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Everyone has a passion for something. Some of us foster it enough to write our own blogs online. However, after a certain time, some sort of block sets in. There are no more new ideas to write about, or just the subject doesn’t seem to be expanding. Every blogger, both professional and amateur, comes to a point when there are days on end and no new posts get updated and you start thinking about your next blog topic.

If you are one of those affected by this sort of irritating issue, you don’t need to abandon the pursuit of blog writing altogether. It is actually quite simple to resume it and let the words flow again. Here are five simple ways to come up with the next blog topic whenever you feel lost.

Give travelling a chance

The most obvious of reason for not having anything to write new, is simply because you haven’t experienced something new. Travelling to various destinations that you want to and are able to can’t affect your writing negatively in any way. Vacation for a short while does not only refresh the mind of the blogger, but also gives insight into new ideas. Try travelling to somewhere that is significant to your subject. Even if you aren’t actually able to go far, a nearby locale in which you experience a change of your current environment would do you good. For example, someone writing a blog on environmental concerns might visit a nearby factory, and determine why we need to cause so much pollution. You will soon realize that you don’t need a formal degree in journalism and mass communication to become a good blog writer.

Try talking to your friends and peers

We are always befriended with at least three people who actually have a deep interest in our blog. It can do you no harm to try asking them what the blog should require to advance to a further stage. At the same time, you can also get a second opinion about your style of writing and the content you post on your blog. It may not only help you get new ideas for your blog, but also filter out any faults or misrepresentations you may have in your blog. You don’t need to announce it to everyone you meet, just one or two confidants you are sure to trust.

Explore various entertainment media

Believe it or not, TV and video games today can teach you a lot more about stuff than most books. It might sound absurd, but entertainment media has become much more exciting and educational. You may find various books, comics, animation courses and magazines elaborating the content in the same way, but every movie on the same topic does differ more or less depending how it is depicted. Video games offer a vivid and interactive way into any subject in existence. Moreover, it offers a calm and smooth way to relax your nerves and challenges your cognitive skills in a way nothing ordinarily would. This helps improve brain activity and therefore improve creativity.

Relieve physical and mental stress

The main reason why most creative artists hit a roadblock is the fact that they encounter some sort of crisis in life. Either they have an accident, contract some mental illness or lose a loved one. A trauma may affect someone in the worst of ways, but developing some sort of tension or a feeling of depression may have the same effect on creativity. In such a bleak scenario it is best to seek solace and be at peace with one’s own self. Meditation, exercise, grievance counselling, or go for a Physiotherapy Course etc. are some of the numerous ways you can get physical and mental stress removed. This would help you get right back on track and immediately flow new and wonderful ideas for the next topic for your blog.

Revisit older blogs

Human beings are not perfect. Whenever we work on something there are always a few details that are left out. The same is the case with blog writing. If at any point in time you hit a wall, maybe it is time to start backtracking. Reviewing your own blogs and those written by someone else on the same topic might jog up your memory. For the time that has passed since you first wrote it, there are certainly a few things you wanted to write about, but didn’t have a clue and therefore abandoned the idea altogether. Now that you have had some experience, you may have what you need and start on the topic you wanted back then. Searching through other blogs is also effective. There are always some things they missed and, since you perceived it from a different viewpoint, you were able to figure it out. This would definitely be able to open a path for you for an original topic for your own blog.

Praneet is the CEO and Editor of the website He is a blogger and have varoius blog on various topic and he is from India who loves to read and write about Technology, Gadgets and Gaming. If you share the similar interests then you can follow him on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

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The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer



The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The fact of the matter is that most people fall in the middle ground between those who feel that they can write and those who feel that they cannot. Good writing is not something impossible to achieve and putting words to pages is not as daunting as it sounds. The following are some of the qualities that any good writer must have.

1.  A good piece of writing makes you question:Good writing is not all about the writer; it is more about the reader. You need not be indulgent to your readers. But what you need is to anticipate the questions that the reader can have in his/her mind while reading and then answering the questions in the way of your writing.

2.  Good writing is a lot about data: Data adds the much-needed credibility to the piece that you are writing and it puts up the context that you are writing about. So, make sure that your piece of writing is rooted in facts and indulge in as much research, rechecking of facts, and curating as you possibly can.

3.  Good writing is similar to good teaching:Good writing is a lot about explaining like the teachers do to their students. Your aim is to make the things clearer to the readers and to help them make sense of the topic. Writer helps the reader to be the part of the solution that he is offering and therein lays the success of his composition.

