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Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips and Tricks



Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips and Tricks

Samsung’s newest offering, the Galaxy S9, is one of the highest powered and frankly best mobiles out there. But are you really getting all that you can out of the S9? The S9 is capable of doing tons of cool things, and we’re willing to bet that you don’t know everything it’s capable of. So allow us to let you in on some of the S9’s best secrets with our favorite tips and tricks.

Superb Multi-Tasking

More and more of us are using our phones as mobile computing options, and that means that multi-tasking is essential. Fortunately, in the S9 you’ve got a superb multi-tasking option in what Samsung is calling “pop up view.” Open an app, swipe diagonally from the corner of the screen into the center and the app you just opened will move to a small window in the corner of the screen, allowing you to open up something else. Just click on the smaller window to move between apps. Easy peasy.

If this doesn’t work for you, you probably have the option switched off. Head to Settings, hit Advanced Features, then Multi Window, then toggle on the option next to Pop Up.


If you’ve got a tablet then you know how convenient it is to have your home screen turn to landscape mode. But until recently if you were using your mobile in landscape mode (maybe watching Netflix) and backed out of your app to your home screen you were forced back into portrait mode. No more! The S9 now supports landscape desktop which will keep even your home screens in landscape mode if you’re holding your phone sideways.

In order to activate this go into Settings, hit Display, then Home Screen and make sure that Portrait Mode Only is toggled off. Simple.

Those Edges

Obviously, the S9 supports that awesome Samsung edge to edge display, but the S9 also makes good use of those edges. The edges of your screen can support menus, making stuff easier to find and your phone more intuitive to use. Plus, you can design those menus however you like.

Simply swipe from the right or left edge of your screen towards the center to open up “panels” then hit the settings button at the right corner. This will allow you to delete the default panels that you don’t want. Want more panels? Then hit the Download button to find out which options you can add. From newsfeeds to quick app access, those edge panels are pretty sweet.

Always On (or Not)

The S9 does feature an always on display, which you may or may not want to use. Head into Settings and then Lock Screen and scroll down to turn the always-on screen feature on or off. But you can customize always on through that menu too. You can decide what info is shown in always on (maybe the time, maybe waiting notifications, whatever you like), as well as customizing when the screen is allowed to be on and when not (perhaps turning it off when you’re sleeping).

Always on isn’t for everyone and as per some hands-on testing from Tiger Mobiles it can drain the battery. But if you want to know what’s up just by glancing at your phone rather than needing to wake it up, always on is a great option to have.

Faster Downloading

If you find yourself waiting too long for downloads then the S9 can help you out with its Download Booster. This allows you to combine WiFi and mobile data to get faster downloads and was first seen in Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha.

To enable this option go to Settings, then Connections, then More Connection Settings, and toggle the switch next to Download Booster on. Be aware that this WILL use your mobile data, so if you’re on a limited plan keep an eye on your data levels.

Only Got One Hand?

Today’s big screen mobiles are awesome for web surfing and watching videos, but using a large display phone with one hand can be tough. And let’s face it, we all use our mobiles one handed from time to time (whatever the reason…). Fortunately, the S9 makes one-handed use easy.

Head to Settings, then Advanced Features, then hit One Handed Mode. Once you’ve enabled this then when you tap the home button three times the active display will shrink down into one corner so you can easily use it with one hand. That definitely simplifies matters.

But there’s more. Go back into Settings and then Advanced Features and toggle on Finger Sensor Gestures and now you can pull down the notification bar by flicking over the fingerprint sensor (instead of having to reach all the way up to the top of the screen).

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And So Much More…

There really are tons of special features on the S9. If you’re running a video on your home screen, pull out that edge panel and select “animation” and you can easily create a gif from your video. Head into Settings, Display, then Navigation Bar and you can turn on or off the on-screen navigation buttons, and customize them to be whatever you want them to be (and change icon colors too). Want to take a pic of the run? Just tap the power button twice and the camera will open automatically, even if your phone is asleep (if it doesn’t work go to Settings, Advanced Features, and toggle on Quick Launch Camera).

