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12 Popular Nike Running Sneakers for Fitness Enthusiasts



12 Popular Nike Running Sneakers for Fitness Enthusiasts

12 Popular Nike Running Sneakers for Fitness Enthusiasts

The concept of being fit has become an essential thing for most people in the recent times. They have become more aware of their health and fitness. Some people are enthusiastic about the fitness workouts. These people love to exercise, which keeps them fit and healthy. For them, fitness training is not a burden but a hobby or interest. They genuinely like to go sweat out some fats by playing some sport, hit the gym, or go out for a run. For these fitness enthusiasts, proper equipment for their daily exercise is like the tools of their trade. Many such fitness enthusiasts have a knack of knowing about the latest products of their branch in the market. Eventually, they make sure that they buy the product that they like. Shoes are essential for daily exercise, and the varied features and characteristics help different types of people in their unique form of exercising routines. With the help of the right shoes, a person will have a pleasant exercising experience.

Running Shoes from Nike

Nike is one of the most famous brands that are also among the highest selling sports shoe brand in the world. They have many other sports as well as casual clothing products. You can avail your right running shoes from the vast array of shoes offered by Nike Official store. Each shoe has its distinct features and is specialized for some or the other purpose. The form of workout, the extent, or intensity of the exercise and other such factors are should be kept in mind for you to determine the best shoe for your fitness routine to help you know more about the running shoes from Nike, here are the twelve best running shoes from Nike that will satisfy your daily workout routine.

  1. Nike Revolution 3 – the shoe has a thick sole as well as a comfortable inner cushioning that is soft. There are flexes indented on the sole, and the grip is impressive. The shoe is lightweight and reduces shock on the legs. The feature of extra fabric at the heel and the breathable fabric enables you to wear them all day long.
    Image result for 1. Nike Revolution 3
  2. Nike Lunarstelos – in accordance to the grip, inside cushioning and grip features, the price is quite low. The shoe can be worn for running, to hit the gym as well as with a casual outfit. You should get a pair of this before it runs out of the market.
    Image result for 2. Nike Lunarstelos
  3. Nike Downshifter 7 – the fit of the shoe feels very comfortable. The flexing feature and the durable nature of the shoe are also shockingly good. There is a full black version of this shoe, which looks very eye-catching and can be tagged along with casual attire.
    Image result for 3. Nike Downshifter 7
  4. Nike Flex RN – the air circulation and flexibility of the shoe is specially engineered. The mesh fabric used for the upper part of the shoe enables your feet to breathe. The Flywire technology of the company is incorporated in this shoe, which provides with excellent mid-sole protection and supportive heel padding for natural motion.
    Image result for 4. Nike Flex RN
  5. Nike Zoom Fly – this shoe is one of the most famous marathon shoes in the world. There is carbon insulated nylon material throughout the whole midsole. Its lightweight factor gives a lot of stability for running long distances. The shoe also has Nike’s famous Lunarlon cushioning.
    Image result for 5. Nike Zoom Fly
  6. Nike Flyknit Racer – the upper part of the shoe is a single knit material. The Flywire wraps the foot comfortably and is adjustable at the sides. The shoe has a waffle-skinned diamond pattern sole, which is apt for racing marathons. The user is able to hit top speeds as well as have excellent support at the feet.
    Image result for 6. Nike Flyknit Racer
  7. Nike Air Zoom Vemoro 12 – the comfort level of this shoe is beyond the charts. The shoe has an ankle collar and amazing cushioning all throughout the interior of the shoe. The rubber sole helps in initiating quick bursts and nimble directional divergence without any strain or pressure on your feet.
    Image result for 7. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12
  8. Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 – flat-footed people have their blessing right here. The design of the shoe is engineered to correct the gait of your feet and keep your feet comfy while doing so. Its cushioning gives the shoe a certain amount of rigidity as well as the lightweight factor.
    Image result for 8. Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4
  9. Nike Free RN Distance 2 – this shoe has a total cushioned inside. The Lunarlon technology of Nike is incorporated in the shoe. The entire shoe is stretchable, lightweight, and flexible. The shoe also has the Flywire cables for support and an adaptable experience. The rubber sole also provides a fantastic grip. The price of the shoe, however, is on the heavier side of the scale.
    Image result for 9. Nike Free RN Distance 2
  10. Nike Lunar Tempo 2 – the sole is thinner than most of the shoes in this list. This gives a better natural feeling of the feet while running and exercising. The feet are kept comfortable by the rubber sole and the soft cushioning on the inside. The durability of the shoe is also unbelievable. This particular shoe has a heel-to-toe drop in the low tread.
    Image result for 10. Nike Lunar Tempo 2

  11. Nike Lunarglide 9 – this is the newest version of the Air Zoom structure. It has the dynamic fit technology, which makes the shoe extremely flexible, supportive, and comfortable. It is a great running shoe for beginners as well as veterans. It can be used for regular exercises as well as for marathon running. The overall shoe is shockingly light and durable.
    Image result for nike lunarglide 9
  12. Nike Flex Fury 2 – there is a light meshing on the upper part that makes the shoe flexible as well as breathable for the user. It has Flywire cables and still has a very low-end price. The outsole enables the natural flexing of the shoe, and the shoe is much lighter than its previous version. The inner cushion support is comfortable for longer wear time of the shoe.
    Image result for Nike Flex Fury 2

These are the best twelve running shoes from Nike. The various shoes are each suited better for different people according to their purposes and level of comfort. The shoes have a vast list of benefits and enable the user to go the extra mile.


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