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Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and Self Hosted – Which one is better?



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Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and Self Hosted – Which one is better?

So Today i am writing this post because many of my friends wanted to know about Blog Website and also wanted to know how to make it, I told them to create from Blogger or WordPress but they don’t know anything about what i was speaking ,So i am writing to give a clear picture for it and for other future blogger who want to create new Blog and their own Website and wanted to choose the perfect platform for Blogging.

Which platform to choose for you new Blog ?

Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and Self Hosted - Which one is better?

Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and Self Hosted – Which one is better?

There are 2 Platform for Blogging which are widely use and they are Blogger and WordPress ,so which one to choose to make your first Blog Website. WordPress is used more wordlwide, here are the reports from Pingdom and below is the image showing Percentage of CMS use for Blogging in which WordPress Self Hosted is maximum.

Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and Self Hosted - Which one is better?

WordPress and Blogger reports – How to Create a Blog

As According to the reports 7% people used Blogger for their Blog which is in 2nd position  worldwide and on other hand WordPress platform is 48% used Worldwide, but in wordpress there are two types –

WordPress – Self Hosted

In WordPress – Self Hosted we have to buy a Domain with Hosting and have to install a WordPress script and then we can start using WordPress for our Blog-Website.

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WordPress – Hosted

In Wordpress – Hosted our website is hosted on WordPress Website we can do blogging here for free with a subdomain of “” but have very less feature and you cam anytime upgrade to Paid plan hosting.
After knowing about Blogger vs WordPress Hosted and WordPress Self Hosted

Which Platform would be perfect for me?

If you want to make a Huge brand and willing to invest good amount of money then i suggest you to choose Wordpress – Self Hosted because it has much more features than blogger or Wordpress – Hosted website’s.

If you are thinking invest less money or probably for free i suggest you to go for blogger rather than Wordpress – Hosted because blogger has more feature than Wordpress – Hosted, in Wordpress – Hosted Adsense cant be applied if u are using a subdomain you can apply only if you are using a domain and a paid plan.

If you are willing to invest money and going for Wordpress – Hosted website then also you will not get the full opportunity like Wordpress – Hosted website.

So if you are going to invest money than i will preffer you to go with Wordpress – Self Hosted or if you going to invest less or no money than go for Blogger.

if you have choose your preferred platform than move up to next step, If you have choose the WordPress – Self Hosted than click here for next Step

If you have choose the Blogger than click here for next Step.

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Happy 2 blog!

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