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What you Should Know About Aeon Laser Canada



What you Should Know About Aeon Laser Canada

What you Should Know About Aeon Laser Canada

What you Should Know About Aeon Laser Canada

What you Should Know About Aeon Laser Canada

Laser cutting and engraving are some of the main methods used in the mass production of many appliances. When it comes to the right cutting and engraving technique to use, it will depend entirely on the device you are working with. So before we get into the gist of what to know about laser and engraving practices, let’s first talk a little about how technology has influenced mass production.

Why Use Laser and Engraving Technology

Over the years, it was tedious, not to mention time-consuming, to craft out parts for machines and other types of appliances. Many companies have run at a loss or closed shop as a result of poor technology adoption. This is why if you are particular about a successful business, you want to have the proper technology support.

With the introduction of lasers and engravers into the production space, there has been a relief on the traditional system of production. This usually involved using a large workforce and manpower, which had more disadvantages than the machines. And with the introduction of technology support for the manufacturing industry, we may not have seen the best yet.

There have been a few advancements in the world recently, and that can only be because of the introduction of particular problem-solving methods. Take, for example with the electric vehicle. Its ability to provide a greener alternative to fossil fuel, which has devastating effects on the ecosystem, is one reason why everyone is talking about them. And you can trust that there is a lot of laser cutting and engraving needed to achieve the final product.

What is Aeon LASER Canada?

As already discussed, many companies are taking advantage of the latest technological advancements to get a lot of work done. And it is companies like Aeon Laser Canada that provide businesses with top-notch laser and engraving machines for their operations. What makes the best ones stand out is the fact that they employ the latest machine types to get the job done.

If you are familiar with the process involved in this type of production, you will understand why precision is necessary. And this is where laser cutters have the edge over many other production techniques.

And it will depend on the type of manufacturing procedure you intend to employ. Many of your clients would be particular about getting the right fit when the final piece is ready. And to achieve this, you want to use the right machines.

If you are working with a glass piece, you have to use one that would be easier to work with. The same goes for wood, polymer, enamel, and all other material options being employed.

Which Materials Are Safe for Laser Cutting Machines?


If you are particular about choosing a suitable material for your product crafting, you want to consider how well it responds to heat. This is because laser technology makes use of high-intensity heat to achieve precision cutting.

When it comes to making the right decision, you want to get down to the last fact. Below is an in-depth analysis of some of the materials that are safe for you to use in a Laser machine.


Metals are some of the common materials used in industrial applications, and it is only fair that you be able to work them with an engraver. When choosing the best machine for cutting metals, you want to be particular about the laser wavelength.

Those with a short wavelength are capable of marking metals without any mess. And this is a good idea for those who engage in large batch metal production. You can check here for other metal cutting tools.

Coated Metals

In the case of metal-coated materials, you will have to first come up with a finely polished metal plate. This is the precursor to getting a clear finish with your markings.

Those coated with enamel plates would have to undergo a deep control level of up to 30 watts in a process referred to as burning off. This allows for clean removal of the enamel coating and ensures that the markings are neatly done.

Glass and Stones

These material types are a lot challenging to work with. For one, glass is brittle, and you need to have a good handle on your cutting technique when working with both materials. But with the help of the precision laser cutting technique, you can get the job done quickly.

You should stay away from all the particles that emit during this process, including the glass ablation needs utmost precision. And you can get it from the best glass and stone cutting devices.


Plastics are some of the popular materials you will find in the market. They range in different shapes and sizes and serve numerous purposes. So if you want to use a cutting machine for your plastic fabrication, it has to be with the proper heat dissipation.

This is due to the fact that plastic is easily deformed by heat, so your laser cutter and engraver need to be of the correct fitting.

Where the Laser Cutting and Engraving Techniques Apply

Now that you are familiar with the many material options that can be worked on using laser technology, we will now look at popular examples of products made using this procedure.

Jewelry Making

With the world clamoring for some of the best custom-made jewelry pieces, you can only expect to see some of the finest cutting machines in traditional jewelry homes. With the use of laser engraving techniques, many traditional jewelers have been able to come up with some of the fines cut diamonds and other ornaments.

The best part is that they no longer have to rely on old bulky machines to get the job done. There are many portable options that can do more in the right hands. You can check here for more about jewelry production using laser technology.

Fine Art

You would also find the use of laser cutting and engraving in fine and applied art. This includes the creating of art and crafts for use as decorative pieces for indoor and outdoor use. The fact that the process is relatively cheap makes it the best option for marking trophies, plaques, and awards. Leaving behind an entirely clean finish.

Mirrors and Glass Ornaments

You’d also find many fancy mirrors and glass ornaments with a few decorative markings on them. This can be done with the use of a precision laser cutter and engraver. A little bit of experience is needed with the technique compared to when working with wood and metals. Let’s just say beginners shouldn’t start their engraving lessons on valuable ornamental pieces.

Is the Process Safe?

The procedure involves the use of machines that are designed specifically to work in a particular setting. So you must have the device tuned to suit the desired service. The settings for wood won’t be the same for metal. And the same goes for other materials.

In the long run, it is best to consider all the different components that make up the device. Is the marking tool right to provide suitable engraving on the material surface? You won’t have to worry much if you are working with already calibrated options like you’d find in the best brands.

Cost of Purchasing Laser Machines

Aside from being bulky, these devices are multifunctional, so you should expect them to cost more than your usual electronics. While it is possible to find options that are on the cheap side, you should know that quality construction is what makes for the high cost. So it may be best to research the popular options available when looking to make your purchase.

For most of it, a reliable machine would cost up to $10000, but you can find personalized types that are ideal for small-scale production that sells for less. Again, you want to take time to carry out your research to find the right one for your company. Luckily, there are many fabricators and dealers in quality laser and engraving devices in Canada, so you shouldn’t have difficulty finding one to make supplies.


As you may have imagined, there are finishing touches that would be required to fit the machine in place. And you want to ensure that the installation is precise. Make enough room in your facility to accommodate the device, and you want to educate your staff on how to use it safely.

You can find companies that provide sales and training in how to operate the devices. There are also online materials that can educate about the basics of laser engraving technology.

Final Note

If you are looking to set up a new production facility, you may be interested in fitting in a laser cutter and engraver. This will help in reducing the time spent with manual production and also give you the freedom to run wild with your designs. If you are looking for quality options, you want to take time to do your research.


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