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iphone SE

Why not buy Apple-iphoneSE in INDIA



Apple iphone SE in INDIA

Why not buy Apple-iphoneSE in INDIA

Apple-iphoneSE in INDIA

Apple-iphoneSE in INDIA

Apple launched iphone SE a 4inch smartphone which was to be in budget as it SE stands for a special edition of the iphone phones but now it SE is for “Super Expensive”.Here are the top 5 reason why you should not buy iphone 5SE.

In INDIA the Apple-iphoneSE is super expensive.

When iphone 6s was launched in India they priced the phone Rs 62,500 and with this phone, they have done the same, website many of the websites are selling iphone 6s at Rs 4,1000.Both the Price of iPhone 6s makes a lot difference.

2.4K Video recording on 16Gb,i t seems very less storage for recording 4K.

Apple-iphoneSE Camera

Apple-iphoneSE Camera

As Apple sucks, iPhone SE got 4K video recording on another hand it had a 16GB storage only and got a  12 Megapixel iSight camera that will record 4K videos. But think how much you will be able to record Videos in 4K as it has only 16Gb storage in which you will get nearby 10GB of free space only as 6GB is taken by ios 9 and its preloaded application,The Apple sucks iPhone SE should get minimum 32GB internal storage so it can record 4K video now you cant record 4K video recording more than 7 minutes also.

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Only 4 inch diplay

Why not to buy Apple iphone SE in INDIA

Why not to buy Apple iphone SE in INDIA

As we are moving to the future the screen size of the phones are increasing now majority of the phone which is been released in 2015 and 2016 have 5 inch display and this phone getting 4inch display only as the iphone 6 and 6s was bigger that doesnt make sense after making bigger iphones why apple switched back to 4inch display may be it colud be the high price for 6 and 6s and they want less price phone than it so every one who is not able to buy iphone 6 or 6s could but this iphone SE

3D Touch not available.

As 3D touch was introduced to iphone6s why did’nt they give to this phone as this phone is released after 6s and that also it is a “Special Edition” .What kind of Special edition it would be if it did not get 3D touch at the price of Rs 39,000 i will add up Rs 2,000 extra and get a iphone 6s which have a 3D touch capability, it seems this phone is a waste.

Low Battery life

Iphone SE is going to deliver same battery life like iphone 5s to use iphone 5s in a day you have to charged it twice in a day it got very low battery backup This may be a deal-breaker for a lot of buyers, especially power users who need their phones to not run out of juice at critical moments as every one want high power iPhone and this phone does not meet their requirements.

Why not to buy Apple iphoneSE in INDIA

Why not to buy Apple iphoneSE in INDIA



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