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How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone in 5 Simple Tricks



How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone in 5 Simple Tricks

How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone in 5 Simple Tricks

How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone in 5 Simple Tricks

How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone in 5 Simple Tricks

Smartphones are wonderful things and our lives are infinitely better because of them. However, they do come with their own little quirks and problems. One of the most annoying and persistent ones is hanging. So, how can you stop your phone from freezing and hanging up? Here are five simple tricks to cure smartphone’s hanging issues. Now you can Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone with this 5 tips.

Check your RAM and clear it up

You can actually start experiencing many smartphone problems if your RAM is getting full. When the smartphone’s RAM is close to filling up, the phone starts finding it hard to keep the conversation going. If you find your phone suffering from unnecessary freezing, then check what your space situation is.

Luckily, the solutions are not difficult. You want to make sure you don’t allow the RAM to pile up too much – use an external memory card and clear your RAM every once in a while. If you are low on RAM and you get a call, close all the background applications to prevent freezing.

In general, you want to make sure your phone isn’t running out of space. Uninstall any programs you are not using and clear the phones cache regularly. This will ensure you have enough free space to handle the calls you get. Remember you can use cloud-based options for storing things like photos and music if you are finding space a problem.

Keep your phone’s software up to date

It is also possible to start experiencing more problems with the phone’s performance when you have out-of-date software in use. A surprising amount of smartphone problems are down to a bug in the software – this is one of the reasons operating systems seem to be constantly bothering us with new updates.

The easiest way to ensure out-of-date software is not in use is by allowing the smartphone to automatically update its operating system. You can enable this in the settings. Of course, if you don’t want to have auto updates, you can always manually check if your software is updated. Just check the About Phone section and download any updates that might be available for you.

While your apps shouldn’t matter too much in terms of the smartphone hanging, you still want to keep them updated as well. Don’t avoid downloading any bug fixes – vanity updates can be skipped but any change to the running of the program is important to get.

Consider using anti-virus

It is possible your phone has malware and that this is causing the hanging problems. Viruses can be an especially big problem in Android and Windows smartphones and less of an issue with an iPhone.

You should always consider using an anti-virus program if you are downloading a lot of things online, you regularly use public Wi-Fi and you store a lot of sensitive information on your phone. Not only can anti-virus software keep your phone safer, it can also reduce the problem of hanging and freezing. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on good anti-virus software. There are plenty of free options and you can find offers from with popular anti-virus providers such as Kaspersky.

Avoid using live wallpaper

If you are using live wallpaper, you might be causing unnecessary freezing. The wallpaper is a bad idea directly because of how it affects the use of RAM. When you are using live wallpaper, you are burdening the RAM and this extra space away from other things can cause the freezing or hanging.

Naturally, with a problem like this, the solution is super simple. You just need to pick a wallpaper that isn’t live and avoid using live wallpaper. Similarly to using live wallpaper, it can be a good idea to avoid any animated screensavers.

Keep your battery full

Finally, you should keep your smartphone’s battery as full as possible at all times. The phone’s performance will automatically start decreasing when it’s running out of battery, often causing hanging during phone calls. You ideally won’t want the phone to drop below 30% charge at any point.

You should make sure to avoid running programs in the background unless you are actually using them or need them to run. Keep the screen lighting low and avoid using sounds when you don’t need them. You should also save your battery by avoiding the use of the phone if you know you need to make important calls later.

Furthermore, you should consider checking out the battery life of different phones before changing your smartphone. You don’t want to pick a phone with known battery problems but opt for something with a solid performance.

If you are often on the road and you do need to use your phone a lot, consider buying a portable charger. You can find them online with discount codes and you can ensure you never run out of battery.

When you are experiencing hanging problems with your smartphone, consider testing the above tricks. These tend to solve a number of problems in terms of freezing and you don’t need to spend a fortune on a new phone.

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