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10 Most Useful Things You Didn’t Know About FIFA 17



FIFA 17 is arguably the best soccer video game and one of the most popular game in the world. With every new edition, comes host changes, fixes and new trips and tricks. Well, rest in peace for we have compiled a list of ten things. Players should know this before to guide you on your FIFA 17 journey:


The Journey

The highlight of FIFA 17 is ‘The Journey.’ A new story mode which lets you play as Alex Hunter, a new prospect in the Premier League of your choice. The whole story driven campaign is done very well and truly puts you in the role of Alex Hunter complete with behind the scenes of back home, training ground, and the stadium. You can play his matches yourself and thus can only control him but not his teammates. Hence, make sure to not to take any choice you make regarding him lightly.

Start A Career

Another attractive feature of FIFA 17 is the career mode which although lacking few options is still quite enjoyable. Here, you can play as a single player, but in comparison to journey, the experience will not be that be that good. However, you can take a step more and play as a Manager. You might find this experience to be more fulfilling.

New Driven Finish

This year the goalkeepers have improved; they are tougher and better and to put the ball in the net, you need to play extra hard and vary your shots accordingly. Fortunately, the game has also added a new driven shot. Which should lead the ball to scan along the surface of the pitch on route to goal and hopefully, this will help your players score the goal. It is most effective when done inside the box and also negates the near post security.

Hold The Ball

FIFA 17 is all about physicality, and thus it has become crucial to take into account the size and strength of the players. As a result of this, hold – up technique has become a far more good tactic than before. If you can successfully hold – up the ball, your striker will be able to bring the nearby players into play, and then spin away before advancing towards the goal post.

Unlock Coin Boost On Ultimate Team

Don’t forget to open your coin increases on Ultimate Team. Everyone wants to quickly and efficiently build the best Ultimate team that money could buy. This quest will involve playing for hours and competing in as many seasons and online tournaments as possible. But there is also a possibility to get free money.

The in – game catalogue has free coin boosts along with other unlockable items such as legendary kits and match ball. Fifa free coin increases will give you anywhere between 200 to 1000 FIFA ultimate Team coins after every game you play for a set period. An excellent way to increase you funds which are often overlooked.

Improved Threaded Pass

FIFA 17 is, of course, a better version than the previous instalments, and it fixes a lot of infuriating elements in the game. How many times, your striker has passed the defence, and you plan for a one – on – one with the goalkeeper. And then you see you see you’re perfectly time ball clank off the edge of your marker? Through passes are one of the most useful tools but can often be the cause of frustration. But this year, the threaded passes are improved allowing for better accuracy, curving the ball slightly into the path of your teammate.

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions

One of the most rewarding modes in the game is the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions, which is a new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team.
Online tournaments are replaced by the daily knockout Cups. With a new tournament every day – each with their rewards and requirements. And by winning one match, you will advance to Weekend League, the ultimate test for any FIFA player.

In the Weekend League, over a period three day, you are tasked with winning as many games as possible out of maximum forty. Each player entering and winning in the Weekend League will receive prizes. The awards are based on how many games you have won. And the top prizes include hundreds of thousands of coins, free followers clan, limited edition packs and so on.

Fake Throw – ins

Use X/Square in the direction of the player you wish to simulate the ball towards. Then A/X towards the actual recipient to successfully do a Fake throw – in. A convenient tool in your arsenal, especially useful to expand the space in a good attacking position out wide. Not one of the flashiest of tactics, after all, it is meant to be sneaky. Involve faking a conservative throw towards one player – before spinning and beating the ball to an another – can often outwit the opposite team.

Better Goalkeepers

As mentioned before, this year’s goal keepers have been upgraded. They are now more precise and cunning with the ability to put more directions in their throws and kicks, which is ideal for counter attacks. But in tight situations, it is better to be cautious.

Dab Celebration

What is 2016 biggest addiction? Yup, you got it right, and in case you didn’t, it is Dabbing. One the quirkiest addition to FIFA 17, is that you can now celebrate every new goal posting. You may not be the fan of it, but you got to appreciate the sense of humor of the FIFA franchise.

