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How to write a Review Article



How to write a Review Article

How to write a Review Article

Hello amigos, today in this post I am going to share my experience and some basic tips about how to write a Review article which would be worthy to readers and provide value to your site and also to the readers, these are my own recommendations which I use to keep in mind while writing a review article for any product.

Before starting writing a review article you must need to know what type of product, tool or software which category review article belongs too. Test the product first yourself before writing a review about it, because you are writing in your blog and the reader who reads your blog think you have used it and sharing your honest experience.

Start your article with an introduction about the product

Start your article with an introduction about the product - how to write a review arrticle

Start your article with an introduction about the product – how to write a review arrticle

In this paragraph introduce your product for which you are writing a review, tell your readers about the product such as product name, owned by which company, from how many years they are in this industry and you can goof up with more details in this section of your article.

Share your Experience

In this section of your article share your experience and give a guide about the tool, how did you use it and how it benefitted you, what things to avoid while using this product, share precautions and some small experiences about other users too.

Pros & Cons Section

In this section write pros and cons about the product honestly there is many review website over the internet just like 10beast, , Cnet , TeckFly and much more.

Conclusion Section

This is the main section where you would say the last piece in your article saying that you liked the product or not and would you recommend to your readers and give ratings to the product.


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