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How To Protect Your Company’s Data in a Disaster



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Many business owners look for ways to protect themselves and their company from everyday security issues such as theft. It is also important to put plans in place to protect company data from both man-made and natural disasters. To make sure you are on the right track to keeping your company’s data safe and recovering in the event of a disaster, look at the list of tips below.

Get Professionals On Your Side

The first step to having a proper disaster recovery plan in place is to make sure you have the right people for the job. If your company doesn’t already have an IT department in place that oversees this process, considering looking into network security services with an outside company. Many outside companies will already have steps in place for dealing with disaster recovery, data protection and network security. Communicate thoroughly with a representative to determine if the company’s approach suits your needs and addresses any concerns you may have.

Protect Your Hardware

While many network security companies will oversee activity on your company’s server and protect it and its contents, you will often need to take measures of your own to ensure your on-site hardware is protected as well. Hardware needs to be kept secure from unauthorized access, including that of unauthorized employees and customers. You will also need to take measures to ensure that any physical backup methods are protected from natural disasters such as fire and flooding.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Consult with professionals to create a disaster recovery plan that will outline steps taken in the event of an emergency. This plan will formally dictate how different employees will respond to varying disasters, such as determining who needs to be contacted and with what information. It will also contain an inventory list and a prepared plan for how to continue business as normal in the event of a major disaster. The purpose of a disaster recovery plan is to help demonstrate protective measures to ensure the safety of people, data and equipment alongside having a business continuity plan in place to resume services as quickly as possible. Make sure the disaster recovery plan is included in a formal company handbook and that employees undergo regular training to ensure proper steps are taken during such an event.

The loss of data during a disaster is often the biggest deterrent to a business recovering after the fact. By following the tips listed above, you can make the first move towards protecting your business in the event of a disaster.

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