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How to avoid getting scammed by free code generators



Free code generator scam, Free code generators

How to avoid getting scammed by free code generatorsFree code generator scam, Free code generators

Have you ever searched in your free time for something like “free PSN codes”, “free Amazon gift cards” or just for anything that starts with “free” and ends with a “code” or a “gift card”?

If yes, you have very likely seen a so-called “free code generator”.Free code generator scam, Free code generators

These things have two possible versions.

  1. Generators that you can download

  2. Generators that are only website based

You should be cautious of both versions but especially of the first. This might not be your first time on the Internet and you already know that downloading files from shady websites, or even from sites with a good reputation can contain ad-and malware.

Once the ad- or malware(or even both) are on your personal pc, you will have a hard time removing them.

Even if you know all that – sometimes you just want a free PSN code and to get that you take this as a risk.

What will you lose vs. what will the scammer win

The ultimate goal of all scammers is it to make money!


Question: So how do they get the money?

Answer: Fake Surveys. They all tell the victims that you will receive, for example – a free PSN code. Then they will show some “generating” – maybe just a moving progress bar or even some “active” coding.

Now they will show you a part of the code and will tell you that, in order to get the full code you will have to “verify that you are a human”.

The verification is the scam because the “verification” is you doing fake surveys.

We got in contact with a former scammer who told us that for each offer that you are doing – they will get around 0.20$ – 2.00$.

If you are filling out such a fake survey, please take a good look if it will cost you something. And if you entered your real email(what you should never do in such cases) be cautious of every new email that you will get.

How to spot the scam in short

  • They claim to have a working generator that can give you free codes

  • They will let you choose between 2-4 options to give you the illusion of choice

  • You will be asked to share and like them on social media(e.g Facebook or Google+)

  • You will see a generating “progress”

-They will display some parts of the code but will hide the rest

-You will have to do surveys

Can I report this scam?

At the moment Google will only act quickly if a website poses a bigger thread. For example, phishing sites or sites that distribute viruses.

Websites that use the free generator scam are not phishing sites and only very few have malware on them. But there is one Google form that you can use to report such websites.

The Webspam from, because that is also a thing what they are- spammers.

You just have to paste the link of the spam website and nothing more. Comments are optional.


It is very rare that they want to do ‘real’ damage to you. And to be fair – the free generator scam, like free PSN generators, are more or less ‘harmless’ scams. They will not be able to steal your credit card or bank info or other sensitive data, but nonetheless, they are scammers.

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