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5 Handy Tips and Tricks for Android Users



5 Handy Tips and Tricks for Android Users
5 Handy Tips and Tricks for Android Users

5 Handy Tips and Tricks for Android Users

Unlocking your Samsung phone may be the best advantage of using an Android device. It’s a huge thing that there are services like UnlockBase which can help you get an unlock code for your Samsung phone. But did you know that Android has a lot more to offer you aside from this?

Here are our best 5 smartphone tricks for Android users that you’ll definitely find useful and even incorporate into your daily routine.

5 Handy Tips and Tricks for Android Users

  1. Use Your Phone’s Battery Saver Mode

Most smartphone units today are equipped with battery saving modes. You can use this in order to avoid draining your battery out, and temporarily prolong its life. This is most especially significant when traveling, given that there are limited charging stations around. More so, you can easily access this on your Quick Settings Menu.

  1. Take Advantage of ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature

Another useful feature you can try from within your Quick Settings menu is the “Do not disturb” option. This option is particularly beneficial at times where you need to focus and avoid the temptation of checking out your social media accounts from your smartphone.

Despite the quiet mode on, you can still receive important notifications such as calls, texts or other messaging notifications from specific contacts, and even alarms.

  1. Show Owner Information on Lock Screen

While it may be frustrating to even think of losing your phone at some time, it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. One way to do so is to make use of Android’s “Show owner info on lock screen.”

Just go to your phone Settings, tap on Security and then select Owner Info. Enter your home address along with your phone number so in case you lose your phone, it’ll be easier for some who picks it up to contact you.

  1. Enable Your Phone’s Developer Mode

Some users who love tweaking their phones would love this feature. This does not only enable you to discover great features, but also, speed up high-end games, animation scale, and even fake your GPS location for fun.

You can freely access this option through your Settings menu, select More Settings and then scroll down to Developer Options.


  1. Display Useful Information from Your Lock Screen

While you may have already done this on your home screen, it’s a particularly different thing if you can see a weather update, new messages, and other information upon pressing the power button.

To enable this option, you may go to Settings, tap on Security, and then select Enable Widgets. From there, you can move forward to your lock screen and swipe left. This will proceed to another window with a huge ‘+’ sign. Tap on it and then a list of widget options will appear. Choose relevant widgets that will help you effectively on your daily routines to maximize this Android trick’s purpose.

Key Takeaway

Android has never been this great. Its ultimate prowess of various customization options has helped users enjoy and use their Android smartphone to their advantage.

Even more, it made performing tasks on your device simpler and easier than before!

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