Android System Webview Disabled – Most Easiest Step to Fix it

Android System Webview Disabled? In this article we would be sharing How to Enable Android System Webview. Among all Android’s incredible features, the System WebView is one of the most useful. Disabling it will not benefit your device in any way. 

Thus, it is always recommended that you keep it enabled to maximize its functionality. 

We will show you what Android System Webview means and how you can Fix Android System Webview Disabled problem here in this article.

Without further, let’s get to the point.

What is Android System Webview?

An Android System Webview is a built-in web browser engine with the operating system.

WebView makes it easy to view any web content, including web pages, within applications.

You need to install Android System Webview to use it. 

This version’s working algorithm can be compared with that of the Chrome browser, based on the WebKit engine.

As well as being a part of Android Studio, it provides users with programming knowledge and skills that you can use to create their browsers and even apps (newsfeeds, messaging devices, etc.). 

Android developers who wish to provide their applications with the ability to open and interact with web content within the applications will find this the best tool. 

How To Enable If Android System Webview is Disabled?

Because the Android System Webview app remains active all the time, it might consume a lot of energy, which is why most users disable it. 

The problem with this is that it will prevent you from opening links from other apps, and you may receive an error message that says, “Android System Webview has failed.” 

How To Enable Android System Webview (on Android 5 And Above)?

Step 1: Navigate to your phone’s Settings and open ‘Apps

Step 2: You will find all the apps on your phone listed. 

Step 3: Next, tap on the Android System Webview android app.

Step 4: Lastly, tap Enable to enable the Android System Webview.

How To Enable Android System Webview (on Android 4.3 And Below)?

Follow these steps to enable Android System Webview on Android 4.3 and below:

Step 1: Firstly, navigate to the Apps section and search for Android System Webview. 

Step 2: Next, tap on it and the dots in the upper right corner. This will open its Properties

Step 3: After that, remove updates.

Step 4: Go to Memory or Storage and delete the cache and other data.

You can now manually install the Android System Webview on your smartphone from the Playstore, where you can install it again. 


How do I enable WebView on Android?

By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to enable WebView on your Android device. 

Why is my Android System WebView disabled?

The Android System Webview is unavailable on Nougat or later since all of its functions are covered by Chrome.

What happens if I uninstall Android System WebView?

You can’t completely uninstall Android System WebView, and you can only uninstall the updates, not the app.


The Android System WebView application allows users to open external links within an application. By making this application available on your device, you will enjoy many benefits. 

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