Love your tunes? Then head into Settings, Sound and Vibration Settings then Sound Quality and Effects and turn on Dolby Atmos sounds (you can also play around with sound quality there with the equalizer and other options). Often find yourself switching between two apps? Then pull out that edge panel select Pair Apps and whenever you open either of the apps both will open in split screen mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is full of little tricks to make your life easier, and these are just some of our favorites. The best way to get to know your S9 is to head into that Settings menu and start playing around, we’re sure you’ll find something that surprises you!

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Zoutons App Review



Zoutons App Review

This isn’t about what the technology has given us, but also about what we have molded it into. Internet and mobiles have given the online shopping population a new way to get the heavy-duty tasks done with a few taps and clicks. Several mobile applications have been embedded in the smartphone in order to cultivate the development in the ways of performing tasks.

Zoutons App Review

Amongst such websites and mobile applications, the most looked after apps are the shopping apps. These applications can be downloaded to make purchases & getting the desired commodities delivered without actually rushing to the stores. And, on top of that, to minimize the budding online expenses, some applications have been introduced as the saviors, initiating discount coupons & deals for the users.

Zoutons is one such coupon aggregation website that provides a complete database related to the availability of coupons, offers & deals for online shoppers. Recently, the website has launched their own mobile application in a view of increasing their accessibility. On Google Play store, the app has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on an average and can be downloaded from there for free.

All the aspects & colors of Zoutons and its new mobile app

The coupon website was brought into existence by Mr. Sahil Chalana, a BITS Pilani Alumnus, in 2013 with the approximate investment of 20 Lakhs, growing day-by-day to a present-day fund of $3.3 Million.

Features and Specifications of the mobile app

The mobile application for Zoutons has been launched recently which is built with a multi-dimensional view of satisfying the consumers at best and at the same time, increasing their own availability & accessibility in the market.

Keeping the fact in mind that consumer is the sole bearer of the sales & purchases, the mobile app is designed following a minimal structure. There is a total of approximately 200 online shopping stores followed by 75 or more categories containing 40-50 unique coupons each. So, specifically, there is a clear compilation of leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Jabong, Goibibo, Myntra, Cleartrip etc. which specializes in different popular categories like clothing & accessories, travel, flight bookings, electronics, footwear, hotel bookings and a lot more.

Apart from this, inside the application, you will also find a separate section for Wallet which deals with multiple e-wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, payzapp etc. Such e-wallets are equipped with separate segments of coupons related to Recharge/bill payments (mobile prepaid, mobile postpaid, DTH, electricity, landline, gas, water etc.), add money or more.

This is an amazing website which configures what the viewer must be demanding and focuses on providing an easy platform for savings. Top coupons, top stores can be fiddled with under your fingers-anytime, anywhere.

Have a brief look at some of the best features of this mobile app, facilitating the consumers at its best:

  • Compact App: usually, the shopping apps vary from more than 15MB sizes. But, even after bearing more than 8000 coupons and offers in it, the zoutons app comes in a sleek and small size of 4.2MB. Why size matters? Because the functioning of the app and device are related to the storage granted. If the storage is full or is about to get full, then the device might lag. Such a difficulty doesn’t occur with this app as it takes up a slight space in your device.
  • Navigation & Search: Apart from its efficiency in the provision of best deals, the app enables the users to surf between different online stores quite easily. On the app, there is a proper search tab which is very quick in responding to whatever the customer wishes to seek. Be it the store, category or wallet, searches can be made in seconds.
  • Offers, Discounts and cash back: Across the search engine, there are different types of offers for the target market like Bank offers, wallet offers, an exclusive website offers and more. With this app, you can easily and conveniently allocate all kinds of offers, discounts or cash back applicable on almost all the categories and store. It is as it seems, very efficient and very easy.
  • Timely Notifications: Once the mobile app is installed, the user can adjust the app notifications by enabling the Zoutons notifications in the device. With this feature, the users are updated instantly through email or SMS about all the overall offers that might lure the consumers. Whenever there is a special offer going on, the app will send ping notification to alert the user about the same.
  • Zoutons Newsletter: Like a usual newsletter conveys, in this app, you will get a discount-oriented newsletter which keeps on updating the subscribers about the ongoing and upcoming discounts across the internet. This provides the users with a compilation of timely updates related to whatever one should know about online sales and offers from leading stores.

