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How to make bootable windows 7 CD



How to make bootable windows 7 CD

How to make bootable windows 7 CD

How to make bootable windows 7 CD

There are often times when our PC starts behaving weirdly or simply restarts itself again and again. In such cases, reinstalling the windows is the only thing that works the best. Or if you are just installing windows on a fresh computer. Then a Windows Installation CD comes in handy.

But the question is how to make bootable windows 7 cd? So you can complete the whole installation process. Well if you have this question in your head, then we are here to help you out.

In this article, we will be explaining all the steps that you need to follow to make bootable windows 7 CD. So let’s just go ahead and talk about those steps:

How to make bootable windows 7 CD


For this tutorial, we already assume that you have the Windows 7 iso file which we will be burning into the CD.

Also, we are hoping that you have a CD Drive installed on your computer.

Anyway, now let’s talk about the tutorial. Well whenever it comes to burning an image file to a CD, there are a hell lot of tools are available. Some of those tools are paid, and some of those tools are available for free.

However among such tools, one is the Free ISO Burner. It’s free software and extremely lightweight. The software size is less than 700KB, and you can run it on low configured machines easily. Plus the good point is that there is no installation process at all. Just download and launch it and you will be able to use it.

Anyway, to give you a better understanding of the whole process, here are all the steps that you need to follow:

How to make bootable windows 7 CD – The Complete Steps

  • First of all download the Free ISO Burner. For this, you have to go to the and download the tool from there.
  • Once the Free ISO Burner is downloaded, double click on it.
  • Then click on the run button to start the application.
  • After that simply enter a blank CD or DVD inside your CD Writer.
  • Now that Free ISO Burner is launched, simply click on the “Open” button.
  • Then simply select the path of the ISO File.
  • Then select the CD Drive. (If your computer has more than one CD writer, then use this feature. Else there is no need.)
  • After that come to the Burn section and select between 10x or 16x from the drop-down button.
  • In the end, simply hit the burn button. Now wait for a couple of minutes and let the burning process end.
  • Once everything is done, simply close the application and take out the CD or DVD.
  • Now you can use it according to your needs.

So that was all for your question which says How to make bootable windows 7 CD. However, apart from making a bootable CD, you can also make a bootable pen drive, and it is easier to do so or you can install Windows 7 Demo version and then use Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key to Activate it. All you will need is a blank pen drive and a software. Anyway, for this, here are the steps that you have to follow:

How to make bootable windows 7 Pendrive


How to make bootable windows 7 CD

How to make bootable windows 7 CD


  • First of all, download Rufus by going to the website.
  • Once the application is downloaded, launch it.
  • Then insert your pendrive.
  • Then from the device section, select your pendrive.
  • After that from the CD, icon select the ISO file and load it on the software.
  • In the end, click on the start button, and you are all done.
  • Now it will take around 10 minutes or more to complete the whole process.
  • Once everything is completed, restart your machine and go to the BIOS. From the BIOS menu, select your pendrive as a bootable disk.

After that follow all the screen instructions and you will be good to go.

Final Words

So that was all for the How to make bootable windows 7 CD article. We have explained both of the ways to you. Now it’s your call to try them out and see which is working the best for you. Also for any questions, you can feel free to leave a comment below, and we will surely help you out with our knowledge.

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Why should Java Programming language be your first choice?



Why should Java Programming language be your first choice?

Why should Java Programming language be your first choice?

Why should Java Programming language be your first choice?

The answer to the question ‘why should one learn the Java programming language’ is vast and comes with so many answers that a person will have two options. Either they will take it up in an instant or they will get thoroughly confused. This is why, through this article, we try to break these answers into segments so that not only are you thoroughly convinced but you also allow yourself to understand why you are convinced. The why is important because taking up things just because the masses are lapping up to it, has done a lot of people a lot of harm and you don’t want to be one of them.

How has Java created such an impact?

The reason why Java is a good programming language is because it’s extremely popular, it’s easy to learn, has pretty much helpful source tools and libraries. Gaining a wide amount of expertise in this field and understanding Java thoroughly will give most people a good pay-check and will ensure that they do something meaningful by creating applications that can create an impact on the world out there.

Since it’s such a popular language and a lot of people look for job opportunities after doing a crash course in it, it is important to weed out the experts from the seemingly knowledge ones. For this purpose Java online tests are created so that a company finds the best people from the lot and finds people who can develop solutions.

