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Facts About Autonomous Vehicles



Facts About Autonomous Vehicles

Facts About Autonomous Vehicles

One of the automotive industry’s most popular trending topics is the development and use of autonomous vehicles. You may not be familiar with that term, but it’s an important one to know, especially as car manufacturers make important advances in the area of automotive technology. Here are a few things to be aware of when it comes to these exciting new vehicles.

What are Autonomous Vehicles?

Simply put, autonomous vehicles are self-driving or driver-less cars that are controlled via computer. Self-driving cars are able to safely sense and navigate road conditions without any assistance from a human driver. AV uses a variety of technology, including GPS, sonar and radar to check their surroundings. This information is then used to direct the car along the appropriate path, taking into account any construction, traffic patterns, obstructions, pedestrians or road signs. There has been some controversy around the exact definition of a self-driving car because not all AVs have the same level of autonomy. There are several different levels of autonomous vehicles, which range between vehicles driven manually by human drivers and vehicles that are completely independent of input from humans.

What are the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles?

Based on projections from the United States Department of Transportation, autonomous vehicles could drastically decrease the amount of vehicle and traffic deaths by as much as 90%. Many fatal accidents are a result of human error, so taking human drivers out of the equation could have a dramatic impact on these types of collisions. Autonomous vehicles are equipped with a variety of technology to avoid a collision, making them safer than manually driven cars. Self-driving cars are also predicted to decrease the prevalence of “stop and go traffic,” which would then have an impact on CO2 emissions. Decreasing emissions could positively affect the environment, making these cars a great tool in the fight to reduce global warming. KPMG has also predicted that AV technology could reduce travel times by about 40%, reducing fuel consumption and cutting back the amount of time that commuters spend in traffic, thereby saving money and time for consumers.

What is the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Technology?

You may be surprised to know that there are autonomous vehicles on the road right now. Some of these features may even be in the car you currently drive. Patrick James of Trico Group knows that many newer vehicle models have various types of automation, including lane centering, automatic forward-collision braking, auto parking and cruise control. Various predictions have been made about a time table for fully automated vehicles being released, but it is hard to know when that will become a reality. It may be a while before there are fully autonomous vehicles on the road, but, as time goes on, automobiles will most certainly have increasing levels of automated technology that help drivers navigate the road more safely.

Automotive manufacturers are making exciting strides every day. One day we may all be riding in fully autonomous vehicles, with the days of collisions and traffic jams behind us.

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