Zoutons-Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

Like some freebies are always welcome, some extra discounts or offers are always awaited. While shopping those premium electronics, trendy clothes or the daily necessities, easy to go discount coupons are loved. Making this extremely easy, the zoutons app has been pumped-up especially to allocate all exclusive ongoing discounts and offers on almost all the categories.

Watch out for the most-popular shopping stores and their most searched categories to adorn with-

  • Amazon– Electronics, Mobiles & Accessories, Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, Home and décor, Footwear and Fashion Clothing.
  • Flipkart– Mobiles & Electronics, Large Appliances, Small appliances, Home & Kitchen Commodities, Bags & Accessories, Fashion Clothing & Footwear.
  • Paytm– Electricity bill payments, Travel bookings, Movie Ticket Bookings, Landline Bill payments, Mobile Recharges and more.
  • Myntra– Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Footwear & Bags.
  • MakeMyTrip– Flight, Hotels, Holiday Bookings etc.

Similarly, there are more stores which are content with more than 50 coupons, extracted from many categories, under each.

Steps to get the deals activated

Wondering what this might cost? Absolutely nothing. This comes as an additional gem to the treasure that each and every coupon listed on Zoutons mobile app comes for free. Moreover, these can be applied automatically or manually without the formalities of signing-up. Now, catch up with the steps required to activate the coupons-

  • Download the Zoutons mobile app from Google Playtore for free
  • Run the app
  • You will find several sections namely- Stores, Banks, Categories, Wallets provided on the top of the app itself
  • Use the website search navigations to explore all the stores and categories that are available in store for you.
  • The sub-divisions of these stores are developed into more than enough coupons.
  • Scroll, surf, explore and calculate the coupon you wish to apply (after reading the conditions properly) and on the same.
  • The click opens up a module of the respective coupon and also redirects the user to the specific landing page of the store. Now the coupon remains activated and can be applied accordingly.

If we talk about the efficiency, working, functionality, an interface of the zoutons mobile app, then it is very definite that it is focusing on making the overall process of shopping easy for the users. People can get their hands on all the top coupons or offers for absolutely free or subscribe to the newsletter for timely sale updates. Moreover, the user reviews have also added this gem to the top applications to save money on shopping without any hassle.


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Spotify Premium APK with offline mode



Spotify Premium APK with offline mode


Spotify Premium APK with offline mode

Spotify Premium APK with offline mode

Spotify Premium APK : It is one of the best application being loved by all music lovers, with the help of this application you can listen to all latest and old songs as well. The Startup Spotify AB launches Spotify on October 7, 2008, which was founded by Daniel EK. There are various platforms where you can enjoy features of Spotify like on Windows, Android, Mac OS, Tablets, iPhone, Linux etc. There two ways in which you can use Spotify one is by free account and other is Spotify premium apk, free Spotify will only give you some basic features while Spotify premium will let you enjoy more additional features after paying some nominal amount. You can even share your favorite music or playlist directly from Spotify to different social platforms. It provides access to more than 30 billion of your favorite songs.

Spotify is basically an app and website or an extension which let you listen more than billion of songs and now the latest version of Spotify also allows you to download your favorite song and listen to it offline whenever you want. Spotify premium apk is a paid service available on iOS and Android devices with lots of features and file size of 35 MB. Below is the complete description and details related to Spotify premium apk, check them out-


Name of APKSpotify Premium APK
Latest update2 June 2018
File size35 MB
The version of apk8.4
Total installs220,327,910+
Android version required4.1 and above
RatingsRated for 12+
Name of
Offline download supportYes
App DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Spotify ConnectEnabled
Root requiredNo
Audio Quality320 kbps


How to download Spotify Premium apk

If you are already having the previous version of Spotify then first uninstall it and download the latest version by following these steps :

Step – 1: First download Spotify premium apk.

Step – 2: Wait till the process of download complete.

Step – 3: Go to the section of download and look for the downloaded file whether it is saved or not, in some devices we need to save downloaded file and perform all basic steps.

Step – 4: Once you got the file in download section it states that your download is complete. Click to open the file.

