xfinity?

It is easy to find a great TV channel on the market when it comes to great TV. One of the most popular is the Xfinity Channel, which offers many great shows influenced by the weather on its channel. The show is available on Xfinity’s on-demand service, so you can watch what you want on this wonderful show.

You can subscribe to the weather channels to stay updated on storms and other weather conditions, which will keep your family safe. Xfinity provides cable, internet, and home phone services, so you get their cable channels with your cable package.

What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?
What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?

What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?

Channel 706 provides access to the Weather Channel.

You’re in the right place if you’re wondering where The Weather Channel is placed on Xfinity. Xfinity subscribers can locate The Weather Channel easily. For many people, it is a popular destination to stay updated with weather conditions, forecasts, and related news. It is generally located on different channel numbers depending on where you are in the country and your specific Xfinity cable package.

Your cable box or remote control provides an on-screen guide that can be used to find The Weather Channel on Xfinity. Xfinity’s channel lineup information can also be accessed via their website or mobile app by pressing the “Guide” button. You can also browse the channel listings using the “Guide” button. To get accurate results, enter your ZIP code for accurate channel numbers because channel numbers can differ by region.

On Xfinity, you can easily discover The Weather Channel, whether you’re looking for local forecasts or national weather updates. Once you’re on Xfinity, you’re just a few clicks away from some of the best weather across the country.

Seattle78, 706Miami27, 380
Spokane20, 706Fort Lauderdale27, 380
Tacoma78, 706Atlanta32, 832
Vancouver47, 747Memphis55, 836, 1111
Portland47, 747Nashville52, 1102
Salem47, 747Chicago30, 270
Eugene47, 747Indianapolis22, 1111
Salt Lake City47, 730, 1102Fort Wayne29, 1111
Provo47, 730Detroit42, 245, 1101
Denver45, 745Washington34, 815
Colorado Springs61, 782, 1102Baltimore60, 815
Boulder45, 745, 1102Philadelphia45, 815
Minneapolis58, 841San Jose61, 776
Albuquerque53, 835San Francisco61, 776
Tallahassee24, 441Fresno22, 776
Jacksonville16, 441Sacramento102, 776
Orlando58, 523Oakland61, 776
What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?

The Weather Channel On Comcast (WA/OR/UT)

Customers in Seattle and Tacoma can watch the Weather Channel on Channel 78 and 706. A lowered number channel called 20 instead of 78 on your dial in Spokane is used to access the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel has also been made easier to find in Oregon. You can watch it on either Channel 47 or 747.

In Utah, Channel 47 is also the best channel to watch. In addition to Channel 47, you can watch on Channel 730 in the state and 1102 in Salt Lake City. One of the most significant differences in the weather channel numbers is that the further out, the higher the frequency, usually the HD channel.

If your TV is old, go to the further-out channel even though many Xfinity TVs have been upgraded, so you shouldn’t notice much difference.

Californian Weather Channels

Comcast Channel 776 shows the Weather Channel in California. For those who want to stay within that distance, you can watch the Weather Channel on Channel 61 in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton and Fresno, or on Channel 22 in Stockton and Fresno. The Weather Channel is often shown on Channel 815 on the East Coast. If you’re in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh, you’ll find it on channel 815.

The following list also shows lowered channels.

DC: 34, 815
Baltimore: 60, 815
Philadelphia: 45, 815
Pittsburgh: 44, 815

For Indianapolis, you can go to channel 1111, which is too far if you have to do it manually, so go to channels 22 and 29 if you want to watch the Weather Channel simultaneously.

What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Xfinity In Florida

The Weather Channel can be found on Xfinity Channels 27 and 380 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The Weather Channel is difficult to find in Florida, which often needs it the most. In Jacksonville and Tallahassee, it is on Channel 441, but the lower-numbered channels are 16 in Jacksonville and 24 in Tallahassee.

Despite its location on channels 58 and 523, Orlando is the only city with the Weather Channel. Call it a Disneyland effect. Colorado is another odd city with the Weather Channel, but that’s the same pattern we’ve seen in the state.

If you live in Denver or Boulder, watch the Weather Channel on channels 45 and 745. For Colorado Springs, you should watch on channels 61 and 782 because they are lower numbered.

What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?
What Channel is The Weather Channel on Xfinity?

Weird Earth

From blood-soaked rainfall to clouds that can kill, different cameras staged around the globe capture indescribable weather phenomena.

So, You Think You’d Survive?

When mother nature wreaks havoc on us, this is the first question we ask ourselves. Through this series, you will see how people cope with various life-and-death situations. These are real-life experiences of people who can face life’s challenges.

It is the narrator who takes the lead and leaves the final decision in the hands of the viewer. These worse scenarios are portrayed in documentaries, news, and home videos.

Storm Stories

On the Weather Channel, this non-fiction series is aired. During each episode, you’ll see a severe storm and hear about the survivors’ experiences and how they survived it. This show features different types of severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards.

Each week is dedicated to a different type of storm as survivors report their experiences. You’ll see different footage of the storm that is available through re-enactments.


According to your location and cable provider, including Xfinity Cable, the Weather Channel can be found on various channels. Using your Xfinity Cable receiver’s on-screen program guide or the Xfinity Cable channel guide, you can determine the Weather Channel channel number on Xfinity Cable. It is easy to locate the Weather Channel and enjoy its diverse range of entertaining and engaging programs with these resources, which provide accurate and up-to-date information on the channel lineup. You can find the most accurate information in the Xfinity Cable channel guide or contact the Xfinity Cable customer service department for assistance in your area.


Can I watch the Weather Channel on Xfinity?

On Comcast Xfinity, you can access the Weather Channel.

What is the best way to watch the Weather Channel?

The weather channel is available on weatherchannel.com or through the app on Apple or Android phones. You need to register for a cable provider to use the service.

What channel is Weather on DirecTV?

You can find The Weather Channel on Channel 362 and WeatherNation on Channel 361.

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