4.  Your writing is about telling a full story:Good piece of writing eliminates any opposing viewpoints and covers all the necessities within its folds. There are multiple perspectives of every topic and you need to cover all the points to ensure that there is no question left unanswered on the minds of the readers.

5.  It is a lot like calculations: Good writing is about the structure and logical deductions. The writer has the responsibility to take the burden of explanations on his shoulder and to make it easy for the readers. It is a lot like math where you calculate and deduce to reach conclusions.

6.  A good piece is not simplistic but not simple: Good content is about deconstructing a complex piece of subject and making it penetrable. You need to keep it simplistic but you need not make it as simple as it sounds like you have dumbed down the entire topic. You need to think that the reader knows nothing but you must not assume that your readers are stupid.

7.  Do not be smug about your writing: Many writers are sheepish in calling themselves writers and then there is another group of writers that are too smug to call themselves writers. The point is that if you are already smug about your writing, there will hardly be any scope left for you to improve any further on your piece of work. In that way, you can think that being humble is a quality of any good writer worth his salt.


Writing is also about editing and you need to be thorough with your proofreading if you want your writing pieces to be appreciated and admired. So, use the software and do manual checking to make sure there are no errors left in the work that you have created.


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How to start a business without money online



How to start a business without money online

How to start a business without money online

How to start a business without money online

People are started getting education nowadays. In previous days, only few category of people used to get education and for others it is a hard part.

The situation is not same as it was 20 years ago. Now, people have the big exposure to internet and have a good knowledge about how to use it properly.

Let me start with basic skills and later in the part, i will show the business opportunities for advanced skills.

Write for Money

If you are good at writing, then this is the first option to start with. The content marketing has been growing and increment in the requirement of content writer is keep increasing.

Even, you can find these status on online job sites.

Many people want to work from home and earn some good money. So, here i am gonna show you how to improve your writing skills as well as find freelance content writing opportunity.

First thing is you have to improve your writing. If you are a great writer, then no problem, but what if you have the ability to write but not upto the requirement in the industry.

How to Enhance your writing skills?

No worries. Just read this article.

Improve yourself, then go for the next step.

Preparing sample writings

People will always want to see your works before they give any work to you. Simply showcasing your writings on PDF will not be enough.

It is just ok in the most cases, but you can outstand if you follow these ways.

Find guest blog sites and sites which allows other people to post content on their site.

For this you can use Quora and Medium and Ezine articles.

Quora and Medium are the biggest platforms.

You can write useful and interesting contents there on Medium. If people likes your article, then yours will get more exposure.

I strongly recommend you to write some good articles on Medium.

When people asks for sample works, you can send the link to them.

If people see your published work, then you will gain good reputation and chance of winning the project will become high.

Platforms to Sell and Platforms to Market yourself

If you are done with the above steps, then you have find selling platforms and create a good profile over there.

There are many facebook groups out there for freelance content writing jobs. Also, once you joined the group, search the term “whatsapp” in the search option in the group.

Also Read: How to generate more leads through Facebook Ads

If someone has posted regarding any content writing whatsapp group, then you can see the post and try join those groups.

To get good ratings for your work on those platforms, you can do some giveaways.

You should create a good profile on these platforms.

Initially when you just start with these platforms, make your price low to get clients.

Half of the people who are new to the platform will look for quality works at the low price.

So, you can get them onboard if you bid for low cost. Also, when you deliver the quality work, you can ask for the good reviews.

Make sure, you are delivering the work before the deadline. This is very important in all the stages.

Also, when you bid, give the short deadlines. This is not possible for well established writers on those platforms.

They would have tons of works going on already. So, they will bid with long deadlines.

This is where you can take advantage and get people onboard. People will always love to get their work done fast.

So, you can use their expectations to make money.

It will be hard for you to get the projects initially, so you have to wait and approach many people.

Once you got specific number of people onboard and got awesome reviews, then the success ratio will increase and also the time requirement for the deadline also increases.

If you want to work yourself and get benefits of whatever you do, then you can go for blogging.


If you want to earn money for yourself with your writings in another way, you can go for blogging. For that, you should have the SEO knowledge. Basic is enough.

Read this articles completely and Read this entire blog by brian dean to learn SEO.

Many people in the blogging industry are using wordpress for their blogs. If you want to learn wordpress essentials, then this sites will help you Wpbeginner.

For blogging, you have to choose a specific niche which familiar to you. You should not choose the unknown niche as it will consume more time.

Here niche means, a specific topic. For example travel is a niche, technology is a niche.

Niche also has a lot of sub niches. Like travel niche can be divided into continent wise like europe tours and Canada tours.

