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3 Reasons for Which You Need a HIPAA Software!



3 Reasons for Which You Need a HIPAA Software!

3 Reasons for Which You Need a HIPAA Software!

Increase Your Team Communication Through a HIPAA Compliant Chat!

The first thing you need to know and to understand is the importance of the standard complied by a HIPAA software. This standard is mandatory for any tool that will memories, process, and transfer the information of your patients.

Nowadays, information security is one of the main concerns of most people because many types of crimes can be made by using the personal information of your clients. For this reason, you need to ensure that their personal information is safe in your clinic. So, when you use medical CRM, you must ensure that the tools that relate to your patients’ personal data are in compliance with this standard. One of the best tools that you can find is a HIPAA compliant chat for your team.

The first essential use of this type of tool is to facilitate the communication of your employees. It is needed in almost any business, but in the medical field, communication is essential, and it can grow or destroy your clinic. If you lack the necessary tools, then you risk losing the trust of your patients. How so? There are three reasons for which you need to ensure proper communication between your team.

  • Speed. The communication between your team members relates to the health of your patients. In some cases, the speed of this information can make the difference between saving or losing a life. So, your clinic needs a chat where communication can be fast enough to prevent any dangerous situations from escalating. If one of your doctors need information from another member of your staff, or if a doctor is called in a specific place fast, then the communication can’t be delayed.
  • Efficiency. Even if there are not so many situations where speed is mandatory. But the efficiency of your clinic will also be improved by a reliable communication tool. As you may know, there are specific days when your clinic is packed with patients, and unfortunately, they need to wait for long periods before they can be treated. Although you may not be able to get rid of this problem completely, a proper communication tool can help you reduce it by a large margin.

A HIPAA Software Can Also Be Used to Transfer Information!

A HIPAA software that is used for communication can also be used to transfer information. In a clinic, this ability is critical, and by digitalizing the process, you can get a lot of benefits. So, you can do this by finding a CRM that includes this type of tool. There are many information transfers uses for a chat. But in your clinic, three cases are common.

  • Multiple consultations. Many patients come with a problem that is believed to have a specific cause. But through a consult, the root of the problem is detected to be another one. And the patient must be transferred to another doctor where he will need another consultation. In such a situation, the information must be sent very fast to not waste time for your team or your patients.
  • Reception-doctors. When a patient comes to your clinic, he is required to leave specific pieces of information. This information must be transferred to your medics when the consultations are made. So, you need to ensure that the process is fast enough. Otherwise, the patients will have to wait more time, and your clinic will be able to help a lower number of people.

A HIPAA Compliant Chat Can Reduce the Errors Made by Your Team!


The communication between your members must also be a very accurate process. A piece of information can be easily misunderstood in situations where the rush is inevitable. So, a chat can help you increase the accuracy of the communication. Your team members will need to focus on the messages, and it will be easier for them to understand the correct meaning. This will prevent them from making mistakes because of misinformation. So, you need a HIPAA compliant chat that will provide you the mandatory accuracy.

Any errors that may happen due to a lack of proper communication can cause irreversible damage to a patient. And that is something that any medic and clinic want to avoid at all costs. But how can this type of software ensure the accuracy of the communication and information transfer? Three factors will ensure its accuracy.

  • Patient accounts. A good CRM software for the medical industry must also include a portal where your patients will have their accounts. This is essential not only for the accuracy of the information that your medics will need about them. But also, to influence your patients to always use the services of your clinic in the future. If they have their account where they can see all the relevant information about their health, then it will require more effort to change the clinic and transfer all that information to the new clinic. So, many of your patients will choose to use only your clinic’s services.
  • Digitalization. Manual transfer of information or for filling can result in many errors that can endanger your patients. But through digitalization, the number of errors can be reduced. In some cases, the errors can be eliminated from the process. Even your patients will be able to safely fill specific forms from their homes and send them to your clinic through the internet. These online forms can have checks to ensure the information is valid.
  • Chat. A chat is not only used for pleasure. It can also be used for work. Especially in a clinic where your staff needs to communicate, ask, and receive critical questions, as well as answer them. Any error that may appear can be easily detected and corrected. On the other hand, verbal communication is not so accurate. And if the rush is inevitable, then the meaning can be easily misunderstood. This must be avoided at all costs because the risks are very high. The best alternative is the use of a chat.


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