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Predictive Analysis in Data Science- What Does it Mean?



Predictive Analysis in Data Science

Predictive Analysis in Data Science- What Does it Mean?

Predictive analysis is a discipline of data science designed to predict future outcomes based on historical data and analytical techniques, like machine learning and statistical modelling. The technology may help produce significant future insights with the highest accuracy. Also, sophisticated tools and models may help organizations reliably forecast trends based on current and past data. Predictive analysis gains its power from a variety of technology and methods, including data mining, numerical modelling, machine learning, and various other computational systems. A successful application of predictive analysis with the help of data interpretation can be beneficial for any business.

Many organizations are virtually using predictive analysis technology to derive results, especially in the fields of healthcare, retail, finance, automotive, and aerospace. As technology spreads its wings across many sectors throughout the globe, the demand for predictive analytics professionals will increase. Many opportunities are opening up every day for predictive analysts and data scientists or for those who want to establish their career in this field. There are many career prospects once you have honed your skills with a data science course or gained advanced knowledge of the industrial processes.

Organizations, today, are turning towards data science and predictive analysis to help solve challenging issues and identify new technologies. Some of the common uses of the technology include:

Detecting Fraud

The technology helps enhance pattern recognition and determine criminal behaviour by combining multiple analytical methods. Fraud analysis is also very important for detecting cybersecurity breaches.

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

Predictive analysis is used for analyzing the purchase behaviour of consumers and for facilitating cross-selling opportunities. Predictive analysis helps businesses retain their most profitable clients, maintain and expand further.

Improving Operations

Organizations are now using predictive analysis to manage resources and forecast inventory. For instance, airlines use the technology to sell tickets, and hotels use it to maximize revenue and occupancy.

You can learn all the skills of a predictive analyst through a data science certification course that allows you to enhance your skillset by indulging in relevant projects. The course is available for all the professionals who are thinking of making a career in this field.

Jigsaw Academy in India offers a full-time data science course that helps professionals gain the industry-based skillset to grow in their careers. It is one of the most comprehensive data science courses available online that cover a broad spectrum of the curriculum including data integration, data manipulation, predictive analysis, machine learning, R, and python. The data science course by Jigsaw Academy is India’s first industry-validated program in association with NASSCOM.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the field of predictive analysis, you must start with a data analytics or data science course details to gain the required skillset. In India, there are no better online courses than those offered by Jigsaw Academy.

Here are some advantages of learning predictive analysis with a data science course:

Broad Spectrum of Curriculum

Full Stack Data Science Course by Jigsaw Academy has an extensive syllabus, which will enable you to master three main elements of data science, i.e., Statistics, Tools, and Business Knowledge. It is India’s first online course validated by NASSCOM. Some of the tools and techniques you learn during the data science course are:

  • Predictive analysis
  • R for data science
  • Probability and Statistics
  • EDA and Data wrangling with R
  • Hypothesis Testing

Increased chances of landing a coveted job

There are many lucrative job options with a good salary that you can pursue after completion of the course. Taking a data science certification from Jigsaw Academy will only enhance your skillset and make your resume stand out amongst the rest.

Get eligible across different domains

Since the program has extensive syllabi, you can gain a diverse skill set that can help you broaden your career prospects. Some of the job roles you can choose are a data analyst, data visualizer, data and analytics manager, and predictive analyst.

Less Investment than on-campus education

The online data science course fee is substantially lower than the on-campus courses. The course is flexible, as you can customize the hours as per your convenience.

Increase in potential salary

Data Scientists’ average salary is more than the average salary in any other field. It is approximately 7-8 lacs per annum, which is only going to increase in upcoming years as you gain experience. A data science course will make sure you acquire the right skill set with hands-0n experience from industry experts.


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