What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?

There are many channels available on Freeform that appeal to a wide variety of audiences, but its main focus is on teenagers and young adults. The programming focuses on supernatural or slice-of-life shows. You’re wondering, “What channel is Freeform on Xfinity?” because it also broadcasts family-friendly movies and shows!

About Freeform

Several programs on Freeform are directed at teens and adults between the ages of 14 and 24. In addition to reruns and features, the channel airs original series, made-for-TV originals and off-network syndicated reruns.

ABC Family, a subsidiary of Walt Disney TV, is the current owner of the channel. Over the years, the network has changed ownership several times, and its programming has also changed.

Freeform broadcasts most of its reruns outside of prime time, including current sitcoms like The Middle, The Office, Family Guy, Black-ish, and more, as well as America’s Funniest Home Videos.

What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?

Interested in watching Freeform on Comcast Xfinity? You should know what channel Freeform is.

The frustration of not finding the information you’re looking for in minutes is understandable. If, for example, the online Cox bill pay feature does not work, the first thing you do is yell and scream internally since you will either need to try again later or contact support. Finding channel numbers is one of these tasks.

By hitting the channel number shown in the table below, you can see which Xfinity cable channel is free from compatibility.

You will need the following:

Location Channel Location Channel
Seattle 39, 678 Miami 53, 383
Spokane 39, 678 Fort Lauderdale 53, 383
Tacoma 39, 678 Atlanta 54, 854
Vancouver 39, 739 Memphis 42, 811, 1530
Portland 39, 739 Nashville 35,1742
Salem 39, 739 Chicago 15, 198
Eugene 39, 739 Indianapolis 15, 1530
Salt Lake City 28, 683, 1742 Fort Wayne 41, 1530
Provo 28, 683 Detroit 48, 229, 1530
Denver 33, 680 Washington 6, 881
Colorado Springs 74, 764, 1742 Baltimore 10, 881
Boulder 33, 680, 1742 Philadelphia 38, 881
Saint Paul 46, 229, 838 Pittsburgh 54, 881
Minneapolis 45, 44, 838 San Jose 52, 768
Albuquerque 59, 237 San Francisco 52, 768
Tallahassee 67, 444 Fresno 51, 768
Jacksonville 43, 444 Sacramento 48, 768
Orlando 64, 444 Oakland 52, 768

Where To Watch Freeform on Xfinity (WA/OR/ID/CO)

The Freeform channel can be found on channels 79 and 678 in Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma in Washington state, but it can be found on channels 39 and 739 in Vancouver, WA. Comcast customers in Oregon can access the Freeform channel on channels 39 and 739, located in major metropolitan areas like Portland, Salem, and Eugene.

The lowered number channel in Indiana is Channel 1530 for people living in Indiana. In Indianapolis and Indiana, Channel 15 is on, and Channel 41 is on. Boulder and Colorado Springs should watch 1742. In addition, you can watch Freeform on channels 33 and 680 in Boulder and 74 and 764 in Colorado Springs. In Denver, Freeform channels are 33 and 680.

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California Freefrom Comcast Channels

For Comcast customers in California, Freeform is available on Channel 768. You can also watch Freeform on Xfinity TV on Channel 881 in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. In addition to Channel 768, it’s available on Channel 52 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland and on Channel 51 in Stockton and Fresno.

Freeform is also very popular in Baltimore and DC, and I have put a lowered number of channels below.

Washington DC: 6, 881
Baltimore: 10, 881
Philadelphia: 38, 881
Pittsburgh: 54, 881

Xfinity Freeform Channels in Florida

With Xfinity in Florida, Freeform is not on just one channel. It’s on Channels 444, 53, and 383 in Miami and Orlando and on Channel 444 in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Orlando.

Additionally, Freeform is available in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Orlando on Channels 67 and 43. You can watch Freeform on Salt Lake City’s Channel 1742 or Channel 28 in Utah.

To get started, let’s look at the trending shows that are worth your attention. Now that you’re all set to enjoy Freeform’s programming, you’re probably wondering where to begin.

Famous in Love

A major motion picture job changes Paige’s life permanently. She must deal with the fame, the romance, and her current friend’s affection for her. Paige must learn to live with them all.

Make It or Break It

Having received a scholarship, Emily looks forward to training in Colorado, intending to compete at the Olympics. As Emily trains at The Rock Training Center, she must focus on her goal even when working with her training partners. Competition is fierce at The Rock Training Center.

Shadow Hunters

Upon discovering she is descended from a long line of demon hunters, Clary Fray is forced to confront the truth about her life: she is descended from a family of demon hunters.


A spin-off of Black-ish, this show follows Zoey Johnson’s life as she sails off to college as a popular, entitled, stylish, and socially active 17-year-old. Her popularity in high school does not help her in college, and things go differently than planned when the bird leaves its nest.

The Bold Type

You’ll have a good time watching this silly dramedy about three women who work for Scarlet magazine, a hugely successful lifestyle magazine.

You have plenty of shows to choose from. So prepare yourself for a great time.


Among the many services provided by Comcast cable television are on-demand options, hundreds of channels, and high-definition picture quality. Contact customer service if you need help finding Freeform on Comcast. They provide very prompt and reliable customer service. They have friendly customer service agents who can help you out.


What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?

Xfinity operates in all 40 states of the country via channel 1742.

What channel is Freeform on Xfinity cable X1?

However, X1 requires a subscription for viewers to view. The channel number is 1742.

What is Freeform West?

Among the exclusive shows on Freeform West for USA subscribers are Adams Family, Hocus Pocus, and The 700 Club.

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