What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Spectrum?

You need to know What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Spectrum if you follow the weather closely. This is one of the US’s most dependable and most-watched weather forecast channels.

In 1982, the channel was established. Its main focus is weather forecasts, news and analysis, live studio shows, documentaries, and other weather-related programming. Based on information from the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Centre, the Weather Channel provides comprehensive and accurate weather information. The channel is subscribed to by 79 million households in the US.

The Weather Channel inserts all current and future climate information as part of its unique proprietary equipment. Aside from receiving weather warnings, it also receives weather reports from the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Centre. This way, people are aware of upcoming extreme weather conditions.

About The Weather Channel

In addition to weather warnings provided by the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Centre to cable television, the Weather Channel also inserts current and future local climate information through its proprietary equipment. With large cable networks, the original WeatherStar technology has been upgraded to IntelliStar for current forecasts, weather newsletters, and comprehensive local forecasting. The first rounds of satellite and radar images were only available to satellite customers, IPV, and some smaller cable providers.

On the other hand, new systems and digital TV recipients with satellites can provide “roundups” or localized predictions. During these segments, popular music (typically smooth jazz) is played behind the scenes for cable and satellite audiences. Those WeatherStar units previously used by cable providers could not upgrade to IntelliStar. WeatherStar units may also overlay local contact information on the national feed during some on-channel business ads.

With Weather Scan, a non-network TV channel that continuously displays local and regional forecasts, advertising, and some cable systems, the Weather Channel offers a service focused on updated WeatherStar technologies. The Weather Channel was available to nearly 79.128 million households with a pay-TV subscription in the United States in September 2018.

What channel is The Weather Channel on Spectrum?

You will find many other local channels among the other popular networks on Spectrum, so there are plenty of channels to choose from. Channel numbers for networks vary from region to region, so it may take a lot of work to get the exact number you need to watch your favorite network.

Have you been trying to find The Weather Channel on Spectrum by switching aimlessly from channel to channel?

Here we are to provide you with useful information, as we’ve compiled the channels for The Weather Channel on Spectrum so you don’t have to.

City Channel Number City Channel Number
Austin, TX 45 Kansas City, KS 31
Albertville, AL 40 Lincoln, NE 25
Alexandria, KY 30 New York, NY 93
Albany, MN 51, 798 Orlando, FL 27
Baker City, OR 19, 763 Reno, NV 24, 789
Charlotte, NC 41 Saint Louis, MO 97, 735
Cincinnati, OH 41 San Antonio, TX 36
Dallas, TX 37 Tampa, FL 63
Greenville, SC 40, 797 Waterford, PA 25
Hayden, ID 21 Yuma, AZ 66

Spectrum Weather Channel (NY, NC, KS)

The Weather Channel can be found on Channel 211 for Spectrum customers in New York. In addition to 93 in Manhattan, 23 in Albany, and 37 in Buffalo, you can enjoy The Weather Channel on these stations.

211 is also the channel for the Weather Channel in North Carolina. In Durham and Raleigh, it can also be seen on Channel 42. In Charlotte, it can be seen on Channel 41. There are also similar channel numbers in Kansas City. You should use channels 31 and 211 to watch the Weather Channel.

What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Spectrum in Texas

The Weather Channel can be found on Spectrum Channel 211 in most of Texas. It is available on fewer channels for Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.

take a look at them below

Corpus Christi: 99, 211
San Antonio: 36, 211
Austin: 34, 211
El Paso: 30, 211

In Austin, watch channel 95 or 763 to watch the Weather Channel.

Where To Watch In Ohio and Kentucky

For Cincinnati and Cleveland residents, channels 41, 370, and 1370 have Weather Channel programming, while for Columbus residents, channels 18 and 430 have the program.

The Weather Channel is available on Channel 17 and Channel 31 in Lexington and Louisville, respectively, while 430 is the right number for Spectrum in Lexington and Louisville.

California Spectrum Weather Channel List

It is necessary to tune into Channel 211 on Spectrum to watch the Weather Channel in many parts of California. Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim can all watch the Weather Channel on 211, a secondary channel. You can also watch the Weather Channel on fewer channels in those cities like this you should also know What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?.

For example, Channel 39 is available in Los Angeles, Channel 46 in San Diego, and Channel 37 in Anaheim. Meanwhile, Channel 46 or 746 is available in Long Beach, and Channel 85 or 1085 in Bakersfield.

Despite some people’s perceptions, The Weather Channel is dedicated to providing shows relating to weather that are engaging and entertaining.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a primary live program on The Weather Channel featuring real-time weather information and reports for major cities and localities.

Weird Earth

Cameras worldwide can capture weird weather phenomena like blood rain, which bears witness to the truth that the Earth can sometimes be strange.

Weather Gone Viral

Undoubtedly, smartphones make it easier for anyone to take photos and videos of extreme weather events as they happen. People across the globe share these videos online, and the best ones are selected for the show Weather Gone Viral.


Weather Channel updates and news help plan trips and vacations and prepare for extreme weather conditions like heavy storms and tornadoes. It also helps to prepare for natural disasters and extreme weather conditions such as heavy storms and tornadoes.


What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Spectrum in Florida?

You can watch The Weather Channel on Spectrum on channel 27 in Florida.

How can I watch The Weather Channel without cable?

To watch The Weather Channel without cable, you can use streaming services like DirecTV Stream, Vidgo, Hulu+ Live TV, FuboTV, or SlingTV. The Weather Channel is also available on the ‘Local Now’ app, which provides free local weather news.

Who owns The Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel is owned by the Weather Group, LLC, which Allen Media Group owns.


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