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Why Vivo V9 sucks?



Why Vivo V9 sucks?

Why Vivo V9 sucks?

Why Vivo V9 sucks?

Why Vivo V9 sucks?

It’s an open fact that Vivo tends to copy every bit from Apple. Vivo V9 is just a clone of iPhone X and Vivo is advertising V9 as a super-phone at an attractive price of around Rs 22,999. But, is Vivo V9 really comparable to iPhone X? Definitely not. Not even close. You’ll be astounded when you look at the specifications of Vivo V9. But does this phone really deliver?


Vivo V9 uses a Snap Dragon 626 processor. It is quite disappointing to see a year old processor in a so-called flagship phone. At a price tag of 23,000, it is expected to see a new Snap Dragon 636 processor.


The user interface in Vivo V9 is heavily inspired by iOS. Vivo V9 has got its own customization to Android Oreo 8.1. The software is not properly optimized for the hardware. So, they compromised a lot on the performance issue. The phone uses just above 60% of the processor most of the times. Phones tend to lag a lot after a couple of months if the processor is not efficiently used.Moreover, there are many pre-installed apps which can never be uninstalled by the user.


Vivo managed to design exterior exactly like Apple iPhone X. The line “Designed by Vivo” was embossed on the rear side of the phone. Great job at recreating the Apple’s design. But when you touch the phone, you may not feel any quality. It’s just a cheap plastic body.


Vivo V9 is overhyped for its camera. Is it really the best selfie smartphone in the market? Well, it does a decent job with the selfies and rear camera pictures. There are lots of AI components included in the camera app. 4K video quality is very ordinary. The phone lacks proper stabilization to shoot the videos. Autofocus is inconsistent.

This summer have fun watching Vivo IPL 2018, but you may not feel cool if you buy Vivo V9. It’s a cheap clone on iPhone X and fails to deliver what it should at its price tag. The hype in the market is all due to the aggressive promotion by Vivo. But it’ll soon fade out! It’s just an overpriced piece of inconsistent software and plastic hardware with a funny camera. It comes with just 4GB ram and there is no 6 GB version. Vivo V9 can be used for regular tasks by the user. It’s just a normal Android phone. But, it’s underdelivers considering it’s price. It’s being hyped as the best selfie camera which is rubbish! Camera quality can never be determined by pixel numbers. It depends on the sensor! All specifications in Vivo V9 are very good on paper, but in practicality Vivo V9 is not a good package. 3,250 mAh battery is very ordinary and it is not expected in a Rs 23,000 phone. Vivo V9 is not a perfect phone just because Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is advertising it! There is nothing exciting about this smart phone from Vivo!

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