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Different types of AWS storage gateway for different type of workloads



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Different types of AWS storage gateway for different type of workloads

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service which enables your applications of on-premises to seamlessly use AWS. The storage services your applications connect to the service through a gateway appliance using standard protocols such as NFS and iSCSI to store files, block volume data and virtual tape backups on the backend the gateway connect to AWS storage services such as Amazon s3 glacier and EBS and integrates with AWS management services. AWS Storage Gateway file mode creates a bridge between NFS clients and s3 objects in AWS. The Gateway itself is deployed close to your NFS clients for low latent access to content case within the gateway.

Amazon Gateway Types

The Amazon Storage Gateway has three types of gateways:

File Gateway

The file gateway of Amazon allows and present the file interface. This enables you to store your files as the objects in Amazon S3. It includes the enterprise standards and allows the NFS or SMB file protocols to access the files. When the objects are transferred to the S3 then they are managed as the S3 objects. They include the bucket policies which include the lifecycle management, cross-region replication. This applies directly to the objects stored in your bucket. This can be used for the object-based workloads. It is a cost-effective storage target for the backups and tier storage.

Volume Gateway

Through the volume gateway the applications are presented in storage volumes. This can be done by using Iscsi block protocol. The data which is written in these volumes can be asynchronously backed up. The backups can be in the form of snapshots which can be stored in the volumes in the cloud. The schedule for the snapshots can also be set. The backups will be scheduled as well which allows the minimum data loss and lower storage charges as well. You can use the two modes in this gateway: cached and stored.

In the cache mode you can store your primary data in S3 and access the data locally. This can lead to cost savings and minimize the need to scale your storage.

In the stored mode, your whole data is set locally while making the asynchronous copy of your volume in S3. This is durable and inexpensive.

Tape Gateway

The tape gateway allows your existing backup application as a virtual tape library into an archive tier which sits in the Amazon Glacier cloud storage. This further reduces the costs. You only have to pay for what you use and you can scale as you grow. This creates the cost effective way of storage. The cloud gateway solutions transform the way of storage of data.


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