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3 ways to become an SEO specialist after college



become an SEO specialist after college

3 ways to become an SEO specialist after college


Search engines play a significant role in both the business and personal life of most people on Earth, nowadays. The amount of information that goes through Google search in just one day is virtually unimaginable to ordinary people, and the numbers keep growing. To push your content among millions of other publishers, you need to understand how search engines scan websites as well as how users search for certain content. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle; there is a series of technical and creative aspects to consider when producing online content that put SEO career in high demand.

In case you are counting the days till you reach your degree and head out into the world, here are a few paths you can take to become an SEO specialist.

3 ways to become an SEO specialist after college

3 ways to become an SEO specialist after college


SEO courses

If you have enough time, and some money, it’s a smart choice to sign up for an SEO expert course. These courses, like any other, allow you to sink into both the theory and practice of digital marketing and gain knowledge from SEO scholars. You don’t need any previous relation with online advertising to learn the lessons provided by your instructors, most of these courses teach you from scratch. There’s also a job opportunity for you like one of these academies might get interested in keeping you as part of their crew, or contact you when they need help with a project.

If there’s no SEO academy near you, there is always a way to find an online course on Udemy or some other platform that provides paid and free SEO teaching. What’s also good about online academies is that you get a lot of free material for practice and further advancement.

Learn from Google

If you were a UK college student looking for help with your dissertation thesis, you would search for dissertation writing services for United Kingdom students. The same concept would follow if you were looking for math or English homework assistance. The point is that there are numerous volumes of knowledge and tools to assist you in improving your personal traits.

The same goes for mastering SEO techniques, you can search online for various resources according to where you see yourself in the world of digital marketing.

Your research should focus on gaining insight into resources that would benefit the most in your field of interest. Start your adventure from the beginning; understand what SEO means, what techniques you have at your disposal, which work best in your case, what tools you should use and to what end.

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Learn through practice

Search engine optimization is the result of years of hard work people invested in analyzing and tracking the content they produced over time. Therefore, it’s natural that one could become an SEO expert through content development. Each piece of content that you produce can show you exactly what you did right and where you should put more effort.

Numerous freelance platforms allow you to make some money by creating content for various clients. Most of these content writing jobs will come with detailed specs regarding the use of keywords, formatting, backlinks, etc.

Moreover, some tools could help you optimize your content and with each new project, you’ll need less assistance from SEO apps and websites. As your skills grow you’ll be able to offer more than content writing services; even without an SEO certification, you’ll be able to perform content optimization on your own.


Becoming an expert in any field is not an easy process and there’s no set time frame in which you’ll be able to call yourself a master of SEO practice. However, through the right method of learning and strong dedication, it is possible to adopt the skills required to land a job in this field. Like any other craft, search engine optimization is a journey of constant learning, enhancement, and implementation of acquired knowledge.

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