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7 Reasons to learn Java



Why should Java Programming language be your first choice?

Java is one of the most popular and important languages to learn if you want to get a good job or become a freelance developer. It is one of the best scripting languages out there which you can use to make your web pages dynamic in nature.

We all know that HTML is the language used to display webpages in a browser. But we also know that it is a static language. It cannot respond to user input but here’s where Java comes in and gives you the power to deliver beautiful and reactive webpages.

7 Reasons to learn Java

There are some online sources where you can learn Java from pretty basic stages and move on to advanced levels. So, if you are wondering why programmers are flocking to this language then here are some reasons which might explain it. These reasons might help you get motivated enough to take it up as your go to language too.

  1. Java can be found everywhere

Yes, many of the major companies have decided to use Java. Many companies have even complete changed and redone their existing applications using Java. So, if you are thinking of becoming a software developer then it is very much advisable to learn the language since many major companies are looking for good Java developers who are really professed in the language and can help further their cause. Also, if you are a freelancer who is into web development it is very important to know this language since most clients are gravitating towards this language and outright asking developers to create web apps and webpage using Java.

  1. It is known for it’s mouldability

Java is very adaptive and flexible. You can mold it to do your bidding. So, yeah it’s pretty convenient to use it. You can use it both as a front-end language as well as a back-end  language. It has got a huge array of libraries which can provide you a lot of support for various functionalities. It is also know for it’s scalability as well as its performance which is due to the fact that it follows the event-driven architecture. If you want to tweak something in the front then you can do it from the back. I know it sort of sounded wrong but man it feels so right. I mean the amount of flexibility which it provides its users is far greater than many of its competitors out there. It is not depended on any framework or browser and thus can adapt anywhere due to its asynchronous operations.

  1. Transitioning to this language is easy

If you already have a background in any other programming languages like c, c++ or java then transitioning to Java will be very easy as various syntax and concepts are same. Of course once you get in deep you will learn the difference in how it handles various objects and data differently but to get started with the syntax and basic concepts will be easier since it is similar to other programming languages. Check this link to know why java is better than python.

  1. Companies are opting for Java

If you feel like you are stuck at a point or you are unsure about where to start your career as a developer the going for Java  is a great choice. There are tons of materials out their and it is a language that is currently being used everywhere as stated in the first point. So, once you become good at it you can always apply for a post for a Java developer and believe there are plenty of openings out there. Many major companies are slowly moving to this language and adapting it in their structure and thus you have a great opportunity to boost your career.

  1. A large community

Look, this is one of the most important thing about becoming a developer. Once you get into a language and start working with it you will get into a lot of problems and documentations can only help so much. You need help from people who are working or have worked with the language and have made similar mistakes. The community of Java programmers is one of the largest communities out there. So, if you get stuck anytime you can get plethora of support from people all over the world. This can help you learn and grow so much more than all the online courses and books. You can also learn about the latest features and libraries and changes that are taking place in the language and stay up to date.

  1. Mobile development

Recently some of the biggest tech giants in the world of mobile software and app development have started incorporating Java in their toolkits. We all know that smartphones are the future and it is where most amazing stuffs are happening. Incorporating JS immobile development opens a whole new field for people working with the language. By being a Java developer you get to become a part of this process and help create awesome things which will shape the future. But for that you have to be really professed in the language. So, what are you waiting for just get started.

  1. Increase your income

If you are a developer who is looking to get a good salary hike or a freelancer hoping to score bigger deals then learning Java will give a good opportunity to do so. The average salary of good Java developers can go up to six figures which is insane. You can see now that some of the developers who get paid a lot are from JS background. It is a great way to step up your game and earn much more than you currently are getting paid.

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