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Which hosting is good for better SEO Result



Which hosting is good for better SEO Result

Search Engine Optimization is a law of physics for millions of people because it has so many factors underneath the security blanket that buzzes many minds. A newbie is more likely to struggle to find an ideal web hosting to improve SEO and rankings.

The end goal is traffic and sales of the product, and no one can deny that it is very difficult to achieve without the right tools. An expert will not agree with it because they know that simple on-page SEO and a good web hosting is enough to drive minimum traffic.

Is Web Hosting Important for Improving an SEO Ranking?

The first, foremost question that a newbie has in mind is; is web hosting important for SEO?

What is the ultimate goal of the individual?

The answer is traffic.

  1. You should never compare your website with reputed sites such as CNET, PCMAG, and more. They have higher DA, PA, CF, and TF including social media traffic. On the top of it, they got high authority backlinks.
  2. Reputed sites like PCMAG is slower compared to other sites. Oh yes, I never experienced user-friendly page from high authority sites like Android Authority.

Overall, take out high authority sites from the equation.

Now, let’s move to the web hosting as an SEO factor.

  1. The ultimate goal of a website owner is to drive traffic to the site.
  2. Driving traffic from Google search engine organically is the ultimate goal.
  3. Search Engine giant announced the server response time is an important factor.
  4. The company also said that websites that have good loading speed considered as a ranking

Google is a company that aims to provide accurate results.

The search engines always seek websites that have good content, good server response time, and excellent web page loading speed.

Search Engines wants the searchers to find the answer in one go, so they come back again.

The simple explanation sums up the topic!

  1. Server Uptime

I have mentioned server response time, and it is an important factor for everyone, the visitor, search engine, and website founder.

Assuming that the searcher is looking for “Best Android Smartphones” and the suggested site ranking on the first page seems good enough to click it.

Then, you end up on the non-loading website. The website does not load at all because it is suffering from server downtime. I am sure it has happened to many of you, and the search engine dislikes it.

Search Engine and visitors dislike such sites, and they are more likely to get discouraged in the ranking system.

Server response time and uptime is an important factor in SEO, and NO ONE CAN DENY IT!

  1. Webpage Loading Speed

Let’s assume that you are a Blogger publishing new piece of content every week, but you are not getting enough traffic because the post has not ranked on a search engine on the first page.

Check on-page SEO, and you will find out that the page is loading slowly most probably because it has heavy media content such as images and compresses the media files to increase loading time.

Text content does not take a lot of space, so Bloggers don’t have to worry about text format content. However, we cannot say the same to the media files because it consumes a lot of data.

Webpage loading speed depends on the web hosting as well.

Yes, if your web hosting server assembled out of cheap components, then customers have to suffer from slow loading speed.

Always select a reputed web hosting company that has good reviews on Google, and other places.

  1. SSD Storage Drive

SSD Storage drive is a perfect replacement for Hard Drive Disk.

Web hosting servers are nothing but a combination of CPU, Motherboard, RAM, SSD Drive, and Windows or Linux server Operating system.

You can compare HDD and SSD, and then decide which one fits the requirement. You cannot compromise on speed because it is an important ranking factor in SEO.

  1. SSD Drive can Read/Write faster than HDD (7200RPM) drive.
  2. SSD Drive can write & read 160 GB to 300 GB per second. HDD Drive can write 80 GB to 160 GB per second. SSD Storage web hosting package offers 2X performance compared to HDD Drive web hosting package.
  3. Website loads faster with SSD Drive.

Website owners get maximum performances that search engine is seeking regarding speed and performance.

  1. Customer Care

I have explained that web hosting is a combination of software + computer and it can encounter problems anytime.

Dedicated customer care is an important aspect of the web hosting because they hold the master keys to the servers. Any software or hardware or configuration problem can be fixed by customer care. A responsive team is necessary to get the job done or else, you might end up having issues with the website speed and overall performance.

A dedicated customer care team that offers phone, email, and ticket support.

  1. Affordable SSD Web Hosting Company

Every day we come across companies that offer excellent discounts on SSD Storage Web Hosting packages. However, the discounted SSD web hosting does not seem like affordable at all.

Fortunately, YouStable web hosting company is offering SSD storage web hosting for Rs.170/$2.49 per month. It is an Indian company that offering affordable packages to customers by cutting profits.

  1. It is a registered company under Companies Act 2013 of Government of India.
  2. Customers don’t have to subscribe to 6 months package, 12 months package, or above. You can pay monthly as well, which is a great option.
  3. An SSL certificate added to the package for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay for the SSL Certificate.
  4. Dedicated customer care is available to answer the calls, emails, and the ticket to solve an issue — the company offering Hindi and English language to support the customers.
  5. You can get started with $0.1 for the first month to test the services and performance.

SSD drive web hosting package comes with cPanel control panel.

You can look for hosting deals to avail discount.

if you are anytime looking for an SEO Hosting provider you can go and visit Seekahot and get it from them, they are one of the best in the market right now in 2019.


SSD Storage web hosting can provide greater value regarding SEO perceptive. Visitors and readers experience improvement in webpage loading speed and overall performance. Let us know which web hosting company do you prefer in the comment section below.



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