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6 Types Of The Best Electric Motor Longboards



Best Electric Motor Longboards

6 Types Of The Best Electric Motor Longboards

Man Riding A Longboard

6 Types Of The Best Electric Motor Longboards

Being on an electric longboards is a great way to wander in a park, traverse through schools, commute to work, or even embark on a fantastic adventure. One of their advantages over the regular longboards is that the electric variety provides a smoother ride without you needing to make an effort to push it forward.

Because of the rise of electronic technology, you can now enjoy long and smooth rides without the need to sweat it out. With electric longboards, you can manage the speed and acceleration using remote controls. If you plan to go to your local shop that sells skates or online, you might find that there are a lot of options to choose from.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards or motor longboards are similar to the regular boards, but the difference is that the former uses electric motors to move forward. To start with, riders need to open a throttle located on the board, ride safely, and they can manage the brake and speed with the use of remote control. The battery is the source of power, and it is usually mounted inside the wheels or under the deck.

Riders will be able to turn while on the road by way of tilting the deck. They can do this by either shifting their weight using the heels or toes. Most electric skates are used for commuting, and some use them for downhill racing.

Most enthusiasts call these little wonders as e-skateboard, e-board, or Esk8. The most significant difference between a standard longboard to the electric one is the braking and accelerating process. On the electrical varieties, you don’t need to use your foot to push. The battery-operated motor will do it and what you can do is to enjoy the view. In addition to this, your feet will not be the ones to work when you want to slow down. Braking can be done quickly using the remote control.

You might wonder which ones will push the best or which varieties are ideal for boosting. This article shows some metaphors so that you can understand the types available better. But feel free to check out the ones who made a good impact on you. You can check more information about them when you check sites such as for more in-depth reviews.

Common Types of Longboards

Common Types of Longboards

Common Types of Longboards


Sliders look like the regular or “normal” skateboards, but they are better compared to performance. You can pass tarry roads like a pro with this one. If you are looking beyond casual skating, then sliders are the perfect choice for you. You can have your sliding gloves ready to avoid hand grating since the high-speed skids can give you an out of this world experience.


Most riders like to cruise to relax and enjoy a sunny day. The electric cruisers are certainly cheaper than a Cadillac, but it can give you the same feeling, especially if you are cruising on the side of the beach. You can use this to quickly go to the local grocery store for a forgotten cheese, or you may want to use this to grab a quick bite at your local pizza restaurant. The fat tail of the cruiser will let you maneuver through places, and they let you pass through the pesky puddles and cracks without a hitch.


If you are more on the adventurous side, you can get the free-rider that can offer you a smooth slide when you decide to stop. The shape is similar to that of a formula-1 cutout, which makes it easy to carve your way uphill. If you like to go on top of a hill that has plenty of swerving points and hard carving, then this electric skate is one of the bad boys that will give you an exhilarating feeling. Freeriders are like riding a horse where you can allow for maximum handling and avoid wheel bites at the same time.


If you are a hot stepper, then dancers are an excellent choice for you. Their shapes offer more extensive decks where you can prance whenever you want. The larger board is similar to that of a dance floor because it has a nice space where you can unleash the dancer in you. The great news is that you can electrify these pirouettes, and you start speeding across three-lane highways while checking your Facebook messages.


If you would like to go up on steep slopes and bomb your way downhill, then racers are for you. These kinds of wood are usually made from high-quality maple, oak, and other premium materials that make them stiff. However, expect that these kinds of boards can cost you quite a few extras. But when you have one of these, you can wear your best leather on and go to a full YOLO mode.


Decks that have longer fishtails or pintails can equal to a carver. You can compare the feeling with someone catching waves in the ocean a thousand miles away. They have more room to offer you, and they are ideal for parking lots and wider roads. You can do a powered boost with these varieties to make it easier for you to take sharp turns.

Additional Components to Add

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Nose Guards

Tail and nose guards are great protectors for the deck. They are made from plastic, and they can easily protect the front and the back of the board from damage. They come in different colors and shapes as well, so you have a lot of options out there.


You might want to add some lights so that other vehicles can see you while on the road. LED lights are excellent attachment on the front and back of the board. You can read more about LED lights here: You can put red taillights at the end and white ones at the front.

Extra Batteries

Most boards will have removable batteries. So, if you plan to undergo a long journey, then you might want to bring some extras. Most boards will only have one battery, so when you don’t have any convenient charging place, it’s better to bring extra just in case.


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