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Buying appropriate monitors for gaming under $150 can be daunting, but it is doable even if what you’ll be able to get isn’t a full-fledged gamer-centric unit. However, on the other hand, a complex 144Hz or quicker screen with Gsync or Freesync can cost a lot of money occasionally not worth paying for if you can’t utilize every bit of its capabilities to warrant the price. – Best gaming monitors.



Thankfully, the marketplace is ready and fast with the best screens for the money, which become cheaper thanks to price reductions and superiority experience and as a result of manufacturer’s expertise. The following monitors for gaming under $150 are your best bets to help you save money while enjoying gaming glory in your spare time.

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The Best Monitors for Gaming Under $150

  1. BenQ GL2460HM

    benq gaming monitor

    benq gaming monitor

If you are looking for the top computer screens for gaming the BenQ GL2460HM is the main selection.

The BenQ GL2460HM is pretty well -equipped for something so inexpensive as it includes HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports for connectivity, plus you also get a basic pair of built-in loudspeakers. Another aspect that is satisfying is this model’s 24-inch kind, that is the biggest you are able to get only at that price point.

  1. Acer R240HY

acer gaming monitor

acer gaming monitor

The Acer R240HY is a budget-friendly offering disguised in a high-end borderless appearance which offers an excellent view of the 1080p IPS panel that is vibrant. This model also performs with a pixel response time of 4ms, the maximum rating screens of the kind are with the capacity of supplying.

In addition, you get vivid colors, and superior grayscale performance, plus input lag is quantified to sit below 10ms, making this monitor ideal for fast-paced activity with no delays. Acer didn’t contain a lot of physical attributes, but we imagine the lost bits will likely be easy to dismiss contrary to the beautiful screen.

  1. ViewSonic VX2457-MHD

viewsonic gaming monitor

viewsonic gaming monitor

The ViewSonic VX2457- because it carries Freesync technology for its low cost, MHD is an excellent monitor for gaming under $150. The 24-inch 1080p TN panel is really capable of up to a 75Hz refresh rate, making it the quickest screen in this line.

Discovering something which offers similar specs with fewer defects can cost you more bucks, so we presume the ViewSonic VX2457-MHD is already a superb price despite its flaws that are forgettable.

  1. Asus VS239H-P



The Asus VS239H-P is one of the very competent computer screens under $150 when it comes to picture fidelity thanks to its built-in sRGB mode which immediately lets exceptional color reproduction.

Considering its cost, the only caveat we could think of is its small flexibility and lustrous finish which nearly always leads to scratches and fingerprints. You don’t get speakers, as it includes an HDMI, DVI, and VGA interface neatly tucked into its slim profile, yet this model can handle a PC plus two other host apparatus.

  1.  HP Pavilion 22CWA



The HP Pavilion 22CWA is one of our favorite budget screens for it’s more or less $99.00 and gorgeous display. The smaller form factor also supplies a pixel density of 100PPI, making images appear cleaner and crisper when compared to 24-inch offerings.

The excellent panel uniformity despite being among the monitors that are cheapest it is possible to buy makes it simple to discount these defects. Check out this product’s evaluation on Amazon to discover why it’s but one of the top sellers on that site in case you don’t consider us.

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What to Expect From Monitors for Gaming Under $150

At this budget, you can’t expect lightning-quick operation or amazing features like adaptive sync or ergonomics that is flexible. Although by buying clever, you may get away with an excellent product at a wallet-friendly-cost


The very best resolution you’ll discover only at that funds is 1080p or 1920 x 1080, the current, widely preferred format for general and gaming use. FHD is most easy and the most optimized to run aside from 4K and 1440p, which means you won’t desire a massively powerful build to love games at 60fps.

This group still offers satisfactory levels of detail and discipline of views, which means you won’t need certainly to be worried about being left out. Specialists say that 1080 p still has a few more years before it becomes outdated, so an FHD screen should last you two to 3 years of hard use.

Panel Type

There are three-panel sorts you are able to think about under $150. Chiefly, TN is the king of this mount for widespread availability and its affordability. You sacrifice a bit of color vibrancy and viewing angles, but its snappy response and fully-optimized nature make it the top choice for gamers that are thrifty.

You may also opt to go Vertical or VA Alignment because of its excellent contrast and color fidelity that is enhanced, but you sacrifice pixel response so you could experience interlacing or ghosting in fast-paced activity. Eventually, they can pick the IPS variants that offer view angles, saturation, and the very best vibrancy, but be careful of sluggish pixel transitions and also the dreaded IPS gleam.

Refresh Rate

You can find prices which could go up to 75Hz determined by the season as well as your time, although the best gaming screens under $150 frequently just have the typical 60Hz.

Don’t fret in case you can’t wait or widen your budget a little, 60Hz is still plenty for casual enjoyment, and most of your games will be enjoyable unless you are sensitive to defects in the images on the monitor or want to be competitive.

Screen Size

At the time of this writing, the largest monitor for gaming under $150 it is possible to get are just up to 24 Inches in size. However, that form factor is bad especially if you consider that many events that are professional still play on 24-inch displays.

Response Time

1 to 4ms is perfect, but 5ms to 6ms continues to be acceptable for accidental use. All of the top gaming computer screens under $150 won’t be able to attain their corresponding panel’s maximum times although they are still competent enough for your after-hours enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Finding the top screens for gaming is a challenge because there aren’t lots of products that are competent only at that budget, and there are all those models that are cheap to pick from.

We always recommend users to get the finest their funding can buy when it comes to screens since these peripherals commonly outlast a build or two before they require replacement or upgrading. Getting one of the best gaming computer screens accessible now is perfect, but it is hard to turn down a buy once you see one.

We hope our article about the  Best Gaming Monitors under $150 was helpful and insightful. All the listed monitors advocated by many game fans and would be the best seller. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!

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