After completing these steps you will successfully download your Spotify apk, now for completing installation procedure follow the below steps.

How to install Spotify Premium Apk

Step – 1: Before installing file you have to first allow installation for the unknown sources. To provide access go to the option of Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > OK.

Step – 2: After providing this access go to the download section and look for your Spotify apk file. Click on it to open.

Step – 3: As soon as the file gets open, on the right side of the screen you will see the option of install. Click on it.

Step – 4: Now, wait till the installing completes. After it open your Spotify app.

Step – 5: In Spotify app, you will see the option for installing Spotify Premium apk click on it and let it install. Once after completion open your Spotify app and start streaming with all latest and updated features.

To enjoy streaming music log in with your Spotify premium account login Id and password or if you are not having one then first register, login, and purchase premium account.

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How to block ads on Spotify

The premium account of Spotify is free from ads but not completely and if you are using the free account then it will disturb your streaming experience through different ads. If you wanted to get rid of these unwanted ads then you can try this-

1. At first, connect your device with a good internet connection.

2. Next, install the ad away on your device.

3. After installing in another window open Spotify Premium apk.

4. Copy the link of your application and add it to the source list for blocking ads and enjoying endless music from Spotify app.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

We have learned about Spotify Premium APK and also about download and install, let us come to learn the features being provided by this apk.

1. Spotify is one of the most popular apk specially in America, New Zealand, Australia and some parts of Asia with any requirement of root.

2. It gives high audio quality for music.

3. Spotify Premium is free from disturbing ads.

4. It allows you to do unlimited skips without any advertisement.

5. Forced random restriction now has been lifted.

6. Spotify Premium is also having its mod apk which is free from any charge with lots of similar features.

7. Access to unlimited songs on your fingertips and can enjoy anywhere.

8. The offline features has been added recently which allows you to download any song and listen it later even in the offline mode.

9. You can also create your own playlist and favorite list by adding songs into it with help of saving mode.

10. You can also enable the repeat mode.

11. Unlock Spotify connect

12. Select your own track

13. In the information bar seek button has been added

14. You can also cancel your premium subscription anytime whenever you want.


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Vidmate APK Review in 2018




VidMate application is an effective application for android and PC to download recordings from different destinations. You can likewise watch latest HD films and series, observe live TV, download latest songs, and so on.

Everyone likes to keep a downloaded copy of their favorite serials, movies, YouTube video and other things. But there are only some selected applications which offers the functionality to download the videos. Today we will be looking at one such application which is the best for downloading videos from YouTube and other online streaming services.You can learn more about Vidmate on


Let us have a look at the features of Vidmate:

  • User can download different multiple videos at once without any issue.
  • User will have the flexibility to choose from different types of formats while downloading the video files from any online service.
  • You can download videos from Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube with a single click.
  • No buffer while watching Live TV.
  • Downloading video over 2G and 3G Network without any issue with network drop age.
  • It is free of cost.
  • The User Interface of the application is quite good which makes it an easy task for new people to learn using Vidmate application to download videos.

As Vidmate does not follows copyright term of Google, it is not officially available on Google Play Store hence we will have to download the same from third party websites. Procedure to download the same is as follow:

  1. Download the APK file from any trusted website or the official website of Vidmate.
  2. Place the file in Internal Storage and click on it to begin installation of the application.
  3. If prompted enable third party app install on the phone.
  4. Once installed you can use the application without any issue.

How to download and Install Vidmate application?


  • Download Vidmate.apk.
  • Install it. In the event that your gadget says “Establishment blocked”, permit establishment from obscure sources in your gadget settings.
  • Dispatch it and look for the video you need or peruse any site.
  • Download video and appreciate.
  • In the settings tab of the application, you can pick the diverse destinations you need to appear on the principle interface which opens when you dispatch the application.

What’s New?

  1. Variant 3.45
  2. New video player, for better understanding of viewing the most sultry motion pictures/indicates on the web.
  3. Bolstered play the following tune in music player

These are the features and installation step to install Vidmate on your phone. If you have been using Vidmate earlier also do let us know about your experience using the application. Also if you have any issue or error installing the app on your phone do let us know in the comment section below.



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