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5 Gadgets that Take Mobile Gaming to the Next Level



To all the chronic gamers out there that spend hours upon hours on their mobile phones playing their favorite games, you need to level up. And, not just inside the game but outside as well. There are so many gadgets you can buy, which make gaming so much more fun than sticking to the boring old phone alone just seems sad. These gadgets improve the entire feel of the game and stimulate your minds differently, giving you more freedom of movement and helping you react faster. If you haven’t invested in any, here are some that you’re sure to find interesting.


Getting a controller in your hand beats holding a phone any day which is why getting Gamevice is the way to go. Sandwiching your idevice between it, this device has two controller nubs you can use to play. It connects to your iPhone through the lightning adapter and has its own headphone and lightning ports that you can use. It gives you a dual analog stick, button inputs, and a d-pad. What more could you want? It practically transforms your phone into a gaming machine! Sure, it’s a little weighty at 130g, but with all that it offers, that complain is little in comparison.

Moga Pro Power

If you want to go the traditional route, allow us to suggest the Moga Pro Power to you. Given that it works with Android perfectly, if you don’t have an iPhone, fret not, the Moga has you covered. So, what does it do?

Equipped with what you’d call a flip-up grip that holds the phone above the controller, you get an input experience close to what console gaming feels like. It communicates with your phone via Bluetooth and once done, you can sit back and relax. The 2200mAh battery ensures that you can go on and on and on. The shoulder buttons, triggers, and sticks that come with it, especially the full palm grips, you can play for hours with ease.

Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Gaming consumes so much energy and so fast that you’ll find yourself charging phones multiple times each day. This is why getting a good power bank is a great investment that we totally recommend. The Mophie Powerstation with its 12,000mAh cell provides enough juice to fully charge your phone three to four times over. The 2.1A charging slot lets you charge your phone via a MicroUSB cable which is great and the second port that it has can be used to bring to life another dead device, which is great!

Google Chromecast Ultra

The small screen and even smaller phone to play a game on can get annoying. Giving the great graphics they offer, why not enlarge the screen and experience the great viewing experience it has to offer? For those of you that often think along those lines, Google Chromecast is a great buy.

Stick it to a port at the back of your TV and through connection to the Wi-Fi, you can play your game on the big screen. Make sure though that you have a fast connection. Spectrum Internet Dallas is a great option to consider depending on your area and you might want to call them to get it sorted. Bear in mind though, there are only a handful of games that support full casting so you might want to check if your favorite games offer it before you make the purchase.

Razer Kraken Mobile

If you’re a gamer, then the typical headphone devices just won’t cut it for you. You can bet that a gamer’s head will always be adorned with a garish set at all times. To get the best auditory experience, the Rzer Kraken Mobile is the device to purchase.

It comes equipped with an in-line microphone and controls and has large audio drivers that ensure you hear crisp mids and deep bass, which all you’ll need. Given that they’re not only functional but also portable, it’s a great option as you can take your gaming anywhere!

Another great thing about this product is its jack which is 3.5mm which means you can also use it with other devices that you may have.

Final Words

Gaming is a lifestyle choice that is not for everyone. Sure lugging around a ton of devices wherever you go can be a pain sometimes, but for those of us that revel in playing these games it is not a hassle in the slightest. The rush you feel when you clear a level when you finally figure out how you can progress and increase your score, sitting alert to ensure you can respond in time to all the attacks is what makes life worth it all. Then again, we should all treat ourselves to the simple pleasures in life given how happy they make us. So, go out there and get your gamins setup in order!

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