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How to find your correct DSLR Cameras



How to find your correct DSLR Cameras

How to find your correct DSLR Cameras

How to find your correct DSLR Cameras

How to find your correct DSLR Cameras

DSLRs are built for speed over the digital compact cameras. They give better picture quality and also provides full manually controlled features. Also, enable to use interchangeable lens feature to take a shot. Ability to use filters mostly used for landscape photography and last but not least enables you to record video of professional video camera quality.

For a newbie, it’s hard to choose the perfect DSLR. There are some points to remember while choosing DSLR cameras like the nature of photography, about the person that is the hobbyist or the professional, technically you need to be clear about the sensor sizes, megapixel resolution, a different set of features, regarding lenses and body details, etc.

Here Are 7 Things To Consider While Buying A DSLR

Best Suited In Hands

Best Suited In Hands

Best Suited In Hands

Basic factor while choosing DSLR is, the camera should be suited in hands. As for an amateur, choose the right one that wouldn’t be tedious to handle. It should be light in weight. Also, the grip is most important, it should be considered when having wide angle photography, or when need to take a snap in moving position.

It would be a waste of money if the camera doesn’t feel to hold. So be careful while choosing the DSLR. Here should maintain the position while handling it for perfect capturing of the event. Also, it’s important to be handy with the equipment as while taking a photograph it shouldn’t shake. Otherwise, the camera could be slipped from hands.

Sensor Size

Sensor Size

Sensor Size

It is the factor that creates an image by DSLRs. The size of sensor means, how much light it uses to create an image, so ultimately the image produced would be of better quality. Indirectly larger the sensor size, larger is the resolution of the camera is. Typical image sensors diversity:-


  • Generally 1/3.2-inch(4.54 x 3.42mm) image sensor is used.
  • Obliviously image quality would not be good enough.


  • Starting with 1/2.7-inch(5.37 x 4.04mm).
  • Nowadays so smart phones are also making compact cameras.
  • Like Canon IXUS 255 HS and Samsung Galaxy Camera.


  • Sensor size starting with 1/2.3-inch(6.17 x 4.55mm) up to 4/3-inch(17.3 x 13mm)


  • Comparing above sensors DSLRs are having much bigger sensors.
  • Examples like Nikon, Pentax or Sony uses APS-C(23.5 x 15.6mm) sensor.
  • Canon uses APS-C(22.2 x 14.8mm) sensor.

As is the case, better features mean more money- expensive gadgets. Finding a perfect DSLR for your requirement isn’t as easy as it seems. You can choose from premium brands to find yourself the best one, probably Sony A68, and give your photography skills a major boost. Even though it is priced at Rs 49,999, make use the following camera coupons and save additionally up to 70% on your purchase. Makes for a perfect Bargain Buy, doesn’t it?

Megapixel Resolution


Megapixel Resolution

Megapixel Resolution


As it is the basic strategy used by camera manufacturers. A megapixel is 1 million pixel that is put together, ultimately creates photographs. Resolution of the image is defined using this pixel fit into tiny squares in small space. Simply 1 MP = 1 million pixels, it’s how measured in terms of mathematics or to a correct numeric figure.

Consider 8-megapixel camera, it would have 8 millions of pixels while the camera with 1.5 megapixels has one and half million pixels. Tiny pixels are nothing but the information that produces an image.

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DSLRs having more megapixels are used just for photo cropping purpose. That is the main reason behind purchasing the camera with more pixels.

Nowadays DSLRs are coming with more megapixels, so it would be always better to have a camera as such.




One of an integral part of DSLR camera. Crystal clear picture quality is just because of this factor. To get good picture quality of faraway subjects, lens plays a crucial role. Each photographer has its own way of photography, so lenses varies accordingly.


  • 50mm range usually comes with the camera.


  • Provides beginner entry level quality photography.
  • General lenses packaged along with DSLR camera.
  • 18-55mm.
  • Provides decent wide angle photography.


  • Mostly used for zoom in on subjects far away.
  • Better image stabilization.
  • 70-300mm lens.


  • Used for shooting objects up close.
  • Generally 24-70mm range.


  • Shoot pictures in wide perspective, mostly used for landscape images.

In general, for beginners having KIT LENS is better for any nature of photography. By which you can take the picture you want.




More specific ISO is the number. Photography depends on three factors

  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • sensitivity

First two responsible for controlling light comes into the camera. And here it comes ISO, how much light is needed to be determined by sensitivity.

The normal range for ISO is 200 to 1600. Nowadays digital camera may come as low about 50 ISO to 204,800 ISO number. ISO number associated with the light comes into the camera for good exposure of the image. Lower the number, more the light needed and vice versa.

When ISO raised light needed less for the image. Some times with compact cameras it could produce noisy snapshots, so the DSLR does not produce noisy photos at all as it has ISO feature.

Decent Set of Features


Decent Set of Features

Decent Set of Features


DSLRs come with a decent set of features. For a newbie, it’s always an overwhelming experience to see multiple buttons and adjustable settings on the camera.

By the time these features provides us the quality of the image produced, once you get handy to these features then it can be awesome.

On top of camera few buttons are there:


  • The red symbol button used to start the video.
  • Power Switch
  • Simply turns the camera on or off.


  • This button used to put the camera in desired shooting mode.
  • That is Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority.

And Manual Mode.


  • An LCD screen which allows you to preview image directly.
  • Some LCD screens come out a bit, which would be helpful while taking a snapshot in a particular angle.

Body Details


Body Details

Body Details


We can say it is the part used while having a photo. As it is the primary part of the digital camera. A camera body contains LCD screen to review photos taken, or contains buttons to capture a photo. Also, it contains some additional small buttons used to set different modes for a photograph.

When choosing a DSLR camera you would get the only body, that is, without lens part. And then it’s up to you to choose the lens which best suited for nature of photography you would have. Some camera body comes with the inbuilt lens, which is generally used by beginners.

Commonly, a camera body comes in the rough shape of a rectangle.

Are you ready now for purchasing the perfect DSLR that suits you best? Now you got the things that really need to be considered while choosing them.

There are some other things like price or brand. But it is not as many considerable ones that will affect on DSLR. For beginners or hobbyist, you can choose low budget ones, so once you got a clear idea of photography you can go for higher one.

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