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Xiaomi : Why Xiaomi phone sucks!

Xiaomi : Why Xiaomi sucks!

Xiaomi : Why Xiaomi sucks!
Xiaomi : Why Xiaomi sucks!


After a lot marketing by xiaomi and for it fans who were eagerly waiting for Mi Note 3 starts giving 1 star to the 32GB variant of the phone because the stock units of all phones were sold nearly fast and those fans who eagerly waiting for this phone get irritated Xiaomi again proves why he sucks!

Xiaomi says there were less units of the phone , and all started saying why the hell then you started the Flash sale if you dont have enough unit of the phone it remembers me Freedom251 sale where all wake up at 6:00am to buy there phone but many of them get nothing and all get agngried on Ringing Bells that situation is of Xiamoi now and they also says that they are bringing more unit of Mi Note3 to INDIA.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Xiaomi sucks!

1.They roll out slow software update for their phones.

Now Few Days earlier only Android N Preview was launched and what the hell now the Xiaomi is giving its phones Android 5.0 Update that is Lollipop version and majority of the phone will recieved it in 2-3 months.

2.Redmi major time dump phones to INDIA which were not sold all over the world they just tuned it up and sell it in INDIA and they also launch phone late in INDIA as compared to the other countries.

3.As its MIUI is well considerably good but it eats considerably consume more RAM than expect, I have a Mi4 of 3 GB variant always shows 1.6-1.8 GB used only 1.2-1.4 GB is left to use for me as that in Redmi note prime 1.2 GB is always used and 0.8 GB is left only for me to use

4.Somedays back there was a news Who are using Xiaomi phones Dont sign in to their Mi Account as all your data is send to China without asking you and they said that they are  doing it for Perfomance report and Bug Report.

5.Here is the one of the biggest sucks because this phone never gives a earphone to you when you buy a phone and on other sides all the Brands give a Earphone.


I did not mention up Heating issues because as this phone have Snapdragon processor it is sure that they will heat and it is a BUG of the phone if it start heating a lot buy tweaking kernel we can improve the Heating situation.


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