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What is a point of sale system?



point of sale system

POS POS system , POS, point of sale, point of sale system and POS POS systems are all terms to appoint a modern cash register system. The abbreviation POS stands for point of sale, which means point of sale. A point of sale system is therefore a cash point system!

Modern checkout systems are mainly sold under the name POS cash register systems . In this article we will discuss the differences between the traditional POS systems and the modern POS POS systems. We also look at the possibilities for various branches and the possibilities of hardware and accessories.

TIP! Do you want to buy a cash register for your company? First let you advise on all the possibilities in the field of cash register software and hardware!

Difference between a cash register and a point of sale system

Modern point of sale POS systems are equipped with a touchscreen screen, lots of memory, Windows operating system and large customer displays. They form within the shop automation, because there are many possibilities to link with other software programs.

Traditional POS systems usually work with push-buttons, have limited memory, have few functionalities and can not connect with external software. Traditional POS systems often work via EPROM technology.

Modern POS systems can be programmed according to the wishes of an entrepreneur. As a result, they are better suited to all wishes and requirements from a company. The functionalities of simple checkout systems can not be adjusted as desired.

The big advantages of a point of sale system

  • Faster to use
  • More functionalities
  • Adapt to the wishes of the company
  • Connect with pin device
  • Connect with various printers
  • Scale link
  • Software that keeps developing continuously
  • Clear financial data with export possibilities
  • Link with external software such as webshops and accounting software

In addition to the above points, a modern cash register system offers many more advantages for your company.

The most common functionalities are:

  • To pay
  • Product Registration
  • Bon Parking
  • Contactless payment
  • Discounts
  • Billing
  • Delivery module
  • Weighing the POS system
  • Corrections
  • Labeling & VVP of fresh products
  • Cash register History
  • Gerabo customer cards / savings system
  • Inventory management

Point of sale in different branches

In addition to the wishes of an entrepreneur, there are also various wishes and requirements from branches at the point of sale system . This may have to do with legislation, but also popular functionalities within an industry.

POS systems are suitable for:

  • Bakeries
  • catering industry
  • Hardware store
  • Cheese specialty shops
  • Recreation parks
  • Butcheries
  • Sports clubs
  • Fresh markets
  • Fish specialty stores

The above branches are the most common branches within the customer base. Other then these branches, POS software for retails stores such as floral store, super markets, liquor store pos software are also suitable and beneficial for effeciant management.

Hardware for point of sale systems

The basis of point of sale systems is of course the touch screen checkout screen! In addition to this checkout screen, it is often decided to link with various other hardware and accessories .

The choice for hardware is determined by the wishes of a company.

Various hardware that includes are:

  • Bonprinters
  • Various other printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Money trays
  • Customer displays
  • Scales
  • Counterfeit checkers
  • Coins counters

Service for the point of sale system

Service is an important point to pay attention to when purchasing point of sale systems ! Think above all about assistance with faults, questions about content, course options and maintenance.

In order to offer a good service, POS System provider companies has their own service center. Together with their technical department, field service technicians, internal service technicians, helpdesk staff and consultants, you can get 365 days a year customer support.

Services you can avial for POS System are:

  • Telephone helpdesk
  • Good course and instruction before delivery
  • Possibility of instruction after delivery
  • Yearly maintenance of products
  • Inspection, calibration, adjustment and repair
  • Professional field service technicians
  • Professional technical indoor service
  • Free advice before purchase
  • After sales research to improve the service
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