If you want to know more about niche, then read this article by nichehacks.

Once you choose the niche, you have to choose your domain name. You can buy domain name anywhere and hosting should be with the best managed wordpress hosting provider.

WordPress is recommended for blogging. It supports many plugins so that you can earn more money from your site. There are some other CMS platforms available, if you want to simple one, you can go with Ghost.

It loads fast. Though you can make your wordpress site load faster by making changes suggested in this article.

If you are new to blogging world, then WordPress is best and easy to learn. Here are some best

First, you have to select niche, then you have to do keyword research. You have to select good search volume and less competitive keyword.

Once you choose specific topics, then you can do research on the topics and start writings.

Make sure you do proper on page optimization and write in depth content about the topic.

In blogging, the content quality and proper on page optimization matters a lot.

So, keep focusing on that. Also, build backlinks focusing bringing traffic to your site.

Once you get specific amount of traffic, then you can earn money by having adsense banners on your site.

Your site should be good in quality to get approved. You can check the guidelines of adsense to know more.

You can also do affiliate marketing along with adsense to increase the revenue.

You can refer for adsense and affiliate marketing guides.

Also Read: 5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers

Youtube Blogger

If you are good at video production and editing, then there is a big chance to earn a lot of money on Youtube.

All you need is to create a good video content that people look for and upload it with magnetic title and preview picture to grab clicks.

Few classic on Page SEO tricks will help you rank videos on Youtube.

All you need is a gmail account. With that, you can start a youtube channel. Make sure you are not copying and uploading other videos.

It will end up in copyrights violation and you may lose your channel.

You can simply create videos based on your interest. Still confused?

Headover to youtube and check what are all the videos performing well and also check the history. You might have seen a lot of videos.

Check why you clicked on that video and what made you click on that.

Check why you have liked video and research why you have subscribed to that channel.

This will give you a lot of insights and understanding the psychology behind the people.

Find the one specific niche and start working on creating videos. You will slowly get more video views.

You will get likes for videos and new subscribers for the channel based on how the video performs.

If any of the video gets more attention and interaction from the people, then the video will go viral and you will get more views and likes for the video. Along that, the subscriber base will also increase.

You don’t need to think too much. You can start with some basic videos and move forward.

Also Read: Top idea to create a YouTube Channel


Here, You have seen some of the basic things in online money making. This is not something that you can start instantly.

You have to checkout all the given resources. Once you have gained good knowledge about basics, create a to do list and follow that.

It will make you work lot faster and productive. Don’t fall into any false promise such as “online money courses”.

All the resources available on online for free. You can check them out. You have to do proper search on google.

Never look at the paid advertisement which does not explain everything but only shows the customer testimonials.

They all are trap and made to steal your money.

How to start a business without money online
Article Name
How to start a business without money online
Have you ever thought of Starting your own Business but you don't have any Money and you wanted to start one Business Online without money and have no clue what to do, then read this post you will get a detailed idea of how to start a business online without investing a single penny.
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Apple iphone

How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?



How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?

How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?

How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?

Did the above sentence go over your head like a rocket? Don’t worry. The first time my friend asked me about the same – I was lost as well. That’s when my curiosity levels were triggered, and I tried to find out, just like you’re doing right now. In this article, I am going to touch base on the following points so that this article is a one-stop destination for all you need to know about Google AMP. – How to disable Google AMP on iPhone

List of points covered:

  1. What is Google AMP?
  2. What implications does Google AMP have for SEO ranking?
  3. Why is Google AMP not widely adopted?
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of Google AMP?
  5. What are the different platforms that support google AMP?
  6. What are the problems faced by the users?
  7. How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?

For the uninitiated, let me begin with what is Google AMP?

Google AMP is an initiative by Google to create Accelerated Mobile Pages which can give you an awesome mobile experience by loading content at a greater speed. Google, being Google comes up with various advanced technologies to give the user superb technological experience. Earlier they had come up with “Mobilegeddon,” a mobile-friendly search engine algorithm creating a buzz. With AMP, Google aims to enable pages with rich content such as graphics, video, and animation to load faster just like other smart ads, so that the user can get a hold of all the information quickly. In this way, you don’t have to wait for the bulky files to get loaded. Another excellent feature of AMP is that the same code will work on multiple platforms and devices.

So why is Google AMP necessary?

In today’s world, time is Money. The need for speed has increased by all users. Google can have the edge over other search engines if mobile pages load the full content faster using AMP. The mobile web is the next growing technology in the market and Google is ensuring that they have a huge chunk of the market share for the same.

