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Pointers For A Business Presentation in San Jose



Pointers For A Business Presentation in San Jose

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Are you heading to San Jose near Silicon Valley for a business presentation? It can be nerve-racking thinking about giving a presentation in a hotspot like the Silicon Valley. It’s one of the most past-paced places in the world where trending technology has become a meme, but if you don’t know the latest modern ways to set up a presentation, you could set the wrong impression. For that reason, you should always prepare your presentations in advance. Read on for more tips.

Choose the Right Hotel in San Jose

One major tip when looking for hotels near San Jose McEnery Convention Center, you want to pick a hotel that will get you close to the convention entrance. If you are going to this area for a business presentation, then you should pick a hotel with modern programs and amenities. For example, you will find the “Hyatt Has It” program to be a great way to pick up items that you need, such as charging chords or toothpaste, while also being constantly connected to WiFi. With presentations, you want to make sure that you’re connected to your co-workers and anyone else who will be viewing your presentation.

A great hotel for this is the Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley because of its amenities, fitness center, meeting rooms, and consistent, free WiFi. You don’t want to travel on business without being connected. Click here to see how this hotel can help you succeed during your trip.

Plan Your Presentation Location in Advance

Even if you don’t have the best presentation technology, you want to make sure that you’re telling a unique, genuine story that can connect with your audience. You will likely be meeting in a conference room with a lot of connections, so you should get to the location early to set up and tell your presentation just like you would in your own conference room. If there any audio/visual issues, you can take care of these in advance.

Make Three High Quality Points

There’s a lot going on in Silicon Valley; it will be hard to keep the attention of your audience. You don’t want to plan a long presentation when 10 minutes will do. However, it should be engaging, and to make sure that it has an impact, you can set up around the three-point rule.

People will typically lose focus after the third slide, so make sure that you are doing what you can to keep your audience interested in every point that you make. You can rule the stage during your presentation by keeping it short, succinct, and engaging.

Choose the Right Setting

By choosing a hotel like the Hyatt House, you are also gaining access to a lot of meeting rooms where you can set up your own presentations and ensure that it works before start time. You also want hotels that have multiple sizes for different audiences. For example, if you are setting up a networking event with needs for a stage, there are larger rooms available with event setup and preparation help.

Avoid Jet Lag

If you are dealing with a time difference, then you can avoid jet lag with three simple steps.

  • Disinfect everything around you. You can use wipes to wipe down areas of the plane and seats. This may sound strange, but you can’t afford to get sick when you’re traveling.
  • You should drink lots of water. This will clear your mind and keep you healthier too.
  • Wear the right clothes for travel to this area. You can always check out the San Jose weather, but it’s generally sunny and temperate.

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