What Channel is FOX on Dish Network?

In this write-up, we will discuss what Channel is FOX on Dish Network. FOX offers a wide variety of programming, including news, sports, entertainment, and local programming.

You’ll automatically wish for this channel to be included in your cable package, especially if you live in Northern America, whether you want breaking news, election coverage, political commentary, or just general news around the world.

Does DISH Have Fox?

With DISH, you can choose from several channels, and Fox is one of those channels. Fox’s channels are also available on the America’s Top 120 package, which offers 190 channels for $70 monthly.

Getting Fox Sports 2, however, requires upgrading to the Top 120 Plus package. America’s Top 120 includes Fox News, Fox Business, and Fox Sports 1, but not Fox Sports 2. Select a plan that includes the channels you regularly watch in the channel lineups that DISH offers.

What Channel is FOX on Dish Network?

What Channel is FOX on Dish Network
What Channel is FOX on Dish Network

To access the Fox network channels quickly when you want to watch them, you will need to know what channel numbers the Fox network channels are on in the plan. Fox News is on channel 205, Fox Business is on channel 206, Fox Sports is on channel 150, and Fox Sports 2 is on channel 149.

You can easily find the exact channel number nationwide and for all channel packages because the channel numbers are the same. You can mark these channels as favourites after you go to them to easily access them again with the channel guide.

A favourited channel list or a list of favourited channels can be displayed in the channel guide, and from there, you can select the Fox channel you want to change to.

San Francisco2New Orleans8
San Diego69Detroit2
Fresno26Las Vegas5
Sacramento40New York5
Los Angeles11Philadelphia29
Colorado Springs21Memphis13
Washington DC5El Paso14
Fort Worth4Brownsville2
Miami7San Antonio29
Tampa13, 5153, 8693Austin7

California Dish Fox Channels

San Francisco and Los Angeles residents can easily find Fox channels on Dish. For San Francisco, Channel 2 is the channel to watch, while for Los Angeles, Channel 11 is the channel to watch. San Diego and Bakersfield, respectively, are farther away from channels like 69 and 58.

I’ve included a list below.

San Francisco: 2
Bakersfield: 58
San Diego: 69
Fresno: 26
Sacramento: 40
Los Angeles: 11

The Fox channel in San Francisco, KTVU, has more local programming than most local Fox affiliates.

The Fox Channel On Dish (FL/TX)

In Fort Worth, you can watch Fox on Channel 4 and Miami on Channel 7. Among the most popular channels on Dish is Fox on Channel 13, 5153, and 8693 in Tampa. It is more distant in Orlando and Jacksonville- you need channels 30 and 35 for those cities. 

While El Paso, Houston, and Brownville are on channels that are a lot further on your dial, Brownsville, Dallas, and Austin are on channels that are lower numbered. The correct channels for Brownsville, Dallas, and Austin are Channels 2, 4, and 7. 

You can watch Fox in El Paso on Channel 14 if you want. Houston and San Antonio have Fox channels close together, 26 in Houston and 29 in San Antonio.

What Channel is FOX on Dish Network
What Channel is FOX on Dish Network

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There is no doubt that Dish Network offers the best satellite television service available today. They provide a variety of channels and packages that fit your lifestyle. If you require more channels, there are even add-on packages that can be purchased. The following information can help you determine What Channel is Fox on Dish Network if you’re looking for it.


Is FOX available on the DISH Network?

Depending on your area or monthly subscription, you may need help accessing other FOX channels on DISH Network.

Is there a free FOX channel?

FOX is available for free over-the-air to those with a broadcast antenna. However, if you pay for a subscription to Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Fubo, the FOX channel will be available through the service.

What are the FOX Sports channels?

The following channels are available through subscriptions: FOX Sports 1 (FS1), FOX Sports 2 (FS2), FOX Soccer Plus, and FOX Deportes.

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