If you want to be one of these people, then learning the language thoroughly is the key. There are long lists of programming languages that one can learn to make their lives easy. The reason why this language stands out from the rest is because Java has never had to prove its worth. It has achieved and crossed so many milestones by just being an open source and free programming language. As time passes, we can see the importance of Java in creating successful applications and software.

Time and again, the polls of the popular programming languages shows us that Java is infact one of the most widely used programming languages out there.

We now come to the reason as to why Java is such a top contender when it comes to programming languages and its race.

  1. Resources and resources. There are a wide number of resources from which one can learn Java from. It can be a book, it can be via YouTube tutorials, it can be through certificate courses and finally through practice. Being a professional in the field of Java doesn’t require you to show certificates for the same. The good thing about Java is that you need to have practical skills that just need to be applied thoroughly. Employers will look at how well you perform on a Java online test and not how much you know about Java.

The amount of resources available for Java can act as a perfect companion for you no matter what aspect of Java you want to learn. You can look up both free resources and paid resources to get help. This however does not mean that a paid resource will be better than a free one. WhatsApp is a free resource and is working pretty well for all of us out there.

Learning such a popular language is good because every imaginable doubt out there has been asked time and again so not only will you get answers but you will get a wide variety of applications for the same. Any occasion or project work will become easy because of the numerous resources at one’s disposal. You can find sophisticated answers and you can find answers in layman terms. Every issue that you can think of has been analysed, addressed and spoken about, which is why you can easily do your work and also get it done for free. This is what allows rapid development for everything in the Java industry, no matter how big the field and size.

  1. Job opportunities. If you’re programmer who has a sound knowledge then don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of jobs. However the pay-scale depends a lot on what you know and how much you can apply it in programming. The base is so wide that it is constant used in the programming language and this in turn creates jobs in the technology industry. Now that Android applications have become so mainstream and every second person has a phone, there are is a wide need for Android developers who navigate and write applications in Java.

  2. It is an object oriented Programming language. Since it is an object oriented programming language, the concepts are very easy to understand and relatable. This feature makes Java system modular, flexible and a very extensive programming language. It promotes the proper usage of OOP and the best practices.

  3. Java is pretty much an open source. An open source and free software is welcomed by everyone. Since it is an open source language, it is pretty much platform independent and it is the same across most OS environments. What is even better is that to write an application on Java you don’t have to pay anything.

  4. The fact that Java has such a rich API is one of the reasons why it is so successful. Once you mix it with a wide range of tools, which are supported by an open ecosystem, thanks to Java, you’ll see how you have almost everything you will require while working with the technological advancement that is Java.

  5. Java has the kind of community support that no other programming language has. It continues to grow across the world and since it is an open source technology, it not only takes from the society but also gives back a whole lot. There are so many online platforms where you will find programmers ready to help newcomers with open arms.



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7 Extra Car Features That You Can Afford



7 Extra Car Features That You Can Afford

7 Extra Car Features That You Can Afford

When you think of extra features, you probably think of luxury vehicles that come with all the bells and whistles you could ever want – and a price tag to match. But did you know that more extra or luxury features are becoming available in affordable cars every day? You don’t have to break the bank just to get a rearview camera or USB capabilities these days.

Entertainment And Navigation Systems

These systems aren’t anything particularly new, since navigational systems have existed in cars since the late nineties. Their level of advancement, however, is something to be impressed by. These days, luxury-end navigation and entertainment systems in cars are starting to make their way down to more moderately priced vehicles. These systems allow you to do things like direct yourself around traffic, have your texts read, select from various entertainment sources like podcasts, and make reservations at nearby restaurants. Many even have hard drive storage, DVD readers, and extensive systems that make your car a moving computer.

Automatic Parallel Parking

Among the most highly rated safety features you didn’t know you needed is automatic parallel parking. Parallel parking has been a nuisance or source of embarrassment for drivers for as long as driving has been around, but the days of having to give up prime parking real estate because of poor parallel parking skills are over. This feature uses automation and a system of sensors in order to detect the position of other cars around you and the curb. It will guide your vehicle perfectly into a parallel park without any effort on your part. You can enjoy all the benefits of a front row spot without any of the potential mishaps, like parking too far from the curb, sticking out at a bad angle, or – worst of all – hitting the cars around you.

Rearview Cameras

On many luxury cars, there are cameras that show all of the spots that drivers have difficulty seeing on their own. This includes behind the vehicle, of course. These days, an affordable car with a rearview camera is entirely within your grasp. Many vehicles have this as a safety feature, allowing you to view the area behind your car clearly and without obstruction.