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RuneScape Game Review



RuneScape Game Review

RuneScape Game Review

RuneScape Game Review

RuneScape is a game which is developed and published by Jagex Game Studios. RuneScape is a medieval fantasy MMORPG game and it has been growing with each passing day because more and more players are joining the Gelinor world and thus, it has become popular. RuneScape is the longest running browser MMORPGs currently. This game is different from other games because in this game, you’re not just allocated points, you earn points by performing some actions. For example, Your mining skills will become more efficient if you harvest ore using a quarry. Whenever you level up, you will be able to retrieve more raw materials and you will have the ability to see more combat abilities with each passing level.

You have 26 skills in this game and you can decide which skill you want to master. To become a warrior, you can chop trees to build your house or you can kill monsters, all depends on how you want to play. You are free to choose whatever play style you want to. Under the classless skill system, you can become any kind of a character which you wish to become without any limit. There are multiple modes in the game, including a player vs player or joining the other adventurers to fight the boss monster. The game also teaches you a lot of life skills such as socialization through interaction with it’s existing users, questing in certain situations, and combating difficult situations respectively.

RuneScape Key Features

There are various features which tempt the users to download this game and some of them are:

  • The first point in the list is that it is an Open World with sprawling environments where users are allowed to build empires in different regions, cities, etc through their gold reserve or if a user doesn’t have enough gold reserve then he/she can buy the Runescape Gold reserve to build empires respectively.
  • There are hundreds of quests, both storyline related and side quests.
  • There are 26 skills for you to master ranging from fishing and cooking to swordsmanship and magic.  You need to fit in with these skills if you have win the game or as say play the game properly as per the standard.
  • Regular updates which make the game better and adding some special events. This is infact a feature that decides the duration of a user playing the game if it’s a smooth experience and a lag-free one, the user will definitely play more games than ever.


All in all, you must try this game and I’m sure that you will have a great experience with the game. To me, this game is a 4* out of 5.

Thank you for reading the article , and let us know your experience of playing the game via comments section. And if you have already played the game, do let us know anything that we have missed in the post and want it get updated, we will be more than happy to do that!

The post is in no way sponsored by the RuneScape game and it’s development team.

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RuneScape Game Review – Safe Way to Purchase RuneScape Gold!



RuneScape Game Review – Safe Way to Purchase RuneScape Gold!

 RuneScape Game Review - Safe Way to Purchase RuneScape Gold!

RuneScape Game Review – Safe Way to Purchase RuneScape Gold!

RuneScape is popular throughout the world as an MMORPG fantasy based game. It created and developed by a Britsh Gaming Company called Jagex Games Studio. Not just game, RuneScape also offers a book series, spin-off multiple games, a dedicated loyal fanbase, etc. It’s one of the most successful franchises in the online gaming industry. It has got a huge account base of 250 million gamers. This article is all about the RuneScape game, its intricacies, plot, etc. We’ll also let you know about how to buy Runescape Gold from RSGoldFast at cheaper prices.

How to play RuneScape?

It’s set in a world called Gielinor. It’s a fantasy world with many mini-games, other characters with whom you can socialize, fight monsters, etc. There are many distinct areas in the game. If you want you can get trained in a skill. It’s entirely up to the player. It’s like your world and you can do whatever you please to do. There is no linear plot of a story to this game. Players are free to create their own style of adventure by trading, slaying monsters, crafting in the large open area etc.

What are the system requirements to play RuneScape?

You must have a Windows Operating System with at least Windows XP or Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10. It doesn’t run on the previous versions of the Windows. You must at least have Pentium 4 or it’s equivalent AMD CPU. Integrated Graphics video card is needed. A RAM of 512 MB is sufficient but at least 3GB is recommended for best experience. As you see, all you need is a computer with a basic configuration to play RuneScape.

What is RuneScape currency or Runescape gold?

RuneScape is a complete non-ending freedom based fantasy game. The players can purchase different items in this fantasy world. The players can trade with other players or they can simply exchange. RuneScape gold is nothing but the currency in RuneScape world. You need RuneScape gold to buy anything from the other players. You can purchase the RuneScape gold from online sellers. There are many sellers online who are selling the in-game currencies for various games. While purchasing RuneScape gold from the online seller, you must check whether the seller has got a good experience and positive reputation. RsGoldFast is considered as a good choice among many experienced players. There are tons of gamers who had purchased RuneScape gold from RsGoldFast and everything went safe.

Is it safe to buy RuneScape Gold from RsGoldFast?

