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Technology and Free Wi-Fi – bound together in a forever



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Technology and Free Wi-Fi – bound together in a forever

Technology runs through mother earth like blood through our veins. It’s our only way to advancement or maybe it’s taking us to an era where we’d be ruled by robots, who knows? The basic theme to life, however, is that it runs on connectivity – now. There’s no way our, internet addicted, society would ever find peace or solace in the darkness of global extrication or disconnectedness. WhatsApp goes down for a few hours and the whole world experienced a major panic attack.

It’s just like they said in “Jack the Giant Slayer” – once darkness gets a taste for light … it will not stop … until it has swallowed the sun – same goes for connectivity. It’s not a gore or Goth existence, instead, it is rather important but it does have the same affect. We cannot function without it.

Pre-WiFi Era

Post-WiFi era served as a socializing place only for those who had internet connection as they could stay in touch with their relatives, families and pen-pals or make new friends from all over the world using internet. Alongside, it played the role of a huge history book and stored up history within it and provided it too to those who sought it. Internet providers started playing a vital role for humans.

Before the birth of this wondrous entity, we were dependent on the internet speed and connection provided by our Internet Service Providers (ISP). However, as time passed the need to socialize increased to a great amount pushing people to demand a more accessible and easier way to have everything at the length of a thumb. We, infidels, were gifted by idea of Wi-Fi as it was quite a sane step to take for the ISPs. The technology firms started experiments by using radio spectrum’s available waves to test and then went on to create WiFi. People were filled with both; joy and fear, as many thought it’d turn out to be a demise of our society. With this unique internet service, the number of people using it grew intensely. While in 2000 only 52% Americans used WiFi as it was not as common the ratio had increased to an 88% by 2016 alone. With each passing year, it keeps on increasing. AT&T wireless is providing the company with unlimited internet data and that too at reasonable prices to keep them connected through out. The ISP also offer various AT&T hotspot areas for people to enjoy free Wi-Fi services.

WiFi – In and Out!

WiFi turned out to be a medium of betterment for our society and ourselves as well. As per BBC in 2014, the Police could track mugshots alongside criminal records and use sensor networks to detect anyone’s location as per the requirement. Moreover, aerial drones, microcomputers as well as biometric technology has also been established to make a criminal’s identification easier.

Social media has also pledged to take upon its responsibility for being more than just a place to share pictures. People are more aware of global issues due to internet being available at the tip of their fingers and thus it plays an important role in crime reduction. How? People are able to call out the wrongdoers regardless of their power, wealth and status and aware everyone of an emergency using social media. It is not just a power house for memes and dating; it is also an informant. People are able to seek and deliver help using social media and create events without even filling the neighborhood with posters etc. in all honestly, it has reduced the use of paper and also helped save the trees to an extent.

Healthcare institutions also take advantage of WiFi, mainly to make sure the patients and equipments find their way to the right place using location services or wayfinding tools. According to the WiFi Alliance, a large number of activities and actions are already dependent on WiFi in healthcare centers etc. These include oxygen monitoring devices, infusion pumps and smart beds, along with data applications, for instance, as an access to EMRs, X-rays and MRI scans. A high quality healthcare is also provided to remote and undeveloped areas using a medical telepresence available due to WiFi provision.

To make a long story short, technology and WiFi are going hands in hand and while negative groups can take advantage of the cybersecurity using WiFi we should trust our forces to be able to protect us from any such issues. The creation of cyber law is one of the many steps taken to protect us all from each other. The world as a whole is moving towards free WiFi for all. At the moment, there are over 18 countries that offer free Wifi services to the people. If your area hasn’t been graced with this blessing, I pray that you soon make it to the list. Cheers

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