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Companies like GroupBy Inc. Making It Easier for Retailers to Optimize Customer Experience



Companies like GroupBy Making It Easier for Retailers to Optimize Customer Experience

Retailers know that keeping customers happy and coming back requires a blend of optimizing both their product offering and customer experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly upended the retail industry, forcing brick and mortars to close their doors.  This abrupt shift has left many retailers searching for ways to serve their customers through other channels.

The pandemic has definitely changed consumer behaviors, some permanently.  Although eCommerce retailers have adapted more quickly, even they had to reinvent the online shopping experience amid the coronavirus chaos. There have been significant shifts in shopping habits over the past 6 months. Many customers have tried the buy online, pick up in-store method, or have traded in weekly grocery shopping trips for online pickup or delivery.  With these models here to stay, retailers will need to remain relevant in this changed environment.

Suffice to say, the most successful retailers are continually improving their products to entice new customers as well as existing ones.  These retailers know how to nurture their customers’ shopping experience in a way that continuously makes customers feel happy to be shopping with them.

Now, a Toronto-based company called GroupBy Inc. is helping those retailers address how they can continue to optimize their customers’ personalized shopping experience.  Under the GroupBy business model, personalization starts with data collection and analyzing the data. Relevant data points include browsing and purchase history, pricing and more.

GroupBy Inc., which is headquartered in Canada, provides an industry leading eCommerce solution that helps companies better connect with their customers by providing a more relevant user experience.  This in turn increases targeted site traffic, while boosting revenue and building a high level of customer satisfaction.

The company’s solutions provide industry-leading features for data enrichment, search, navigation, merchandizing, product recommendations, search auto-complete, search engine optimization, and campaign management.

Guide to Shopping Personalization:

Through its four product offerings: ETL (Extract Transform Load), Data Enrichment, Intelligent Search and Analytics; GroupBy works with retailers to ensure features on its eCommerce search suite are implemented for a great end-user experience.  The platform was designed to improve retailers’ data quality and search functionality so that ultimately, it will boost their conversion and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Search:

Intelligent Search empowers customers with search enhancements such as product filtering and navigation.  Product filtering focuses on the particular product the customer is searching for and finds other items they may also be interested in.  Navigation ensures hidden inventory pages, poor descriptions and improper categorization never happens.


Analytics helps retailers understand how shoppers interact with search results, get insights to inform promotions and ROI strategies, and get down to improving overall customer experience.

Data Enrichment:

Product information that is enriched with relevant and accurate descriptive details enable shoppers to make better decisions.  The GroupBy platform uses a proprietary data enrichment methodology to identify the most important attributes for the retailers’ demographic.

ETL (Extract-Transform-Load):

GroupBy believes that a highly converted website starts with unified data.  The retailers’ product listings and catalog – containing important product information like attributes, ratings, reviews and availability – are loaded onto the target database ready to be searched for by customers.

Looking to Consumers for Input:

To provide new innovations in the eCommerce solution space, GroupBy has joined hands with some of the pioneers in the retail space to form the Customer Advisory Board (CAB). CAB’s mission is to build groundbreaking technological advancements in the field of eCommerce.  In order to break tech barriers, the company is looking to customers for their valuable input and insight to validate their product direction.

Truth be told, the next normal in the retail industry is still taking shape, and customer expectations are constantly shifting. Retailers who put customer experience first and cater to the user experience will fare better in the long run, and will strengthen their relationship with their customers in the process.

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