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Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites



Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites

If there is one activity that comes to mind definitely while trying to get rid boredom or trying to enjoy the time, that is watching movies. Movies are something that all people enjoy and can have the cinematic experience. While some people like to go the theatres to watch a movie, there are times when one can’t do that and so he or she takes the option of watching movies at home. So what are the best movie streaming sites that you can use to watch movies at home.  Well not to worry as we present you the list of the top 10 best movie streaming sites that are free as well. And you need not worry again as these shall be available online legally and for free as well. You can also check the top 10 free movie downloads sites.

Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites

Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites

Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites


YouTube has to be in the list as it serves the best online streaming content and one can find a list of movies that are available to watch free. Many channels like Public Domain Films or Popcornflix etc. host a lot of free movies available to binge watch at any time. Mostly it shall give you movies of maximum genres and you can choose freely as what movie you shall like to sit back, watch and enjoy.



For any film buff, crackle is a must. Here, you shall happen to find a lot of high quality and good content movies that you can watch anytime. Movies like what I Know What You Did Last Summer or action comedy movies like Hot Fuzz etc. shall be available here to make the day of any movie lover. The genre range available here is immense and so it comes under the list of the top 10 best movie streaming sites that are for free. Crackle gives you the full uncut version of movies with very limited commercials in between.


Vudu Movies On Us

Though Vudu has got the option of video rentals and sale, still it serves as the best options of streaming movies online for free.  It has got quite a comprehensive list of best movies like Showgirls, Return of the Living etc. and so it happens to provide an excellent service. It provides full movie with limited commercials just like Crackle and you just need to have a Vudu account to enjoy the best free content available on it.

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This had to be included in the list because of the wide range of the movies it serves to its users. Like Vudu and Crackle, it gives full uncut version of the movies with limited amount of advertisements in between. The movies have been segmented into the different categories thus making it much easier for the user to choose from. So without any doubt, Popcornflix is an awesome choice for free legal movie streaming.



It also serves best of movies and shows for free like the ones mentioned above. Here, one shall also be able to see newer movies like The Most Man or Lords of the Salem. Here, there is one special category provided under the name of “Leaving Soon” which shall provide you with the list of the movies that are going to get unavailable really soon and so allows you to prioritize your streaming queue. Also, creating an account is painless over here.


Classic Cinema Online

If you are a fan of the older content, then this site happens to be the best option for you. This online streaming site focuses on older, classic content. It has got that old retro vibe to it with a backdrop of red theatre curtains giving you the look of old grand cinematic vibes.  Classic movies like the famous Jane Eyre or The Wasp Women shall be available here to stream online.  However it has got some movies like The Muscle Cinema which not really belongs to the old list of classic movies but still, it serves gold to old movie lovers.


The Roku Channel

This ne gives you content both through its app and as well as through its online site available. Just by a few clicks, you can happen to watch and steam anything from movies like Bad Boys to Ghotbusters. It has got so many genres ranging from thrillers to comedy to drama movies to fulfil all desires of a cinema lover. But only problem that you shall have to go through is the suffrage of watching ads in between as well but that you can bear for the love of the movies as well right.



So the thing about Kanopy is that it has got libraries associated with it. And this library lets you stream tons of movies for free with just a library card and also serves you the option of renting movies as well. So with that library card of yours, you can watch a ton of movies and TV shows for free including recent releases like Loving Vincent or Me Before you.

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Free Movie Cinema

As the name suggests, Free Movie Cinema serves you the best of movies to stream online and watch for free and it is completely legal as well. It not only serves the best movies to watch for free but it also includes the list of free short films to watch. There are also fan made movies available here like the Uncharted and Smugler’s Trade.



Over here at the retrovision, one shall find movies quite similar to the Classic Cinema Cinema as it is packed with the best of the older movies. Golden flicks like The Last Man On The Earth or The House on Haunted Hill shall also be available over here to stream online for free as well. Site organisation is quite pleasant over here as well and so it is easier to find a movie of your choice.





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