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Buying WiFi Router:What All Things You Need To Know



Buying WiFi Router

Buying WiFi Router: What All Things You Need To Know

So friend’s here we are in the modern technology era so I am writing this post about What All  Things You Need To Know When Buying WiFi Router as the internet is the basic need of everyone in this world as the internet recharge are so expensive the wifi internet proves to be a better solution for the common people. Every person who is going to buying the router has a common doubt like:

This all doubts will be on your mind.

So, friends, I am going to clear all the four doubts of yours

So first you have to see for which purpose you have to buy the router

For Home, a 150Mbps router works a great but you are some kind of techy and a gamer and love to download games and movies of high resolution than you shall go to 300Mbps router.

wifi router

For small industries, a 300Mbps router is an ideal for them as if you have a huge work then you should go for the 300Mbps router which having a 3-4 antenna or you can buy 2-3 wifi router of 2-3 antenna and connect all of them through Universal Repeater that would be a great idea.

  • Company of the router if the router gets damage then how do I replace it

While buying the router you should see that the router from which brand you are buying its service center is nearby or not from your home or your office or your industry or at a location where you are able to go

  • What All Things I Need To Know When Buying WiFi Router

Yo have been seen technical specification many times if you have an ean earlier buyed router or buy just viewing routers on the internet, you have to see how much LAN port do you need there are ra outer which give 4 LAN port and there are also ra outer which give more or less than this number of LAN port.

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Next is to see the power supply of the router you should use the adapter which is given while buying the router or an adapter of the same power supply  if you use other adapter of different power supply there is a chance of damaging the router and the adapter too.


Now to see the Wireless Standards  always go for the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n routers now the 802.11 ac router is in trend but it is quite expensive for home usage you don’t need the 802.11 ac  and also see the Frequency of the router as more the frequency more the wavelength size will be greater and can send the wifi range more 2.4 GHz is normal for home usage and small industries.

  • Speed of the router that means to go with 150Mbps or 300 Mbps or 600Mbps

For home 150Mbps and 300 Mbps is standard for use as this gives less radiation and you should put the router at a high height so that the radiation does not affect your body.

Here are some routers which I have used and are good wifi routers for home as well as for small industries.


Buy Tenda TE-F300 300mbps Wireless Router, With 2 Fixed Antenna, 4lan, … from Snapdeal
Buy Tenda TE-N30 300Mbps Wireless Router, with 2 fixed antenna , 1LAN ,… from Snapdeal
Buy Netgear Wnr614 N300 Wifi Wireless Router With Double Antennas & Par… from Snapdeal
Buy Netgear 150 Mbps N150 Wireless Router (JNR1010) from Snapdeal


Buying WiFi Router

Buying WiFi Router

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