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What Are The Different Types Of Routers? – Expert Explains



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What Are The Different Types Of Routers? – Expert Explains

If you have been wondering how to connect to the Internet, I have the answer for you. A router is your one way stop to the Internet, for it connects you to all information you may require online. With a router, you are protected from any security threats breaking into your network. A router can enable you to attain high-security levels by turning on a firewall that keeps your information safe from any external threats.

As noted from, routers are typically situated at the gateways of networks to ensure that data keeps flowing between networks uninterrupted. It is paramount that you learn about the different types of routers and understand how they work before hitting the market to buy a new router. It is important to note that without a router, no communication can take place between the Internet and any other device you have. You must connect to the Internet using a router; that way, there will be a constant flow of communication.

Why use a router?

A router works effectively to connect your device and other devices to the Internet. To create local networks for your devices, you require a router. Through your local network, you can have access to various software and also be able to share files amid devices. You cannot keep your networks running without a router because there will be no communication.

Routers are also responsible for protecting your data from unauthorized users. A router can handle the flow of information from one network to the other. What makes a router outstanding is it has an embedded firewall that prevents hackers from accessing your data. A router covers a wide area due to its exceptional Wi-Fi signals that cover the farthest corner.

What are the different types of routers?

A router is an essential networking device that forwards information between computer networks. It works to ensure that there is proper flow of information from one device to another. There are different types of routers, that come with notable features.

Here are the different types of routers;

  • Wired router

A wired router just as the name describes works by connecting a wire to the Internet. This kind of router is used in various offices, colleges, and banks. You will notice an Ethernet cable connecting to the devices now; that is described as a wired router. You will notice that there is a Wi-Fi access point separately being used. A wired router is responsible for establishing a wired local area network (LAN).

  • Wireless router

This is an excellent router that does not use any wire/cable to connect to the Internet. For this router to work, it creates a wireless signal. Through this router, many people can also access it as long as they have the log in information. You can distribute data evenly using a wireless router without depending on cables. If you have a laptop with a wireless receiver, you are in a better position to receive radio signals, which in the end, you can convert back into binary code. A wireless router establishes a wireless local area network (WLAN) with the standard one being Wi-Fi.

  • Virtual router

This is different from the wired or wireless router; a virtual router functions as a default router for multiple devices sharing a standard network. The functionality of this router is enabled using the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). When a physical router fails to function, a virtual router comes to play. It works by taking in several routers and enabling them to share a virtual IP address. Virtual routers offer great flexibility compared to physical devices because they can be scaled with time. Something else that makes this router exceptional is that it can be used in remote offices to run your network quickly and efficiently.

  • Core router

A core router acts as a wired or wireless router to distribute Internet data packets in a given network evenly. The flipside of a core router is it cannot distribute data packets among multiple networks. This router functions in the internet backbone at the highest speed. The amazing part is a core router is capable of forwarding IP packets at full speed. A core router seats in the middle of the LAN network and not at its periphery.

  • Edge router

The edge router works by distributing Internet data packets withing one network or more. This router is not able to distribute data packets in a specified network. It can connect to core routers as it takes its place at the edge of the network’s backbone. This router is typically placed at the edge of the ISP network.

  • Broadband routers

Broadband routers are designed to perform different tasks. You can connect any of your devices to the Internet by using a broadband router. When connecting to the Internet with your phone through the Voice over IP technology (VOIP), you will require a broadband router.


Final thought

Having a router means that you are allowed to access wireless Internet from any corner of your house. With such a network, you can stream live, play games, watch movies, and carry out other tasks that require the Internet. A good router should offer you high speeds and exceptional coverage, giving your house the right Wi-Fi solution. To solve all your connectivity needs, choose a router whose performance is outstanding.

Without a router, you cannot have access to any information online. A router works as a gateway to connect you to the online world, which is filled with possibilities. With a router, you can establish the desired connection for the devices you possess. Some routers will be better than others because they are all not created equal, so choose the kind of router that suits your needs perfectly.

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