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Why some people love classic fruit slots



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Is there another casino game that is as highly customisable as online slots and slot machines? We don’t think so, and it is a fact that is proven when you consider the remarkable evolution that these games have undergone since Charles D. Fey first brought the Liberty Bell slot machine to the masses. 

This was a very simple design, using some of the well known slot symbols that we still see today, but in the 21st Century there are all manner of slot designs, from some using aquatic mobsters like The Codfather, to crazed Vikings in Vikings Go Wild. There is a lot to choose from if you are a keen online slot gambler, there is no argument there, however sometimes this choice can be a bit too much for those of us that just want a classic slot experience. This is one of the main reasons why some people love classic fruit slots at Slots Baby, read ahead for some more! 

Ease of use 

To some modern online slot gamblers it might seem a bit weird to want a slot that is more simple rather than complex, because this often means less bonus features, and on the face of it subsequently less chances to bag some decent coinage from your reel spinning session. However, this is actually a commonly held mistruth, because a game that is more complex can still pay out less on average than one that takes the form of a classic online slot. 

Many people actually prefer classic fruit slots because in the vast majority of cases they are a lot easier to use than more complex modern online slots. Granted, online slots aren’t exactly the hardest games to master, but to a beginner it can make a lot of difference playing a simplified version of one. And anyway, sometimes you don’t want a particularly hard online slot session, just a relaxing bit of reel spinning. 

Nostalgic value 

For the older online slot players amongst us classic fruit slots also hold a lot of nostalgic value, as they can bring people back to the golden age of slot gambling in casino halls. Places such as Las Vegas were famous for their slot halls, and would see millions of gamblers pass through their establishments each year simply to play on the slots. 

For this reason a classic fruit slot can evoke some particularly happy memories, especially if the person in question had a lot of luck playing the slots. It is also an interesting proposition for younger online slot fans, as they can see what it would have been like spinning the reels in the past.

Often more lucrative 

One thing to remember with online slots is that most of them are programmed to pay out an average amount over a specific period of time. This means that the more elaborate cut scenes and animations that a game has, the more likely it is not to pay out quite as much as a simple slot game. Hence why many people prefer simpler classic fruit slots!

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