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Finding an Agency That Adopts a Holistic Approach to Mobile App Development



Finding an Agency That Adopts a Holistic Approach to Mobile App Development

Finding an Agency That Adopts a Holistic Approach to Mobile App Development

Portland, Oregon, is the 26th largest city in the U.S. The majority of the income comes from tech-giants and large corporations dealing with medical, stocks, and automobiles. Technology plays a vital role in meeting organizational goals and objectives. That is the reason why major business hubs hire experts for mobile app development in Portland Oregon, to target potential customers.

According to Statista, Portland had maximum downloads of mobile apps in the year 2019. The figures rise to 20 apps per week and 150 apps per month on an average for groceries, games, and utility supporting apps.

Even your business can grow by leaps and bounds if you manage to find an agency that adopts a holistic approach in mobile app development. Let’s check out how to find one.

Look for a Dedicated Mobile App Development Agency

Here, a dedicated agency means an agency that can offer you an end-to-end service. Portland is a vast city, and hundreds of customers use mobile apps here. It can create technical glitches in the app, and around 40% to 55% of the companies fail to serve these users.

Portland’s economy has also suffered losses of around 20 to 30 million USD per sector due to unsatisfactory services to its users through the mobile app. But, when you hire an agency that covers every aspect of your business, you can easily track your customers and serve them better.

The design, development, pre-launch, post-launch, marketing, and maintenance help to facilitate maximum coverage in your app development.

Check the Reviews of Previous Clients

Portland is known to have app downloads around 500-800 apps per month. With such overwhelming figures, users download the apps either due to word of mouth publicity or due to push notifications from the company.

Before you hire an agency, you must look for the previous clients’ experiences or reviews. Most of the agencies have genuine reviews, but you must verify them through your sources.

An Experienced Agency Understands the Market

An average retention rate varies after 90 days. Portland, being the most diverse city, needs apps or services that suit their dynamic demands. When you have an experienced agency under your umbrella, it can easily design an app that will understand your nature of business and learn how to execute your ideas.

Around 60% of the adults in Portland do not go back to the app, which they did not find user-friendly. Hence, hiring an experienced agency is of utmost importance. They can design and develop an app that will not just fetch you new customers but will also help you in retaining the existing ones.

Check How the Agency Maintains Transparency

An agency for mobile app development in Portland, Oregon, is not hard to find. But looking for the one that weighs more on quality is crucial. According to ComScore, Portland’s people spend 87% of their time on the app than on the internet. Hence, every SMB or start-up must have their mobile app to target this large audience.

Hiring an app development agency requires a detailed analysis of its past work. It is always quality vs. quantity when designing an app. If you invest tons of money in app development, then you must get the desired results. For this, your agency must maintain transparency throughout its design, coding, and development.


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