RsGoldFast has been there in online gold selling the business for four years. It has got a solid customer base and they are considered as one of the best professional mediators for gold selling online. With years of experience under their belt, now they have shaped up themselves as a market leader in online gold mediation. It recognised for its customer friendliness and convenient pricing for sellers. Most of the customer feedback on RsGoldFast is positive. That’s the reason why their customer base grows exponentially every year. Their fast delivery and of course their price-performance has built them a loyal customer base. So, it’s 100% safe to buy RuneScape gold or OSRS gold from RsGoldFast.

Wrapping up…

RuneScape was first launched in 2001 and it’s 17 years old at the moment. No other game in the ever-expanding online arena has made its mark as RuneScape! It’s growing stronger year after year with frequently returning loyal fanbase. Of course, Jagex has developed its ability to consistently shape their game based on the modern trends. RuneScape gold is crucial if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest. Though there are many sellers online, RsGoldFast is considered as the safe and fast platform to purchase RuneScape gold.


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5 Best Racing Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One



Almost every second person breathing on this planet absolutely loves to play video games, be it the children or the grown-ups, people go gaga over gaming.

Gaming is both a fun activity and it also serves the purpose of a stress buster. Almost all of us started with the Super Mario game as young children and then moved onto Xbox and PlayStations.

Some people have taken gaming to a whole new dimension by inculcating it in their daily routine like a necessity. They are termed as hardcore gamers.

In the recent years, with the advancement in technology and complex coding, boxes like Apple TV with controllers which can be used as a basic gaming console, have been the game-changers of the market. These games come with good graphics as to lure away casual gamers but hardcore gamers still want a good console for their gaming needs.

Best Racing Wheel And Pedals

Best Racing Wheel and Pedals

The speedy racing games prove to be a favorite genre of many and would it not be amazing if you could actually feel as if you yourself are driving the car or the bike?

You need not go to the gaming arenas anymore to sit on those big bikes and pretend as if you’re riding a bike or driving a car. There are racing wheels and pedals for Xbox One which gives you the real experience.

The 5 best racing wheels and pedals for Xbox one is listed below.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition for Xbox One by Thrustmaster is one of the latest and best racing wheels available.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel

It is as smooth as a Ferrari and you actually feel like you are driving one. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel is one of the best in the market which gives almost zero lag when you are playing the game. It is available on Amazon and you could purchase it from there.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel (941-000121) made by Logitech is also one the leading racing wheel and pedal in the market. They have realistic pedal action and steering. They also support all the new racing games.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

It’s one of the latest racing wheel there in the market right now and also one of the best racing wheel and pedal out there. This product is available on Amazon for a whopping price.

So, people who are hardcore gamers should invest in this product. Although, it is expensive people still prefer to buy this because it is highly durable and makes your racing games fun to play.

Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition

Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition Premium Official Xbox One Racing Wheel for Xbox One and PC by Thrustmaster is one of the newest and leading racing wheel and pedals for Xbox.

Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition

It can also be used on the PC, if not on the Xbox One. Thrustmaster VG TX also has a detachable leather wheel.

It is Thrustmaster’s latest model and also one of the best racing wheel and pedals out in the market. You can buy it from Amazon and it is reasonable compared to the rest of the latest models of Thrustmaster.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on for PS3, PS4, PC and Xbox One is a Thrustmaster product and can be used on any gaming device.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel

It is precise and robust racing wheel which is a rubber textured to give good grip. It is a collector’s item and can be bought for a very reasonable price.

You can buy it on Amazon. You can pair it with the Thrustmaster VG T3PA Wide Pedal Set and be bought for a very cheap price compared to other products. It would still make the best racing wheel and pedal set which gives a very good gaming experience for people who game.

Thrustmaster VG Racing Wheel Servo Base

Thrustmaster is one of the vendors who make the racing wheel and pedals for every gamer. Their VG Racing Wheel Servo Base for Xbox One has a feedback steering wheel stimulator base which is beautiful to play on.

Thrustmaster VG Racing Wheel

Most gamers thrive on the feedback given by the Xbox One because it makes them play well. The gamer can also use it on the PC if they would like to. There is an internal storage for this base also. The price is not very reasonable but for a hardcore gamer, this would be a nice investment.


These are the best racing wheel and pedal for Xbox one which can be bought for a reasonable price.

Most of these are limited edition and are gamers would love to have this kind racing wheel and pedals as it gives them a better experience while gaming.

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