Who uses AMP?

Ideally, people who are looking at e-commerce clients and news publishers. E-bay has already adopted this new technology trend with its popular products to surface quickly on mobile search. With cut-throat competition for mobile ad dollars, Google is interested in catering to this market.

Does Google AMP help in obtaining a better search engine ranking?

Technically NO. However, speed is one of the important factors in determining the SEO ranking and the mobile website opening a little faster will have an impact because the page will have a lower bounce rate which is also a critical factor. The bounce rate of pages which take more time to load is always high, so Google AMP addresses this particular pain point.

What is the time difference in opening a mobile site using Google AMP?

Well, research claims that the average load time for a mobile page is 22 seconds while a mobile website coded with Google AMP can open in 0.7 seconds. That’s mighty quick, isn’t it?

Do you need to design your website based on a particular platform to use the Google AMP services?

Currently, Google AMP is supported by three basic technologies.

AMP HTML: Essentially an HTML platform with certain customized code for AMP

AMP JS: Javascript renders quick TAT on search engines

Google AMP Cache: a proxy-based content delivery network

Why is Google AMP not widely adopted?

All technology-based products have certain “getting used to” time, to put in it layman words. There are certain technical compatibility issues which need to be sorted to make AMP more popular.

Let’s have a look at the pro’s and cons of Google AMP


The following features make Google AMP unique.

  1. Speed
  2. Increased Mobile Page Ranking
  3. Open Source


However, Google AMP also has certain limitations. These drawbacks are hindering the popularity of Google AMP and reducing its adoption.

  1. Loss of traffic
  2. Loss of certain analytical metrics
  3. Duplication of content for each page
  4. Implementation Time

What problems do users face because of Google AMP?

  1. They often find white space on the screen in between the content
  2. Many times the page does not download requesting the user to switch to the desktop version
  3. A blank page is downloaded at times
  4. Google AMP breaks the ability to share a link
  5. The presence of a huge bar at the top of each page limits the view in the mobile screen
  6. The article does not go full screen
  7. Annoyed the users to the extent that they changed the default search engines

How to disable Google AMP on iPhone?

Safari in iOS 11 automatically discards the Google AMP link and reroutes to the original link shared by the developer, thereby rejecting the Google AMP option completely.

There is no option of “Turning Off” the Google AMP button since you have not “Turned On” the option and it is the website which decided if they want to execute the Google AMP code on their mobile site. However, if you want to get rid of the Google AMP on your phone for a different iOS version other than 11, you have to adopt either of the following ways:


Instead of using the regular Google App on your phone, go to to conduct your search. By using this alternate method, you are changing the start point, and you will not encounter Google AMP.

  • Change the default Search Engine

By changing the default search engine. A no-brainer suggestion but this can help resolve your problem in minutes! In iOS, you can do the same by

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Go To Safari
  3. Go To Search Engine
  4. Click on >, present next to Google on the right of the search engine
  5. Click on any option other than Google. You may choose Yahoo or Bing
  • Choose a mobile browser that will allow switching of user agent

This is a workaround on the basic framework of Google AMP. By now you know that Google AMP has been made only for Mobiles and not Desktops. By changing the user agent on your phone, you can trick your user to believe that you are using a ‘Desktop version’ instead of the ‘Mobile Version.’ ‘Chrome’ for ‘Android’ and ‘Safari’ for ‘iOS’ do not offer this changeable option but other browsers do.

Opera Mini for iOS and iCab Mobile Browser supports the option of changing a User Agent option for Apple phones.

For Opera Mini as the browser, the following steps need to be followed.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will find “User Agent.”
  3. You will find that the settings are set to ‘Mobile.’ Click on the right arrow next to it (>) and select ‘Desktop’ once the next page loads.
  4. Once the ‘User Agent’ is changed to ‘Desktop’ you can key your search in the Google App and load pages without AMP.

To change your user agent using iCab Mobile Browser:

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Browser ID
  4. Change the default Browser ID from Safari (iPhone) to any other Browser

This will confuse Google AMP, and it will think that it is not using a Mobile device.

Thus, you can avoid the inconvenience caused by Google AMP on your iPhone by following either of the aforementioned methodologies. Google AMP has theoretically great advantages while practical implementation is causing certain hindrances due to technological glitches. Google is known to innovate and update their products to reduce the inconvenience of all users, and I am sure the ‘techies’ will have something better to offer. Till then, let’s wait and watch.

Off to you, what are your thoughts about Google AMP? Do you think it will revolutionize the way people surf on mobile devices? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.


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