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5 NBA Live Mobile Tips & Tricks to Ease Your Game play



NBA Live is a long awaited boon for basketball lovers of this generation. The best part about this game is the fact that its graphics are so life-like, and it is an authentic replica of what is currently happening at the NBA games.

Electronic Arts developed this cool mobile version of the game with 3D gameplay and full 5-on-5 action.

NBA Mobile is a game that lets you live your dream of playing basketball with the stars, choosing your favourite team. With the below-mentioned hacks, we will help you progress through all the levels with minimum difficulty.

NBA Live Mobile Tips & Tricks

NBA Live Mobile Tips & Tricks

1 .Choosing Your Team Wisely

NBA Mobile gives you a platter of legit NBA teams to choose from. Pick the team with the maximum number of stat boosts which will match-up best against the opposing team, strategically according to your plan. Also choose your lineup carefully, according to the particular player’s strengths. You have five lineups:

Two-Way, Small Ball, Defensive, Big Man, or Shooting.

Select a lineup to view its contents, and you can choose how the players are positioned on the list.

How to choose your team:

  • Choose Settings (:) in Live Events, Head to Head, Season, or Leagues sections.
  • Select Edit next to Change Team.
  • Choose the team you want to play as.

2. Always Make Use Of The Auction

The Auction House is a place where you can bid for a star player, and sell your current players. At the auction, you can select many star players like Chris Paul, LeBron James, and Rose.

The auction can serve as your advantage if you take in as many star players as you can. If you have the NBA live mobile coins and the resources, buy all of the star players that your money can spare and strengthen your team by making the best players in the world, play for your side.
But be careful what you’re bidding your money on, as it can be an amazing way to either gain coins or lose everything you had!

3. Learn These Cool Moves

Below, are a few unique moves which aren’t necessarily explicitly explained.

  1. The Pump fake-Tapping the shoot button.
  2. Spin: Double tap the Drive button to try and spin around a defenders guard.
  3. Steals: Tap the Guard button and try to take the ball.
  4. Hesitation: stay stationary and tap the “Drive” button once
  5. Fade Away: Move towards the baseline and tap “Shoot” to do a fade away.

4. Use the Auto Play Feature

One of the most convenient features NBA live has to offer is its Autoplay which can be accessed by tapping the play button next to the scoreboard.

The reason we call it comfortable is that it does a commendable job, controlling you players and gliding past the season very smoothly, with sufficient success rates.

Tip:- Do not use the Autoplay features throughout the game, and take over manually by the 4th quarter as you will need to win by a very close margin and auto play might mess that up.

Playing the season games may be strenuous for you so that you can use the Autoplay features for some easy money making, in these games. With just a tap of the button, let the game begin, take rest for a while and enjoy winning your games.

If you want to end the Autoplay, just click on the play button again and you will regain full control of your team.

5. Learn Your Defence

Although Autoplay has its benefits, it cannot beat the pros of manually playing the game. The offence is making a move towards your shoot, and most players don’t have problems with it. Defense, on the other hand, is a Game changer, as a proper defence, helps you win matches. Here are some security tricks that will help you out as you progress the game.

  • When defending with the Guard button pressed, always move away from the opponent.
  • And when your opponent is in front of you and not making any move, just tap the guard button, and you’ll attempt to snatch the ball from his clutch.
  • Lastly, if the ball is being passed towards your player, tap the button to try and deflect it. Tapping the block button when your player is close to the ring, makes your players try to go for the rebound, which is also an unusual move as far as NBA live is considered.

To all Basketball fans all around the world, NBA live mobile was a pleasant development brought in by Electronic Arts. Any game requires few hacks and trips to be enjoyed to its fullest.

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