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10 Most Useful Things You Didn’t Know About FIFA 17




FIFA 17 is arguably the best soccer video game and one of the most popular game in the world. With every new edition, comes host changes, fixes and new trips and tricks. Well, rest in peace for we have compiled a list of ten things. Players should know this before to guide you on your FIFA 17 journey:


The Journey

The highlight of FIFA 17 is ‘The Journey.’ A new story mode which lets you play as Alex Hunter, a new prospect in the Premier League of your choice. The whole story driven campaign is done very well and truly puts you in the role of Alex Hunter complete with behind the scenes of back home, training ground, and the stadium. You can play his matches yourself and thus can only control him but not his teammates. Hence, make sure to not to take any choice you make regarding him lightly.

Start A Career

Another attractive feature of FIFA 17 is the career mode which although lacking few options is still quite enjoyable. Here, you can play as a single player, but in comparison to journey, the experience will not be that be that good. However, you can take a step more and play as a Manager. You might find this experience to be more fulfilling.

New Driven Finish

This year the goalkeepers have improved; they are tougher and better and to put the ball in the net, you need to play extra hard and vary your shots accordingly. Fortunately, the game has also added a new driven shot. Which should lead the ball to scan along the surface of the pitch on route to goal and hopefully, this will help your players score the goal. It is most effective when done inside the box and also negates the near post security.

Hold The Ball

FIFA 17 is all about physicality, and thus it has become crucial to take into account the size and strength of the players. As a result of this, hold – up technique has become a far more good tactic than before. If you can successfully hold – up the ball, your striker will be able to bring the nearby players into play, and then spin away before advancing towards the goal post.

Unlock Coin Boost On Ultimate Team

Don’t forget to open your coin increases on Ultimate Team. Everyone wants to quickly and efficiently build the best Ultimate team that money could buy. This quest will involve playing for hours and competing in as many seasons and online tournaments as possible. But there is also a possibility to get free money.

The in – game catalogue has free coin boosts along with other unlockable items such as legendary kits and match ball. Fifa free coin increases will give you anywhere between 200 to 1000 FIFA ultimate Team coins after every game you play for a set period. An excellent way to increase you funds which are often overlooked.

Improved Threaded Pass

FIFA 17 is, of course, a better version than the previous instalments, and it fixes a lot of infuriating elements in the game. How many times, your striker has passed the defence, and you plan for a one – on – one with the goalkeeper. And then you see you see you’re perfectly time ball clank off the edge of your marker? Through passes are one of the most useful tools but can often be the cause of frustration. But this year, the threaded passes are improved allowing for better accuracy, curving the ball slightly into the path of your teammate.

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions

One of the most rewarding modes in the game is the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions, which is a new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team.
Online tournaments are replaced by the daily knockout Cups. With a new tournament every day – each with their rewards and requirements. And by winning one match, you will advance to Weekend League, the ultimate test for any FIFA player.

In the Weekend League, over a period three day, you are tasked with winning as many games as possible out of maximum forty. Each player entering and winning in the Weekend League will receive prizes. The awards are based on how many games you have won. And the top prizes include hundreds of thousands of coins, free followers clan, limited edition packs and so on.

Fake Throw – ins

Use X/Square in the direction of the player you wish to simulate the ball towards. Then A/X towards the actual recipient to successfully do a Fake throw – in. A convenient tool in your arsenal, especially useful to expand the space in a good attacking position out wide. Not one of the flashiest of tactics, after all, it is meant to be sneaky. Involve faking a conservative throw towards one player – before spinning and beating the ball to an another – can often outwit the opposite team.

Better Goalkeepers

As mentioned before, this year’s goal keepers have been upgraded. They are now more precise and cunning with the ability to put more directions in their throws and kicks, which is ideal for counter attacks. But in tight situations, it is better to be cautious.

Dab Celebration

What is 2016 biggest addiction? Yup, you got it right, and in case you didn’t, it is Dabbing. One the quirkiest addition to FIFA 17, is that you can now celebrate every new goal posting. You may not be the fan of it, but you got to appreciate the sense of humor of the FIFA franchise.

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