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Hostbuddy-Hosting How to buy 10$ Plan



Hostbuddy How to buy 10$ Plan

Hostbuddy-Hosting How to buy 10$ Plan

As i started Affiliating Hostbuddy-Hosting  Service everyone asked me is there any cheap plan for new blogger i said yes there is 10$ plan but when they click 10$ plan was not showing so today i will tell you how to avail the 10$ plan from this hosting.


1.Open the hosting website From my affiliate link click here.

Hostbuddy-hosting How to buy 10$ Plan

How to buy 10$ Plan

2.Now click on the Dropdown menu and select 10$ Plan.

Hostbuddy-hosting How to buy 10$ Plan

How to buy 10$ Plan

3.Fill out the Details such as Login Name,Email,Password and don’t forget to check the Affiliate id-100455545 and then click on SignUp Button.

4.Now your journey of blogging start with this hosting now Change the Domain DNS if the Domain is buyed from other website or Move your existing website to this Hosting,just set up all the other necessary and install WordPress script within the host in 1 click.

If you ever think of buying Hosting  Domains at cheap you can any time visit here for Coupons & Latest Deals to buy it at cheap

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