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Write Engaging Short Stories with These Tips



Engaging Short Stories

Write Engaging Short Stories with These Tips

Over the years, short stories have gained tremendous popularity. However, make no mistake; they are very difficult to write. Short stories are restricted by words; therefore, you have to be extremely careful about how you design them.

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Below are some tips that will help you curate a creative and engaging short story that attracts your targeted audience –

1. Start with a Single Point of Conflict 

Every story has a turning point where the main conflict comes up. You can call it the ‘But’ of the story. For instance, your character might be aiming for something else, but he/she is faced with a completely different scenario. That is the pivotal point when your character gains insight or revelation or faces a dilemma. While a novel has several turning points, a short story has an only one. Therefore, when you are writing that, ensure to keep it simple and direct.

2. Go with the plan 

Rather than how to write, and what to write in your short story, just dive in and write. This is because when you do plan write, you might miss out on information. Instead, just dive right in and write, and later do some extensive revising and editing. In the process of writing, editing, and re-writing, the true story will surface.

3. Limber up Your Creative Muscles by Free Writing 

If you’re stuck for ideas or feeling blocked, one great way to get going is to use freewriting – it’s a tactic I use all the time to get started:

  • First, you’ll need to find a prompt.
  • Open a dictionary at random and pick three words.
  • Set a timer for ten minutes and write about what might link those words.

What associations do they conjure up? Write whatever comes into your head – without looking back and without editing. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar – nobody else is going to read it – just keep writing until the time is up.

4. Use Dialogues to Bring Your Story to Life 

The best place to start is with what interests you about your character, your idea, or your situation. Start with your curiosity and go from there.

Try not to spend too long scene-setting – get stuck in. Plunge your main character into the drama straight away. Writing dialogue is a great way to make characters come alive.

Put two or three of your characters into a scene and give them something to do – like a pack a suitcase together.

Do they argue? Is there drama? If they’re too similar, your job is to make them different in the next draft.

Writing a short story is not simple because you only have limited word limit. Therefore, every little aspect needs to be focused upon in order to curate a creative and engaging short story. Above are some excellent short story tips that will help you create a perfect short story for your reader.


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