In-Car Wi-Fi

This is a great option for people who drive others around, or who work from their car. In-car Wi-Fi is exactly what it sounds like; it turns your entire vehicle into a router that allows for you to connect to the internet on the go. Say goodbye to the days of having to crash into the nearest coffee shop or restaurant to pull out your laptop and finish your reports; you can now do them from the comfort of your own vehicle in any parking lot. You can easily keep passengers occupied during long drives this way, too.

Pre-Collision Brakes

This is a feature that is still taking its time to come down from the higher-end luxury brands, but its arrival is well worth the wait. Pre-collision brakes work to keep you from hitting vehicles in front of you. For example, if your eyes are taken from the road or if a car before you stops suddenly, the pre-collision brakes will kick in and keep you from ramming into them. In non-luxury vehicles, this feature usually works at lower speeds, but it is still a good tool to have at your disposal.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature involves a radar system in the car that allows for automatic control of brakes and throttle. The radar will scan the road in front of you while you drive and react automatically to any threat. It’s a great option for people who live in areas that have a lot of deer or other animals that dart into the road suddenly.

Blind Spot Monitors

A car’s blind spot is one of the most dangerous things about it, both to the driver of the car and to other vehicles or pedestrians around it. Now you can circumvent these problems at a fraction of the cost of a luxury vehicle with blind spot monitors. These are functionally similar to rearview cameras in that they allow you to have a camera view of your blind spots. This way, you can check to make sure all areas really are clear before you take those turns.

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Download Movie HD Apk




Are you someone who is ready to fight with your friends if they interrupt you while watching your favourite movie?


Are you who just loves watching movies for whatsoever reason?

If you have answered yes, to any of the questions above then you’ll love with application. Yes, I’m talking about the Movie HD APK which is a free movie downloader and has latest and the best movies collection. It’s an app where you don’t even need to make an account. All you need to do is download the movie HD Apk on your Android, IOS, Windows or Mac system and start streaming.

And you know what? The Movie HD team is so good that they update the content every morning with the latest and the trending movies on the market. That’s a god served for all the movie lovers, isn’t it?

Well, in this article I’ll give you the download file of the Movie HD Apk which you can install on your system and start enjoying an unlimited stream of movies.

Download Movie HD APK


Let’s get started!

Before we start, here’s a quick rundown of all the Movie HD App features:

Movie HD Apk Features:

  • Super easy to use
  • Not to worry about any registration
  • Latest movies every day
  • 1080p video streaming supported

One thing that I simply love about Movie HD App is that you can even download all your favourites movies again without paying a single penny from your pocket. I mean who gives all this awesome stuff for free? Movie HD does. 😀

How to Install Movie HD Apk on Android?

Installing movie HD App on your smartphone is a piece of cake. It’s so very simple. Just follow along with me and you’ll be amazed that in the next 2 minutes you’ll have the app installed on your phone.

Step 1: First off, download the Movie HD Apk down at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Once done, you now need to install it on your smartphone. But before you do that, you first need to head over to Settings -> Security -> Check Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Once that’s activated now head over to the apk file which you just downloaded and install it.

Step 4: Bingo! You’ve successfully installed movie HD Apk on your phone now start enjoying unlimited movies.

One thing I forgot to mention is that this application also supports Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV and Blackberry devices.

Let’s see how to Install the app on this devices:

Install Movie HD App on Chromecast

It’s again a very simple process to follow. Just follow along with me.

Step 1: First of all, download and install Localcast app from Play store.

Step 2: Now open the app and download the movie on your phone that you’d like to stream on Chromecast.

Step 3: Finally, open the Localcast application and select the movie which you just downloaded and start streaming.

Download Movie HD Apk

Download the latest version of the movie HD application. Keep checking the page as we’ll be updating it with the latest version. The best way is to bookmark it.

Download Here

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Movie HD App safe to use?
Yes, the application is 100% safe to use and as you don’t need to create an account so you don’t need to bother about any information leak whatsoever.

Is the content on this app original?
Honestly, this is the mod apk so no all the content on this application isn’t owned by them. It’s copyrighted from other sources. However, you don’t need to worry about it as it won’t harm you in anyway.

Movie HD Apk not installing. What to do?
Many times people use outdated version of the app. The best way is to download the latest version of the application given above and try again. If it’s still not resolved you can uninstall the application and try again.

Final Verdict:

I hope you liked this detailed guide on Movie HD Apk. If you liked, please don’t forget to leave you feedback in the comments section down below and let us know. Also if you have any further suggestions for us share those too in the comments.

Thanks for taking the time and reading the article.

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