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5 Best cheap video game chairs



5 Best cheap video game chairs

5 Best cheap video game chairs

5 Best cheap video game chairs

5 Best cheap video game chairs

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new gaming chair. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying one.

  1.  Comfortability – if you’re a hardcore gamer who spends hours sitting while playing games, you should consider the comfort your chair will provide while playing.
  2. Materials – the shear quality will depend on what materials were used by the company.
  3. Styles and colors – will depend on what you prefer.
  4. Accessories and extra features- choose what accessories or unique features you want to have in your gaming chair. Some gaming chairs have side pockets, control panels, etc. This is one of the best video game chair with speakers.
  5. Product ratings – you want to make sure what other buyers have to say about the product. It’s important to know the comments or the reviews of the chair you’re getting. You should know if it is worth your money before buying a new gaming chair.
  6. Budget- if you want to buy a new gaming chair but you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on, then you have no choice but buy cheap video game chairs under your budget.

We can help you find the best prices on video game chairs. After researching, we’ve gathered the five best cheap video game chairs we’ve found on the internet by browsing through online stores. Although most chairs can't compete with the expensive brands and models, but we’re sure these cheap video game chairs will pass your criteria.

  • X-rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair

This is one of the highest rated gaming chairs for gamers with tight budgets. It can be used by PC or console gamers. In fact, it can be considered to be the best video game chair for ps4 for the cheapest price.

This cheap video game rocker chair's function is not only limited to gaming, but it is also perfect for relaxing, reading a book, watching television and more.


• Dimensions: Length 29.082″ (74cm) x Width 16.113 ” (41cm) x Height 30.85 ” (78cm)

• Built-in speakers- Full 2.0 for surround sound experience.

• Comfortability- Designed to offer lumbar support to ease the strain and fatigue of sitting for long gaming sessions.

• It is provided with easy access to controls, input and output jacks. Connect your consoles, adjust your volume or insert your media devices just within the comfort of your chair!

• Rocking chair style- this will bring your comfortability to a different level. This feature will allow you to rock back and forth whether you’re gaming, reading or chilling.

• Affordable- according to research, a brand new X-rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair price revolves around $64.35 to $89.99. This is a good bargain for a fully functional

gaming chair.

  • Best Choice Executive Racing Chair

This is a quality bucket style chair which is produced by Best Choice Products and is considered to be one of the cheapest video game chairs. It is made by PU (Polyurethane) leather which makes the chair extra comfortable and easy to clean. Average retail price for this chair is $87.95


• Dimensions: Length (19.5) x Width (20) x Height (49) inches

• Move freely around your room with the 360 degree swivel action and caster wheels.

• Height adjustment- adjusts your chair's height according to your preferences.

• Made of PU Leather attached with quality padding for the back, armrests and seating area

which makes the chair comfortable thus providing a strong, relaxing and long-lasting spinal support. This cheap video game racing chair also comes with tilt adjustment.

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  • Serta Rocket Gaming Chair

It is an adjustable lounger that can convert whether you want to sit or lie down. This chair can adjust for your preferred position. Retail price revolves around $99 to $109.99


• Dimensions: Length (70″) x Width (23″) x Height (32″)

• Easily converts into three positions

• Made of quality soft microfiber upholstery with comfortable cushions

• Can be used by all sizes– from kids to adults.

• It can be easily moved through different rooms

  • Big Joe Dorm Chair

The design of the chair is comfortable with the style of a bean bag. A real hit for people who just want to sit, chill, play, read or simply watch television. Big Joe Dorm Chair was produced with college dorms in mind. It’s simple, comfy and very affordable. Although it doesn’t fully support your lumbar, unlike those high-end chairs, but it is good enough to support your back.


• Dimensions: Length (70″) x Width ( 23″) x Height (32″)

• Space efficient- it doesn’t take a lot of space in a room. Thus, making the circulation unhindered.

• Stain resistant, can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

• Water resistant

• Lightweight- makes it easy to bring anywhere

• Affordable- retail price revolves around $34 to $48.99

  • Best Office High Back Office Chair

It is a gaming office chair with an affordable price. It can give full support for your back up to your neck. This chair is soft yet sturdy. Upholstery is made up of PU leather, backboned with real metal and not plastic compared to similarly priced gaming chairs.


• Back size: Width (20″) x Height (28″)

• Oil and water resistant

• Framed with metal for sturdiness

• Easy to clean

• Comfortable seat with padded armrests

• 360 swivel action with caster wheels for you to move freely around the room.

We hope that we’ve provided you an insight for a decent yet cheap video game chairs. This list is only a suggestion for gamers with low budgets and aiming to get the best price on video game chairs. However, you are free to browse on your own. Make sure you stick with your criteria for your budget, needs, and the product quality. Every person has different preferences in a gaming chair. Do you have a fixed set-up? Do you want to sit near the floor? Do you have a big or a small room? There’s a perfect chair that can meet a person’s needs.

Prices indicated in the selection may change from time to time; the research was conducted during October 2016. For customer reviews, you may visit or other shopping websites.

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