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zAnti Premium Apk Guide (10 ultimate uses)



zanti premium apk

zAnti Premium Apk Guide (10 ultimate uses)

zanti premium apk

zAnti Premium Apk Guide (10 ultimate uses)

Zanti premium is an Android Network Analysis and entrance suite which intends to offer to IT security specialists/nerds the most total and propelled proficient toolbox to perform organize security appraisals on a cell phone. Once dSploit is begun, you will have the capacity to effortlessly delineate system, unique mark alive hosts working frameworks and running administrations, scan for known vulnerabilities, break login techniques of numerous TCP conventions, perform man in the center assaults, for example, secret word sniffing ( with basic conventions analyzation ), continuous traffic control, and so on, and so forth .

How to utilize zANTI Premium?

Download the zAnti premium apk from the below link

Open the application, Install and Grant Root Permissions.

Enter your E-mail Address and after that check for “I Accept Zimperium EULA” at that point Enable the Start Now.

At that point on the off chance that you need to Join zNetwork tap on Enable generally skip it.

At that point Enable the zANTI By checking “I am completely approved to perform entrance testings on the system” box.

Tap On Finish and the rundown of different IP Addresses will appear.

Highlights Of Zanti Premium APK 

  1. Device’s MAC address changer.
  2. Creating malicious Wifi hotspot.
  3. Hijacking HTTP sessions.
  4. Capture downloads.
  5. Modify HTTP requests and responses.
  6. Exploit routers.
  7. Audit password.
  8. MITM attack.
  9. Shellshock.
  10. SSL poodle.

Download zAnti Premium apk

Click on the below Download button to download zAnti premium apk from google drive


How to use zAnti premium apk

Mac address changer

You can find the mac changer in the menu, simply click the option and change the mac address or get a custom address by unchecking the check-box.

Wifi hotspot

Go to the menu look for zTether and turn it ‘on’, now you’re good to go.

Make sure your target is using your hotspot.

Step by step instructions to Use Hijack HTTP Sessions in zANTI

Stage 1.Scan entire wifi Network After Scanning the entire system. you will become more acquainted with all the cell phone and framework associated with your wifi arrange

Stage 2. Subsequent to Opening the alluring setback I can see the open port and some unique focal points has showed up in underneath an image

Stage 3. Subsequent to Selecting MITM ambush you will see various things you can do on target machine ex: check the image underneath As ought to be noticeable all the strike you can do on center by using MITM For my circumstance I switch “ON” the MITM which is on the Right-Top.In the NEXT stage, I turned “ON” the SSL Strip. As ought to be evident I turned “ON” the two things together by using Zanti2.apk in the MITM strike from my android contraption to hack the other phone or PC.

Stage 4: After that, I sniff the bundles ( Check the image underneath and SSL Striping working amazingly and strip Hotmail in HTTP.

Capturing Download

After hi-jacking the HTTP requests look for the option ‘capture-download’ enable it.

And you’ll be able to see the downloads as well as intercept downloads on your network.

Note: The targeted device and your device both should be connected to a common network, the could be your hotspot, etc.

  • Modifying the HTTP request and responses
  • In the same, again look for ‘redirect HTTP’
  • Redirect the HTTP requests to your desired URL
  • Exploit routers:
  • First search for ‘router’
  • Then select your router and you’re good to go.

Audit password

Using this feature of zAnti Premium of password auditing helps to analyze the strength of the password and strengthen the security system.

Here’s the step by step procedure how to use zAnti Premium for password audit.

Step1: First select the device for audit and follow the steps as shown in the image below.

zanti Premium

zAnti Premium

Note: You can not change the Cracking method in the free version of the zAnti.

Step2: Now, turn off the ‘Automatic mode’ to particularly audit a specific protocol.

Step3: In the automatic audit mode tap the ‘Go’ button to start the audit.

Performing MITM Attack

zanti Premium

Android MITM attack

zAnti has mainly used for MITM(Man-In-The-Middle) attacks. Let us dive-in into the process.

Step1: Select the targeted device and tap on the ‘MITM method’ as shown in the image below.

The module ‘MITM method’ offers two techniques,

1.ARP (Address Resolution Protocol).

2.ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol).

The difference in these two methods or techniques are as follow,

ARP MITM attack works by changing the MAC address within the LAN connection. The attacker device acts as the targeted device and the router at the same time (Simultaneously).

ICMP MITM attack works by changing ICMP redirect message to the router. The altered message re-routes the target’s traffic through an attacker-controlled router.

Shellshock Vulnerability

Step1: Choice the desired device for vulnerability and tap the ‘Shellshock’. This will start the process of scanning the target device, refer the following the image.

zanti Premium apk

zanti Premium apk

Step2: Wait for the process to complete and for the results to be displayed.

SSL Poodle Vulnerability

This the simplest test to perform using zanti.

Here are the steps to the process,

Step1: Select the device for vulnerability.

Step2: Tap on the ‘SSL Poodle’ to start the process.

Step3: Wait and let the process complete and display the results.

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