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Flipkart’s Seller SuperComNet duped another consumer by delivering fake Apple Watch Series 5



Online Shopping websites are on a boom right now in India, and one of the biggest Ecom Player is none other than the Flipkart in the country. Now, we are always taking advantage of these online shopping websites by ordering products for ourselves and our loved ones. And most of the times, we are pretty comfortable while ordering online, especially from popular websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

But things do not go well every time with online shopping. We are seeing a lot of disputes by consumers regarding Flipkart Order every day and people are now hesitating while ordering products from this Ecommerce Giant. Today, in this post, we would be sharing a case where Flipkart’s Seller SuperComNet duped a consumer from Noida by delivering fake Apple Watch Series 5.

The Case

According to the report, a consumer named Raghav Gupta had placed an order for Apple Watch Series 5 from a seller named SuperComNet on 4th Feb 2020. Raghav made a payment of ₹ 52,900 for this order thinking that he will receive what he paid for. But things did not turn out to be good for him when he received the product after 2 days on 6th Feb by Ekart Logistics Delivery. With excitement about the new Watch, Raghav opened the box and the box didn’t seem suspicious to him at all.

But as soon as he opened the box, things turned out differently, taking the first look at the watch, Raghav was suspicious if the Watch is even real or not. This was primarily due to the fact that the dial of the watch was pretty small in size. While the Real Apple Watch Series 5 has a display of 1.73 inches. As soon as Raghav turned the Watch on, he didn’t saw any logo of Apple on boot. Here is a video which he shared and we can clearly see that the Watch is not real and Flipkart’s seller SuperComNet has delivered a fake product here.

Also, in the Settings > About, we can see that the Device Name says watch6. Well, Apple has not even released their Watch Series 6 and looks like it already has a clone which is delivered to Raghav. As an intelligent customer, Raghav decided to reach out to the Apple Authorised Service Provider – Unicorn which is situated at C-39, Lower Ground Floor Plot no M-03, Sector -18 DLF Mall of, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. There, he showed the product he received to confirm that it’s Fake. And dang! They confirmed that the Watch Delivered by Flipkart to this consumer is a Fake one. Here is a report which Raghav received from the Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Some Strong proof shared by Customer

When Raghav visited the Apple Authorised Service Provider, he found out that the Serial Number which was present on the box was already activated by a Customer on 31st December 2019. Well, Raghav ordered the watch on 4th Feb 2020. This provides a solid base that the Customer’s dispute is genuine and Flipkart is the one who delivered the fake Apple Product here.

Raghav also tweeted the following on Twitter to which he got a usual reply that they will get back to him pretty soon.

He has shared some photos regarding the dispute which you can find below:

While taking a look at his tweet, we got to know that there are several other cases where Flipkart has delivered a fake product. You can find similar tweets easily on Twitter.

Raghav has also filed a case in the Consumer Court and is looking forward to the best resolution for his dispute. Also, we are expecting something to be done by the Flipkart in order to stop people being duped by their sellers.

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