What Channel is BBC on DirecTV?

Discover ‘What channel is BBC on DirecTV?’ and explore the world of British entertainment on channel 264. Dive into a diverse range of shows, movies, and documentaries, connecting you to the best of UK programming right in your living room with DirecTV.

AMC Network owns the BBC Studios cable network in conjunction with BBC Studios. You can watch action series, documentaries, sci-fi movies, and other programs exclusively on the BBC channel.

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About BBC America

What Channel is BBC on DirecTV
What Channel is BBC on DirecTV

In 1998, AMC Networks and BBC Studios launched BBC America, one of the most popular cable TV networks in the United States. This channel features a wide variety of programming. You can binge-watch movies and shows from a wide range of genres, mainly intelligent comedy and action, with a hint of sci-fi. BBC World News broadcasts quality news, Sky Sports simulcasts, BBC nature documentary series, and much more.

According to BBC America, nearly 81 million American households have a pay-TV subscription and six sister channels, including BBC World News, IFC, AMC, We TV, and BBC Entertainment (International).

Fortunately, AMC Networks acquired the channel later on, which gave the network access to more content to engage viewers further.

What Channel is BBC on DirecTV?

The AT&T DIRECTV service is available anywhere in the US, has a clear view of the southern sky, and extends from one coast to another. You don’t have to worry about DIRECTV satellite TV service being available in your area if you decide to sign up for it. You may have difficulty organizing your go-to networks at the beginning, along with their channel numbers.

What Channel is BBC on DirecTV
What Channel is BBC on DirecTV

There are a lot of subscription-based channels on DirecTV. The packages are affordable for anyone. For example, BBC America shows movies, science fiction, documentaries, etc. Now that you have decided to get BBC America on DirecTV, just get to it.

You can also get DirecTV from your doorstep in urban and rural areas. There are a variety of channels on DirecTV so you can get stuck in those channels; we prepared a list of channels for your convenience, and with that list, you will be able to access BBC America very quickly.

Here are the DIRECTV channel numbers for BBC America and its cluster of sister channels:

Total No. of Channels160185250330
BBC America264 (SD/HD)YesYesYesYes
BBC World News346 (HD)NoNoYesYes
IFC333 (SD/HD)NoYesYesYes
AMC254 (SD/HD)YesYesYesYes
We TV260 (SD/HD)YesYesYesYes
SundanceTV557 (HD)NoYesYesYes
BBC America Channel Number List.

Must-Watch Shows on BBC on DirecTV

The bond BBC America has developed with its non-British audience over the years is remarkable, given the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between British and American culture. Its programming has appealed to subscribers, and the network has maintained its popularity and interest. 

What Channel is BBC on DirecTV
What Channel is BBC on DirecTV

In fact, BBC America has access to some of the best TV productions produced by BBC Studios, whether it’s nature documentaries, brainy comedies, science fiction, thrillers, action, crime, or mysteries. With BBC production quality, you’re in for a televisual treat with a British accent!

Don’t miss out on these must-see shows once you’ve subscribed to DIRECTV:

  • Seven Worlds One Planet (Nature Documentary)
  • Dynasties (Nature Documentary)
  • Blue Planet II (Nature Documentary)
  • A Wild Year on Earth (Documentary)
  • Luther (Crime Drama)
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Comedy)
  • Broad Church (Mystery)
  • Class (Drama, Sci-Fi)
  • Doctor Who (Drama, Sci-Fi)
  • A Discovery of Witches (Fantasy, Romance, Drama)

Wrapping Up

Finding “What channel is BBC on DirecTV” leads you to channel 264, where you can enjoy all your favorite British shows and movies. It’s a place where exciting UK entertainment comes to your screen, offering various fun and interesting programs for everyone in the US. So, tune in and explore the entertainment world with BBC on DirecTV!


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What is the channel of BBC World News On DirecTV?

BBC World News can be seen on channel 346.

What is the channel of BBC Earth on DirecTV?

BBC Earth can be seen on channel 264.

Can I get BBC America on DirecTV?

You’ll get an extensive channel lineup on DirecTV that cuts across a wide range of packages. Of course, BBC America is included in all of those packages.

What channel is BBC on DirecTV?

BBC America is available on channel 264 on DIRECTV, providing a mix of science fiction, drama, comedy, and reality shows across the pond. Enjoy British entertainment with ease.

What is the cost of BBC on DirecTV?

If you subscribe to any of the DirecTV, Choice, Ultimate, Entertainment, and Premier packages, you do not have to pay separately for BBC America.

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