What Channel is CW on Dish Network?

You may be wondering What channel is CW on Dish Network. It has been a local free-to-air channel since its inception that has continued to grow. The CW Network, also known as the CW, is unique in that it continues to target people under 35.

About The CW

The CW Network (also known as the CW) premiered in 2006 as a free local channel owned by Viacom and Warner Media. Since then, it has grown over time, maintaining a focus on programming aimed at younger audiences (35 and under). Since the demise of the WB and UPN, the network has added Gilmore Girls, WWE, and Next Top Model to its programming. It expanded its story-driven science fiction and drama programming to include male characters with time but remained largely female-centric.

Along with keeping up with Marvel, the CW has been developing new brands based on the vast DC Comics library. Several notable characters have appeared on the CW, such as Supergirl, Black Lightning, Dynasty, Archie Comics, Batwoman, and Nancy Drew. You can watch the CW from DIRECTV and DISH satellite TV packages. You can get it free over-the-air with an antenna; if you’re interested, check antennaweb.org to see if you’re near enough to receive it. To view it in high definition, you’ll need an HD antenna. If you do not have DISH or DIRECTV, you can watch it in 1080p instead.

What Channel is CW on Dish Network
What Channel is CW on Dish Network

CW Channel on Dish

The reviewers rated DISH Network as the best TV provider overall and the best for families. Its Hopper 3 DVR outperforms rival DIRECTV’s Genie in terms of performance and features. Providing low rates, two-year price guarantees, parental controls, and an advanced DVR, it is the perfect choice for families. The CW will be available to you once you have satellite TV, no matter what dish network bundle you have.

Known as Dish Network (also known as DISH or Sling TV), Dish Network is owned by DISH Network Corporation (also called Digital Sky Highway or DISH), which also offers IPTV services like Sling TV. In addition to Dish Cellular, the company also offers Boost Mobile, which offers prepaid services. As of July 1, 2020, Dish has acquired Boost Mobile, which offers prepaid services. In the future, Dish plans to offer postpaid services. Located in unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado, the company employs more than 16,000 people.

DISH offers the following packages featuring the CW:

PackagesNumber of ChannelsPrice
Flex Pack  50+ Channels$40 per month
America’s TOP 120  190 Channels$69.99 per month
America’s TOP 200  240+ Channels$94.99 per month
America’s TOP 250  290+ Channels$104.99 per month
America’s Everything  290+ Channels (incl. premiums)$127.99 per month
DISH packages offer the CW

What channel is CW on Dish network?

Depending on the area where you live, you may not even be able to watch The CW on Dish. According to our research, the CW is only available in small cities like New York and LA. You may have a contract dispute, which can be a big deal if you try to keep up with your favourite shows, such as The Flash or Riverdale. Using this guide, you can find the channel on Dish TV where you can watch the CW if it’s available.

Bakersfield25New Orleans38
Los AngelesNADetroit50
Sacramento31Las Vegas33
San Diego6New YorkNA
San Francisco44Philadelphia57
Colorado Springs57NashvilleNA
Washington DC50Austin54
Fort Worth33BrownsvilleNA
Miami39El Paso17
Tampa44, 8695San Antonio35
What Channel is CW on Dish Network?
What Channel is CW on Dish Network
What Channel is CW on Dish Network

Cities Where The CW Isn’t Available

Yuma, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Brownsville were the places where we discovered CW programming was not available on Dish Channel. We double-checked and conducted additional research to confirm this, and it turns out that Dish is involved in a carriage dispute with CW owners.

Please do not worry – CW will return once the situation is resolved and this article will be updated. The website was hacked while we wrote this article, so you might want to switch to another TV provider. Haha, it may be time to switch.

Dish CW Channels (California)

There is no CW channel on Dish in Bakersfield and Fresno, but 27 and 59 are the best channels to watch in Bakersfield and Fresno. The CW Channel is available on Dish in San Diego on Channel 6.

There is CW on Dish only in LA when we last checked, so residents in Sacramento and San Francisco can watch it on Channel 31 and Channel 44, respectively. CW was entirely unavailable on Dish in LA when we last checked.

Where You Can Watch The CW In Texas

If you live in Dallas, you can watch The CW on channel 33, while if you live in San Antonio, you can watch it on channel 35, and if you live in Houston, you’ll need to watch it on channel 39. The CW is on channels 17 to 54 for Dish customers in Texas.

It is no longer possible to watch the CW in Brownville, but if you are in Austin, you can watch it on Channel 54. Channel 17 is the lowest-numbered CW channel on Dish, so you should use it to watch in EL Paso.

Florida CW Dish Channel Guide

CW channel 17 in Jacksonville and channel 18 in Orlando are available to Dish subscribers. In Tampa, the CW can be watched on 44 and 8965. Most people don’t watch 8965, but it’s nice to have that choice. In Miami, channel 39 is the best to watch the CW, while channel 33 is the best in Fort Worth.

By that measure, the CW is super popular in Denver because it’s on Channel 2. The lowered-numbered channels are always the most popular ones, while the farther-out channels are the least popular ones. Its audience is smaller in Phoenix and Atlanta, where you need to go to 51 in Phoenix and 69 in Atlanta for it to be viewed.

What Channel is CW on Dish Network
What Channel is CW on Dish Network

The Flash

Based on the DC comic character Flash, the series is about an American crusader. A crime fighter with unique powers, Flash can move exceptionally fast. The Arrowverse is the frictional universe in which the series takes place, so it can be considered a spin-off because it follows Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator who gained a superpower. He uses it to fight criminals, even those with the same abilities.


The documentary is a mystery set in the present and is an American teenage drama TV series. Betty, Archie, Veronica, and their friends embark on a journey that explores small-town life, creepiness, and the darkness beneath Riverdale’s facades provocatively.

The Outpost

This TV series is a fantasy-adventure drama for those looking for something new to watch. The show is an ideal way to end your summer holidays perfectly, and it is full of fun as well. There is certainly something to look forward to in this show: battles, fantasy elements, humour, romance, and an attractive cast.


There’s nothing better than watching The CW on Dish, as it offers some of the best primetime shows in the country. Besides primetime shows, you’ll find other things of interest on CW.

If you’re interested in DISH, you will find clear pricing for two years, a powerful DVR, a mobile app with lots of features, good parental controls, and more sports channels than DIRECTV. Sign up now if you’re interested.

Please let me know if this article helped you determine what channel is CW on Dish Network is so you can watch the show.


Can I get the CW channel on DISH Network?

CW is available on all Dish packages once you can access a satellite dish.

What does the CW TV channel mean?

AT&T’s Warner Media and CBS Entertainment jointly operate the CW Television Network, which is owned by CBS Entertainment and AT&T.

What is the best way to watch the CW channel for free?

The app allows you to watch the newest episodes of your favorite shows. The app is free; no password is required.

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